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May 2, 2007

ad|tech SF07 – San Francisco ’07 Coverage Recap

[ed note: Lisa Barone, Sr. Writer at Bruce Clay Inc. has been writing stream-of-consciousness coverage of ad|tech SF2007. Not only is it good information, the writing is hilarious. Notes from Susan are placed by Lisa’s editor.]

I’m back, and this time for more than a week at a time. Huzzah!

Hopefully, you got a little something out of our Ad:Tech coverage last week. We covered 17 sessions for SES NY and now another 17 sessions for Ad:Tech San Francisco. Someone is going to start having nightmares about the number 17 and that person is me. But I’ll save my issues for my therapist. Instead, you get all the sessions we covered in a somewhat organized fashion.




Bonus Riddle: How many search engine optimization legends and well-groomed SEO analysts does it take to open the gas panel on a rental car?

Can’t figure it out? It’s a trick question.

The real answer is neither Bruce Clay the SEO legend nor Robert Esparza the highly-groomed SEO analyst will be able to figure out it. One will spend 15 minutes inside the car looking for the lever, while the other furiously digs through the users manual. Only the snarky blogger will have enough common sense to walk around the side of the car and open it herself.

(Don’t fire me, Bruce. It was funny.)

Author:  Lisa Barone is a Sr. Writer at Bruce Clay Inc.