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May 5, 2008

Unlocking The Secret Strategies Of Link Building

The strategies I am going to reveal in this article are tailored for getting excellent search engine rankings in Google. The reason that I am solely going to concentrate on Google is because it is the largest search engine on the planet. In other words, most of the strategies I will reveal will also get faster rankings in other search engine such as Yahoo and MSN. But to be honest with you, Google is where to play and that’s where I will concentrate our linking efforts. Link Building Basics

You see, the search engine algorithms are always changing. But throughout all the search engine madness, there are some link building principles that have stood the test of time. That said, one of these axioms that has lasted is that it is the quality and quantity of back links to your site that determines your position in the search engines.

Google is smart enough to determine if a site has high quality links and delivering quality content relevant to the searched keyword. If a site has bad content, others will not want to link to them and Google will penalize them with a lower ranking. So, you see, in essence, the quality and quantity of links connecting to a site is one factor that determines the quality of the site and in turn, search engine ranking.

Another determinant in link building is the “anchor text” of a link. This is defined as the text in the link on a site. For example, if I have a site about ‘making money online’ and am trying to optimize for that keyword, I’ll try to get as many sites as possible to link to mine with ‘make money online’ as the anchor text. This tells the search engines that the site is indeed about ‘make money online’ and will give more weight to that link. Whereas if the anchor text is ‘teaching your parrot how to talk’ the search engine will not give that link much weight.

Google also gives more weight to a link that has anchor text relevant to the site. For example, the site that’s linking to me in the above example has to be about “make money online” if they are going to give extra weight to that link. It’s another way to determine that the user is finding what they are looking for and they’ll reward relevant links by giving you a higher ranking.

You’ll also want to link to high “PageRank” sites. This is Google’s proprietary ranking system that rates the authority of a site. The higher the PageRank the better, and linking to a high PageRank sites gives more “link weight” then a lower PageRank site.

To determine the PageRank of any site, you can download the Google Toolbar at: or you can scroll to the bottom of my blog and use the check website status.

Another thing you want to remember is that you want to build your links organically. Google is smart enough that they can determine if backlinks are generated via automated means or manually. In other words, if you add too many backlinks too fast, it may appear that you’re obtaining these links artificially. Therefore you want to take it slow when it comes to link building as Google prefers a natural progression of backlinks to a site.

Overall, Google not only gives weight to the quantity but also the quality links coming into your site. You see, their purpose is to make sure the user gets what they are searching for when they enter a search query. Now that you have an understanding of the link building basics, let’s delve into how you can get top-quality links to your site. But first let’s get something out of the way… Content Is King

If you want to boost your chances of getting quality links to your website, you have to have compelling, relevant content on your website. To be honest with you, the day of spammy Adsense sites and keyword stuffing to get high search engine rankings are over. You see, the search engine have smartened up and are now giving weight to website that have relevant, useful content based on what the searcher is looking for.

Sure, there will always be someone who exploits a loophole to spam his way to the top of the search engine, but Google always catches them. In fact, they’ve gotten so smart that they’ll penalize you for having too many keywords on a website, as they see it as a sign of keyword stuffing and a bad user experience.

Another reason you want to have compelling content is to give a reason for people to link to you. Some of the strategies I’ll share involve asking other websites to place a link in their websites with the appropriate anchor text. Your site has to have great content if people are going to want to link to you. You see, It’s just common sense, they don’t want to link to a poor site because it will reflect poorly on their site.

Before I talk further about link building strategies, let me caution you that link building is a tedious task. It takes a lot of patience and determination. So let’s talk about how to get quality links to your site.

Link Building on Steroids

One way to get your site some instant “link love” is to post content on social networking sites. Here are some of the big ones:

* * * *

There are hundreds of other social networking sites out there you can use to get some immediate backlinks to your site.

Why does this work? You see, most of the social networking sites have extremely high PageRank ranking. They also require little effort to get backlinks as you don’t need anyone’s approval to post. That said, you absolutely must be responsible when using the social networking sites to get backlinks, as they can ban you if you spam, post too many promotional websites or don’t “give back” to the social networking community by rating other sites.

To be honest with you, Social networking sites are also effective because Google loves them. For low competition keywords, social posting on Digg could get you indexed and ranked on the first page of Google within 15 minutes. I’m not kidding. You see, this is a common occurrence if you host your content on Web 2.0 platforms like and that already have high PageRanks.

You can post to numerous social sites by using, which automates social posting to over 40 social networking sites. It saves a lot of time, where otherwise you would have to manually submit at each site. Again, use this tool judiciously and make sure you read the terms of service for all the networks.

Also, make sure the content you are posting is relevant to the community. For example I wouldn’t post a story about knitting in Digg, as the community is mostly young, tech-savvy males. This would be better suited for, a female centric social networking site listed on

There is much more to link building, but with what you’ve learned in this article, I know you’ll have plenty work to do. Start creating a link building system so that it doesn’t become an afterthought. Then, when you are rolling in the money, you can easily transfer the system to an outsourced worker who can take the job over for you.

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14 Responses to “Unlocking The Secret Strategies Of Link Building

    avatar rhcerff says:

    The anchor text of a link is vital. Quality is far more important than quantity. In fact, I’d rather have 10 quality links than 1000 poor links.

    PageRank… no way to determine the PageRank of a website, so the real clue here is find a site that has a lot of activity, lots of members, as this is a better way to judge it’s authority. The Google Toolbar is good for running a Google search or spell check, that’s about it.

    But thanks for pointing out this could be very useful if used wisely.

    avatar soloads says:

    You said that, “One way to get your site some instant “link love” is to post content on social networking sites.”

    Here is my question: How can your website get instant “link love” from these social networking sites if the backlinks are nofollow links?

    avatar الشيخ الشريف محمد الطيبى says:

    جميع انواع العلاج الروحانى وعلاج المس وفك السحر والربط وعلاج العقم بالقرأن والرقيه الشرعيه والاعشاب والزيوت وجلب المحبوب وحل المشاكل الاسريه
    وعمل المحبات وتعليم تحضير الجان وتعليم الروحانيات والطلاسم والاوفاق والعزائم والاقسام والاستخدامات وتسليم العهود الروحانيه
    ومواضيع لاهل التصوف وبيع المخطوطات النادره والمجربه الصحيحه ومخطوطات مجانيه وتفسير احلام وتعليم روحانيات قبطيه واسلاميه
    وما وراء الطبيعه والمجربات الصحيحه للاعضاء وعمل تحصينات واحجبه والاستشارات فى المشاريع عن طريق الروحانيه والعلاج بالاعشاب
    طلاق للظلمه وارسالت للظالم وكتب اسلاميه وعمل خواتم روحانيه للمحبه وقضاء الحوائج
    وبيع الطرق المجربه فى العلم الروحانى وجلب السحر وبيع احجار كريمه لها خدام وروحانيه وجلب الزبون للمحل والدكان والسنتر والمول ولاى مكان
    وجلب الارزاق للاشخاص والصلح بين الازواج ورد المطلقه ومخطوطات فى السحر القديم وخواتم للجلب والقبول والهيبه ولمنع السحر والحسد

    avatar rhcerff says:

    Not every social media site is “nofollowed”.

    Then again, you shouldn’t be posting anything anywhere if you don’t expect to at least get a human clicking through. Relevant links is what it is all about.

    avatar soloads says:

    I didn’t say that EVERY social media site is nofollow.

    I was commenting the article where it is mentioned for example Stumbleupon as an example of site that will give you instant “link love”. Well, Stumbleupon is adding the nofollow attribute.

    Got it?

    avatar rhcerff says:

    I never said you said… blah… blah… okay, now that we are over that.

    Stumbleupon was an example. Have they added it yet? I don’t know because I don’t use it at present. But the theory is sound even if the example isn’t.

    Got it? 🙂

    avatar soloads says:

    Suuuure, the theory that is good to get backlinks from nofollow sites is sound LOL

    You’re confusing two different terms: link building and traffic generation. If you read the article – you didn’t, did you? – then you see what the article is about 😉

    avatar rhcerff says:

    I’ve read the article. If you go back and read my comment, you will see that my point was:

    “…theory is sound even if the example isn’t.”

    Which means that I agree with you when you say that the example is bad. But you did read that didn’t you?

    As for link love, we all know that relevant links tend to share a bit more love. Links from relevant “authority” sites carry more weight than small unrelated sites. This is pretty much universally accepted. Mostly because the search engines do (or at least trying to) give weight to links that a real person would click on. But you knew that right?

    avatar soloads says:

    The theory is not really sound … because the majority of the social networking sites … tada tada … use the attribute nofollow (of course there are some exceptions such Digg). Oops! That was the original problem you didn’t get! 🙂

    Social networking sites are good to get traffic, but this article is not about traffic 😉

    avatar rhcerff says:

    The theory of adding links to a social network is a good one. The sad fact that more and more are adding the nofollow attribute is also a valid one. However that said many blogs are now removing that out of choice. So perhaps someday those that have now added it will remove it.

    But none of that was the point. The point was to get backlinks from social sites that share the love. There are still a few that do (for now) so use them.

    Are you honestly going to argue that?

    And yes, I still agree that this is about linking for ranking purposes and not traffic. In fact I’ve never mentioned linking for traffic! I’ve just pointed out that the relevancy, or the more likely the link is to be clicked on by a human (doesn’t mean that they have to, ever will… hell or even if a human ever sees it) the more weight it carries. Couple that without the nofollow and you are rocking.

    But… I’ve been saying that all along.

    avatar soloads says:

    “The point was to get backlinks from social sites that share the love.”

    This should have been the point but what is written in the article is different 😉 and that’s why all my comments addressed to you.

    “One way to get your site some instant link love is to post content on social networking sites” [that’s incorrect and is from the original article] is different than “get backlinks from social sites that share the love” [that’s correct and is from your last comment].

    As a matter of fact we agree the same principle. The problem was that I was talking about the article and you were talking about how the article should have been written 😉

    avatar kata cinta says:

    Here is my question: How can your website get instant “link love” from these social networking sites if the backlinks are nofollow links?

    avatar Nantikanlah says:

    I am confused as to how you can get links from these social networks ???????

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