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June 29, 2008

How To Build Backlinks via Google Alerts

Building backlinks is an essential, yet tedious
job for most webmasters. Here are a few tools
and tips to make that job just a little bit easier…

I am a member of many online forums. Most of these
forums have to do with online marketing and site
promotion. Recently, I came across a post on Ken
Evoy’s SBI forum that truly caught my attention.

It basically described how to use Google Alerts
to build your backlinks. Now for those not familiar
with Google Alerts a little explanation is probably

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a free program run by Google
that allows you to keep track of any topic on
the web. You select your “keywords” or “urls”
and Google will alert you via email whenever
links/content containing your selected topics
appear anywhere on the web.

It is an excellent way to keep informed about
your own domain or name. It is also perfect for
keeping up-to-date on the latest information in
your market niche or niches. It’s also a great
way to find out what other people are saying
about you or your site.

For example: if you have a site on “antique cars”
then you would create a Google Alert for those
keywords. Google will alert you by email whenever
a new link/content related to those keywords
appears on the web.

This is a great way to stay informed in your niche,
but it is also a valuable source of potential
linking partners. Many of those links are blogs
that will allow comments with a link back to your

Google Alerts will probably send you 10-20 links
each day, depending on the popularity of your
chosen keywords. Just go to these blogs/links
and see if you can leave a comment with some
valuable additional information on what’s been

Don’t Spam

Please Note: Don’t spam; there are intelligent
people behind most of these blogs, and they will
recognize keyword spam when they see it. Your
main goal should be getting targeted traffic back
to your site and any link PR should be secondary.
Always put the reader or viewer first, especially
if it’s on someone else’s site. Don’t talk about
your site or your marketing – just join the conversation
and add your comments/opinions/suggestions…

Enhance their site and they will reward you with
traffic and a link. But you still have to keep
your own interests in the equation! You have to
make sure you get your targeted keywords in the
anchor text.

Keyword Market

First, if you’ve done your homework, your main
keywords should already be in your domain name
or url. Another way is to add your “keywords” +
“guide” to your sig or signature. Such as:
Name, Your Antique Cars Guide. If you’re an
expert in your particular niche, many webmasters
will kindly welcome your comments and links.

Since your main goal is the traffic, many
webmasters don’t worry if there is a “no follow”
attribute attached to the link. But if you are
concerned about this – one way is to look at
the source code to see if it has the “no follow”
tag. I usually copy the whole source code of
the page to my text editor and then do a simple
“no follow” search.

No Follow

There is also a great little free comment tool
called “Comment Kahuna” co-created by Jason
Potash which will search blogs and tell you if
they have the “no-follow” attribute or not, it
will also give you the PageRank of each blog post.
If you’re going to use blogs as a source of
your backlinks, I suggest you try Comment
Kahuna – it will make the task much easier
and it’s free.

Actually, while the “no-follow” issue may be
a concern for some webmasters, the savvy ones
will realize these are links/sites Google is
actively indexing and spidering, otherwise you
wouldn’t get the alert in the first place. You
must get your links into this whole mix of related,
relevant sites to help raise your own rankings.
Also remember the other search engines may not
even consider the “no-follow” tag.


Likewise, creating trackbacks are another way
of linking relevant content. Keep in mind, a
trackback is simply an acknowledgement via a
ping signal that is sent from Site A (originator)
to Site B (receptor). Then the receptor often
places a link back to Site A showing its worthiness.

Again, I am mainly concerned with the quality
of the blog or link, rather than the linking
structure. I want the targeted traffic, and it
doesn’t really matter whether the link has
“no follow” because interested visitors only
see a link they can click for other helpful

Other Linking Options

Since we are on the topic of link building,
another useful way to build backlinks is to
use Google Search or Google Blog search. Now
if you’re looking for niche-related blogs just
type in:

“(Keywords)” “powered by (blog scripts)”

For example, if you’re looking for some
“antique cars” related links on WordPress
blog, you would search for:

“antique cars” “powered by wordpress”

And Google would give you a whole list of sites
on antique cars.

Now if you want to find the links that will
allow comments, just repeat the Google search

“antique cars” “powered by wordpress” “leave a comment”
-“no comments”

Remember the “-” means posts that have no
comments will not be displayed.

If you’re concerned with PageRank, Number of Backlinks,
Alexa Ranking… of particular posts you can download
and install the SEOQuake plugin. This handy SEO plugin
can be attached to your browser and will give you helpful
SEO information on the link or links you’re viewing.

Please Note: If you’re using SEOQuake in FireFox you have
the option in Preferences to tick a Line-through “nofollow”
and “noindex” links. Really handy tool to find those “nofollow”

Used in conjunction with Google, it can sort thru all
these blog posts and give you the ones with the highest
PR? Highest traffic? Highest number of backlinks? The
more knowledge you have, the easier and more effective
your link building will become.

Just remember, finding quality backlinks is probably
the most tedious job for most webmasters. It takes
time and it takes patience. By using Google Alerts
you can have relevant keyword related links emailed
to you each day. Use this information to help build
your backlinks in relevant related niches. Do this
consistently over a period of time and your site will
get noticed and ranked higher.

41 Responses to “How To Build Backlinks via Google Alerts

    avatar David Hobson says:

    Good post. I use Google alerts a lot its a really good way of building your links on hghly indexed websites.

    avatar Robert says:

    Good points. As long as you’re not spamming this does work. I have no doubt that the original reason for Google Alerts was to keep people updated with relevant info. So buy adding your bit to it you are only proving the contents worth.

    avatar Backlinks via Google Alerts! | says:

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    avatar limo hire says:

    i have heard about google alerts before but never tried it, was never sure it will work, i will use this free tool and see were it gets me. will keep you updated..

    avatar Eb N says:

    I’ve found google alerts to be really handy for letting me know where my ezinearticles are being published. I also use them for my name and my url to see where they’re being mentioned on the Net.

    avatar Citacomp says:

    I am going to have to check this out. You mentioned how you do a nofollow search and there is a firefox plugin that will make it easier to locate nofollow links. The plugin that i have installed is Search Status 1.25 (i think it is on the firefox plugin list) and when i have highlight nofollow links checked, nofollow links become highlighted in pink. It is interesting to see where nofollow links are located on some sites.

    avatar Stephanie Haile says:

    Google Alerts is a very useful tool for helping in your own page ranking but to get the news “right now” as well. If you are following business trends, finance, a particular site or industry using this awesome Google Alerts tool will keep you up to speed on daily excitement! Thanks Site Pro News!

    avatar Hemlata says:

    Great article, this will be quite helpful for us to build quality links. Thanks Site Pro News. I am your regular reader and I love your articles.

    avatar 4fking says:

    Google Alert is helpful for building high quality backlinks,I have used this for a long time.This article is great.

    avatar Groob says:

    That is great!I have never try that,so i will give a shot,thanks 🙂

    avatar Emma says:

    Thank you for such a useful article. At the moment we are looking for different tools/methods to expose our site, so thanks again!

    avatar Prashasti says:

    Yes this is a vry useful article!Thanks.

    avatar Busby says:

    Just a heads up, but the article is seen by my browser ( firefox) as straight html , and worse still, it appears I can sdit the code as if the blog was mine ! very odd , and very insecure or is this normal ??

    avatar IBSGG BLOG » Blog Archive » How To Build Backlinks via Google Alerts says:

    […] How To Build Backlinks via Google Alerts […]

    avatar targeted seo says:

    hi great site very useful keep it up

    avatar HussainGardezi says:

    This Is a Great Topic i really learn alot from it 🙂

    avatar Liam says:

    Very Helpful definately use this info.

    avatar Print Matt says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post, this is very informative. I’ve already setup google alerts for the keywords i’m targeting. Hopefully everything will work out fine.


    avatar Vincent says:

    Hello Titus-Hoskins,

    I have been researching for new ways to build links. I got a great information from your article. I find two important points here. 1. Getting links from Google alerts 2. Google’s blog search by specifying keywords and powered by options.

    Its a great article.
    Thanks for sharing.


    avatar weaim2pleez says:

    great artcle, now the key is just choosing the right keywords to get sent google alerts about

    avatar nancy_18am says:

    backlinks is my main problem
    thanks for this

    avatar plftzk says:

    Great artcle, now the key is just choosing the right keywords to get sent google alerts about.

    avatar гoлЬeтти says:

    Интересный пост, спасибо вам. Меня интересует только вопрос – будет ли продолжение? 🙂

    avatar IBL Builder says:

    I have used Alerts to great effect in the past. Of course the site I run now means I do not have to scrap around to get one way backlinks.

    avatar Michelle says:

    What a valuable article! I will definitely be trying the Google Alerts. This information is much appreciated. Thank you.

    avatar Limo Hire says:

    Really studying on how to do back links. The info was very helpfull.

    avatar Mark says:

    Nice post! Try this position, rank and website uptime monitoring service –

    avatar Kenneth says:

    Thanks for the blog post! Check back ofter for updates…Kenneth

    avatar Tube Haus says:

    Hey Titus, great article! We started using Google Alerts about a month ago to get backlinks and it’s working very well. It is a little time consuming, but the pay-off is worth the time invested. Love your articles… always worth the read and more! Jerry w/ Tube Haus, Texas

    Thanks Titus for 2 really great tips. I use Google extensively but I was not aware of Google alerts. Your tip to find blogs where one can leave comments is invaluable.

    avatar popsicles says:

    Nice write up. I’ll try it and report back on progress if/when links are indexed.

    Just thought to let you know just how helpful this article has proven to be. I am managing my alerts and making great use of the comment capability to build links. I am also taking advantage of the google search for the same purpose. This article gets my vote for top of the month

    avatar Linda Martin says:

    Thanks Titus for all your educational articles. I’m a 1-year newbie and a grandmother to boot and the learning curve has been very steep! I’ve studied lots of your recommendations and will now try the Google Alerts. Should be extremely helpful.

    avatar Limo Hire says:

    Great information here thanks for sharing!

    avatar limo hire says:

    This is great news.

    I’ve updated to reflect this.


    This blog attacted a lot of attention in the papers over the last few days…

    avatar Anusha says:

    Certainly backlinks is the toughest part , I am not using Google alerts now, I would implement it soon. Thanks for sharing.

    avatar limo hire says:

    Most of the alerts i get sent are of a very poor quality and not usually worth the while trying to get a link from.

    avatar Lux Limo says:

    Great info – thanks for sharing 😉

    sooo this is how it works 🙂

    avatar David says:

    Does it still work? Have some tested this option?

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