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July 27, 2008

5 Free Must Have SEO Tools

Let’s face it, we all want higher
rankings for our targeted keywords.
So here are 5 Free SEO Tools you can
use to help you achieve those rankings…

5 Free Must Have SEO Tools

Unless you go the PPC route and pay for your
traffic, SEO or Search Engine Optimization will
play a major role in the success or failure of
your website. Therefore, it’s in your best interest
as a webmaster to learn everything you can about
SEO and use the right SEO tools to achieve an
advantage over your competition.

Needless to say, SEO or getting high rankings
for your keywords is extremely competitive,
especially for popular lucrative keyword phrases
which bring in the big bucks. You must be at the
top of your game if you want to compete.

One important factor in winning the SEO battle
is using the right SEO software or tools. Major
online companies use expensive software, hire
SEO firms and have whole departments devoted
entirely to search engine marketing – so you
know your work is cut out for you.

You’re probably asking yourself how can the little
guy compete against such stiff competition? Well,
it is not as difficult as you might think or believe.
For starters, you can use some simple SEO tools
which will help give you a slight advantage if you
use them properly.

Surprisingly, all of these SEO tools are free and
any webmaster can take advantage of them in their
ongoing SEO endeavors. I believe all webmasters must
learn and master SEO in order to succeed online or
get someone else to do it for them.

Over the years I have built up a passable knowledge
of SEO due mainly from running 9 or 10 sites and working
as a full-time online affiliate marketer. My livelihood
depends on me achieving high rankings for my lucrative
keywords in the search engines, mainly in Google. Also the
daily running of two websites on Internet Marketing Tools
has played a small part as well!

Along the way I have used countless SEO tactics and
tools to try to increase my keyword rankings. Here’s
a short list of my most helpful Free SEO tools that
I use on a daily basis in the running of my websites:

1. SEO Book Keyword Research Tool

This tells how many searches are made each day
for my targeted keywords. Invaluable information
to have for Search Engine Marketing and for choosing
your keywords. Most experts suggest you go for the
mid to low range keywords if you’re just starting out
and targeting long tail keywords (three or four words)
yields the best returns.

2. Detecting Online Commercial Intention

This MSN tool tells me the probability (percentage)
someone clicking my chosen keywords is likely to buy.
Another great tool for picking keywords if you’re trying
to earn revenue from your sites. Higher the percentage,
the more likely you will make a sale or earn revenue.

3. SeoQuake for Mozilla Firefox

This is an addon for Firefox and gives you
invaluable SEO information on any site you’re
viewing. All the important info is here:
Google PageRank, Number of Links, Traffic Rank,
Whois, Keyword Density, NoFollow links… used
in conjunction with Firefox this tool will prove

4. Google Alerts

This is a great SEO tool if you use it to track
and build your links. Just create Google Alerts
for all your major keyword phrases and Google will
keep you updated on current links being formed/indexed
on your keywords. Also great for tracking articles,
urls, competitors… and staying up-to-date in your

5. WordPress

This free blogging software lets you place very
SEO friendly blogs on your sites. Social media,
blogging, tags, RSS feeds… are becoming increasingly
important for online success so you must get your
sites into this whole mix in order to compete.
WordPress is a valuable SEO tool for improving
your keyword rankings. Blogger and Bloglines
are other blogging alternatives you can use.

I use many more SEO tools but these are the top five.
Try some of these handy tools and see if they can
improve your own keyword rankings like they did mine.
No harm in trying and you may be pleasantly surprised
at the results.

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42 Responses to “5 Free Must Have SEO Tools

    avatar 5 Free Must Have SEO Tools | Search Engine Optimization says:

    […] Original post: 5 Free Must Have SEO Tools […]

    avatar says:

    Excellent inputs, I have just test out SeoQuake based on your suggestion and impressed by the inputs it gives.

    good post and valuable information!!!


    avatar 265movie says:


    avatar Chris says:

    Great post!

    […] Five Free Must Have SEO Tools (hint: be sure to get SEOQuake) […]

    I appreciate your tips,thanks for citing the advantages and disadvantages of having SEO especially in google alerts, know now that google is one great tool for tracking and build your links. thank you and God speed to you

    avatar Erika Napoletano says:

    Thanks for a great list of resources. Might I add, though, as an SEO professional, I’ve always found HubSpot’s to be an invaluable and FREE resource, especially for SEO novices. Not an employee, just an avid fan of a well-built tool.

    I had no idea about SEO Quake. It’s installed now!

    avatar MGA says:

    I installed the seoquake, it looks nice but it makes your browser work slower. Needs to change the settings. BTW, i am google alerts user, and it is such a powerful tool.

    avatar Dom Ebel says:

    The 6th tool IMO is Web CEO:

    This is the only free downloadable rank-checking tool out there – enables you to easily check the results of the tweaks you make using the other tools… Keeps a history of previous positions, so you can see whats improved, whats dropped, etc.

    The free version has a few limitations but none which actually affect the functionality – and although in view it’s not the BEST rank-checking tool out there, its the only one with a free version.

    Hope this helps,


    avatar Jerry Calvin says:

    Good ideas. I have been trying to get wordpress on my web site, but am having a problem understanding how to put together a directory, or how to create an empty MySql database on the server. Do I just upload a file?

    Again, thanks for the info.

    Jerry Calvin

    avatar mahendra says:

    Thank You for sharing this information, it’s really good

    avatar Andover Web Design says:

    Thanks – some possible useful tools there.

    avatar Scott W says:

    Ace post, i’ve been after a new firefox addon that will take care of all my seo needs for a while now. The MSN tool sounds really interesting too. Top post!

    avatar Hull Web Design says:

    The google alerts cannot be used to track new links effectively as Google will not display a significant number of the links it finds.

    I prefer to use the Google Webmasters tool as this is the only tool that will give you full stats on which links google has found.


    Actually I use Google Alerts more to keep up with my affiliate
    niche markets but when I see a quality post or really top-notch
    content – I join in on the conversation. I don’t worry about the
    present ranking/indexing of a page mainly because Cream rises to
    the top – even in Google! 😉

    I also use Comment Kahuna which lets me set the PR level, no follow
    and targets Typepad, WordPress, LiveJournal, Squidoo and a few
    more… great little tool.

    I have also tried RealLinkFinder by Neil Shearing which is also
    worth checking out if you’re in this type of SEO link building.

    Both of these Commenting tools are free.



    Definitely WordPress is a great SEO tool if used correctly. You can really build up a sites content and get a lot of backlinks from applying it in the right manner. Have not used seoquake – looks interesting but find of he same as SeoBook’s SEO for Firsfox

    Great resource! I don’t know how accurate the keyword search tool is, but its a great estimate.

    avatar says:

    I have never heard of “seoquake” for mozilla but I am going to add it on today. I have used “google alerts” but not as strategically as you have mentioned. I am impressed with your tactics. I have been playing the seo game for a while and now with a brand new site and a new niche I am hitting road blocks on keywords. There aren’t any really easy ways to optimize but I mean easy as in fast. Its more time consuming than anything else but I am a do it myselfer so I will eventually be noticed in the game. Thanks for your post you opened my eyes to new avenues! Have a great weekend! 🙂

    avatar MIKE says:

    Thanks a lot, I have been looking for something,anything to promote my free software blog,I believe this will help…..


    avatar Chester SEO says:

    Hi, great post. I tried seoquake and the information it provides is excellent for SEO, but both Google and Yahoo blocked its use after the first page of results I tried it on, it almost made me feel guilty for using their bandwith 😉 Has anyone else had this problem?

    avatar Sheila Sultani says:

    Thank you! I love posts like this.

    avatar RAVINER KUMAR RAWAT Pahari Bhai says:

    Great tools must for everyone.
    Thanks I will try to apply the same.

    avatar lynn says:

    Thanks. I’ve already started using them, including one listed in the comments, and they’re great.

    avatar lynn says:

    Thanks. I’ve already started using them, including one listed in the comments, and they’re great.


    avatar интeллигeнт says:

    Интересно! Хотелось бы побольше таких же интересных постов

    Excellent, very useful hints, thank you

    avatar Doug M says:

    Kind of funny…I click on the keyword item and get lead to where they are trying to sell me a book. Free? uh huh.

    avatar TheCashGiftingStudent says:

    SEO can definitely be a formidable task. However, if you continue to educate yourself and be sure to implement the things you learn on a daily basis you can find huge success. I am going to add that firefox app right away

    avatar SEO Consultant says:

    Nice work dude… It is helpful for me as well as others..

    avatar Dave says:

    What about Back Link Analyzer from SEObook 🙂

    avatar steppedin says:

    Its useful hints, thank you

    good work and good site 🙂

    avatar seo sydney says:

    Good seo work. Thanks for sharing the tips. Actually I am about to build my new business website. But I will use these tips and do my best. You are doing such a nice job. Nice information about 5 free must have seo tools. Thanks for sharing this post so much.

    You would not believe being a blogger that i have not even hear about these tools before, But now i have used all them for my website Sample Question Paper

    avatar Kavitha says:

    Great post.Thanks a lot!!

    Awesome post. Thanks for sharing it.

    Nice post man!
    Thanks for the list of tools, they are really great to use.

    Nice post, thanks for sharing!

    avatar gnaneshwar says:

    Nice website.Very informative.Thanks for sharing with us.

    Nice post!
    Thanks for the list of tools, they are really great to use.

    Excellent, Nice Blog, Thanks for sharing with us.

    Nice blog and thanks for sharing the post

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