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September 22, 2008

How Google Sees Mobile Usage in 10 Years

Google’s Engineering Director, Andy Rubin, has made some bold predictions on the Official Google Blog this week in relation to how we’ll all be using mobile phones in 10 years time.

Andy reminds us that the humble mobile phone in your pocket is probably ten times more powerful than the PC you had on your desk only 8 or 9 years ago. His most interesting theories for mobile usage in the future include:

Smart Alerts:  Your phone will let you know if something has happened that impacts you or needs your attention.

Augmented Reality: Your phone will tell you information about your location, desires or needs before you are even aware of them.

Instant Crowd Sourcing: You’ll be able to use your phone to review the most recent uploads of images, music, text, Tweets and blog posts by persons in your vicinity and you can go interact ith them (after receiving directions from your phone).

Sensory Perception: Weather updates, traffic reports, news events – these will all be at your fingertips the instant they are available.

Business Tool: Your phone as your meal ticket, allowing you to work remotely, track your investments, keep up with clients, build your business and increase your communication ability.

Intelligent Phones: Web 2.0 comes to mobile, where you can create apps on the fly, add content to your site and your phone will automatically download the latest updates to your favorite apps based on your preferences. Your phone *learns* based on your activity and makes it easier for you to use over time.

10 years away? Hmmm. I’m wondering if Andy has ever picked up an iPhone?

6 Responses to “How Google Sees Mobile Usage in 10 Years

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    avatar IBSGG BLOG » Blog Archive » How Google Sees Mobile Usage in 10 Years says:

    […] How Google Sees Mobile Usage in 10 Years […]

    avatar Diamonds says:

    Augmented Reality? This is funny, your phone telling your desires…

    avatar MGA says:

    It is an unfortunate statement by Andy, and this is a fun article. Thank you so much…

    avatar andy killen says:

    Is it just me or does this seem like something we should have next year and not in 10 years. Seems that Mr.Google is suffering from “Americana” and has only just realised that a mobile can send an SMS.

    All of these items are really old hat, simple intergration of existing technologies that have been available for quite some time.
    i.e. GPS or the cell tell the carrier where you are and they then tell the phone the weather. Hardly difficult. I am guessing the old difficulty will be Business People trying to make their Weather the Weather of choice and thus their channel market.

    Personally I’m not impress by this list, a fresh school leaver could use the same christal ball.

    avatar Brian D. Hawkins says:

    I just ran across a couple of days ago. Until then I hadn’t really given mobile devises much thought as far as making our content mobile friendly. It sounds like, for a change, that I might not be the last to know 🙂

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