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October 6, 2008

How To Submit Your website To The Major Search Engines

How many sales pitches have you seen that mention this: “We’ll submit your website to THOUSANDS of search engines all over the internet to get every possible exposure for only $999.” Umm, not necessary!! There are services that will submit your site to multiple search engines for a fee. You don’t need them! You will probably get better results doing it yourself and it’s free. Submitting your site to the search engines is a smart move even if your marketing is done offline. It’s easy and it can bring additional traffic. Listed below are the engines that account for over 95% of all web search traffic. Getting the engine to scan your site and list it is easy.

Google: Google maintains the largest searchable index of the World Wide Web.

Submission page: Home page:


– Google wants only your top-level URL; it’ll spider your site from there. – Users can view a cached copy of your pages through Google’s archive. – If other pages in Google’s index point to your Web site, your rank in Google search results may rise.

Yahoo: Yahoo is the senior Web directory, established in April 1994 as Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.

Submission page: Home page:


– Find the Yahoo category best suited to your site before registering. This is part of market research. VERY IMPORTANT. – Is your site commercial, specific to a geographic region, or your own home page? Knowing this will help you make a successful suggestion.

Open Directory Project: The Open Directory Project (ODP) started as in 1998. ODP is among the largest and most frequently updated online directories. AOL and other major portals use ODP content to power their own Web directories.

Submission page: Home page:


– Links are added and organized by volunteer experts called editors. The editors make sure that links adhere to the policies outlined on the ODP submission page. – You have to find the Open Directory category best suited to your site before asking an editor to include it.

Fast: Fast and Dell offer this enormous full-text search of web content under the moniker “All the Web,” and they want to spider your site as they attempt to create a multibillion-page web index. Results from Fast power other search portals, including Lycos.

Submission page: Home page:


– Fast spiders audio and video content, in addition to HTML and image content. WONDERFUL!! – Fast supports the Robot Exclusion Protocol for content you do not want indexed. – Fast spiders slowly, retrieving a document from your site no faster than once every five seconds.

AltaVista: Launched in spring 1995 to showcase speedy Digital Alpha computer clusters, AltaVista now offers an enormous index of more than 350 million Web documents.

Submission page: Home page:


– Use a title tag, or else AltaVista will return the title of your page as “No Title.” – AltaVista indexes alt tags and encourages the use of keyword and description meta tags by indexing those also.

IAC Search and Media: Includes,,, & more. Innovative search technologies deliver fast and relevant information for millions of people every day.

Submission page: To get a human editor to review your site for inclusion, you must send an email to Be sure to include your website URL and a brief description of your website. Home page:


– Ask’s Expert Rank algorithm goes beyond link popularity to determine which pages are considered to be experts on the topic of the search. We love that because we teach you to become an expert.

MSN: Microsoft’s answer to the search engine market. You can expect MSN Search to be a major player in this field.

Submission page: Home page:


– MSN recommends designing your pages with valuable content that your target audience is interested in…DUH! – Keyword density methods are screened and may result in lower ranking. No keyword spam

Do you see how easy this is, and how unnecessary it would be to have a service do it for you? Good, now get out there and makeit happen right now before you procrastinate.

Dan Dimit was a struggling entrepreneur for years in the learning stages. Now that he has it figured out, his passion is shortening the success time for others from years to months.For more info like this visit his blog. If you’d like free training materials, 2 ebooks, minicourse and access to his Q&A conference calls, go to

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