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November 14, 2008

eBay Blogs Increase Your eBay Home Business

As a stay at home mom trying to run a home eBay business on a budget, you are probably well aware of the high costs of marketing. When you are trying to promote your business, it can be hard to find methods that actually work without breaking the bank. Lucky for you, eBay has a few different marketing methods for you to use built right into their website – and they are completely free for you to use.

After you have listed your items that you want to sell, head on over to the community section of eBay. There, you will be able to upload an avatar, create a short profile, and get an eBay blog started. The more you customize the options available to you, the more your blog will be exposed. Occasionally, eBay will feature a blog written by a community member just like you, and the featured blog always seem to have a custom avatar and a fully-filled out profile.

Once you have gotten your blog up and running, start by talking about yourself and your home business. If you have never blogged before, this may prove to be a bit difficult. It doesn’t have to be – just pretend that you are writing about your day or your life in a personal journal. Bear in mind that this personal journal could be potentially seen by millions of viewers, however, and don’t divulge anything that you wouldn’t want a complete stranger – or your mother – to know about.

Then, you can start adding in information about your items that you are selling. Write a new blog post for each item you want to talk about. Instead of saying that you have it up for sale, give a bit of a review for the item. If you don’t know anything about it, you can do some research online for some ideas. Talk about the good things the item has to offer, but write them from a consumer standpoint, not a salesman. If it’s a product you know, use, and love, this shouldn’t be hard at all.

At the end of the blog, mention that the item is currently for sale right now in your eBay store or auctions. Also state the retail price, and the current price that you are offering the item for, and point out the money that buyers will save if they purchase the item from you. You can also add in any information about current sales or specials that you may be offering, a link to your about me page, or anything else you feel may be helpful to potential buyers.

Blogs can be a fun way to connect with buyers, since you can talk about just about anything you want, and buyers and sellers alike can leave comments for you. It’s a great way to give your potential bidders a way to connect with you that feels personal, and it’s also promoting your business at the same time. What other method of marketing can do that?

If you want to make money on eBay while still raising the kids, visit to find out how. Vickie Sayce teaches others how to get started on eBay, and has been buying and selling on eBay since 2001. She has written a very informative book on starting an eBay business to make money from home while raising the kids.

3 Responses to “eBay Blogs Increase Your eBay Home Business

    avatar A Mumpreneur’s Guide to Business»Blog Archive » Marketing Tips for eBayers says:

    […] are some great tips here on SiteProNews about improving your eBay marketing from Vickie Sayce. If you sell on eBay, check […]


    Thanks Vickie,brillant advice! I have only started selling on ebay but I would like to make it a regular feature of my lifestyle. I am currently putting together 2 websites with affiliate links. My websites will have a strong caring feature as I intend to donate money to charity causes. So I need all the advice with marketing I can get!

    avatar ebay is evil says:

    Ebay is evil.

    For example, Andrew Chase in ebay “Help” is a complete lying moron, one of the worst customer service experiences I’ve ever had – next to others at ebay like Twitter PR hack Richard Brewer-Hay who strung us along with lies for 9 months and did nothing.

    Andrew Chase blatantly lied and said if someone breaks into your account then YOU are responsible. Clearly false.

    He also told us to do something the last moron at ebay said we must absolutely NOT do – and then refused to reply and explain how we can do 2 opposite things.

    Ebay is evil. Their help/PR department is run by people who hate customers and constantly lie to them or refuse to answer and provide actual help.

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