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November 19, 2008

Google Releases Guide to SEO

Google has raised the collective eyebrows of the SEO industry this week with the release of their free PDF download: the Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

The Guide offers a very thorough introduction to SEO, including advice on creating search engine friendly pages and optimized META tags, as well as excellent tips on general web site usability and best-practice design methodology.

As a tutor in SEO, I was very impressed with the level of detail included in the 22 page document and will be recommending it to my students as an additional resource for their studies.

Apart from the more obvious elements of search engine compatibility, the Guide includes coverage of usability topics often overlooked by SEO advocates such as:

  • – Best practice for URL structuring
  • – Site hierarchy and navigation flow
  • – Using a custom 404 error page
  • – Best practice for using anchor text
  • – Link formatting and styling
  • – Correct usage of robots.txt
  • – Offline site promotion
  • – Usage of web site analytics

The Guide began life as a list of best practices for teams within Google, but staff felt that external webmasters would benefit from the advice, which could improve their sites’ crawlability and indexing.

Google’s Search Quality Team plan on updating the guide at regular intervals to keep the technical advice current.

20 Responses to “Google Releases Guide to SEO

    avatar Abdullah says:

    thats gud news.. im downloading it

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    avatar David B says:

    More mis-information perhaps !

    avatar STRAIGHTALK says:

    I tell you guys are the best, things like this needs to reached buy those who have no idea how Google work, many of folks out there are being ripped off by fly by nights and I’m so glad to see articles that still support the true aspect of S.E.O.

    Norman Flecha

    avatar mgk says:

    Anything from Google has got to help. Thanks for the download link!

    Very helpful guide, thank you.

    avatar Chris Jaeger says:

    I love Google (even have a Google t-shirt)! I actually give stuff like this to my customers.

    avatar Edwin says:

    Hi, thank you very much. I’m downloading and will do my best.

    avatar Diamonds says:

    Looks great, will read more about the manual when i get a chance. Thanks for the link.

    avatar webmaster says:

    I will see to it that I use the very useful directions provided. Good Luck for the rest!!

    avatar Assassin01 says:

    Very Informative. It’s that ‘get back to basics and build from there’ kind of report. All very good stuff. Having been involved with Google’s Adwords program for quite a while now at , we see the importance of relevancy and how relevancy patterns dominate from the website, the keywords, the ads, the titles, meta tags, anchors, content and landing pages. Too many websites are built without these relevancy patterns incorporated from the begining. Looking at your project from the front as well as the back with all this in mind sets a strong foundation for a web project.

    avatar kphilbin says:

    Wow, great stuff. Thanks for bringing this to us so quickly!

    avatar Graeme says:

    About time we had a little more guidance, we optimise our own site and read everything that site pronews releases, amongst others, the problem we have found is that one momemt you are told that you can do something and the next this is either spamming or blacklisted. We have tried to build excellent content, with the exact keyword density and reputable links but still find that really poor sites feature higher in the organics than ourselves. This release will hopefully clear up a few grey areas, any truely informative help has got to be a good thimg.

    avatar Salihu says:

    This is why i Like Google. Always trying to help webmasters do the right thing.

    avatar Tushar says:

    thats what i was looking for from google.
    Thanks guys

    avatar IBSGG BLOG » Blog Archive » Google Releases Guide to SEO says:

    […] Google Releases Guide to SEO […]

    avatar moneyholic says:

    good news, ill try to implementation, and google index myblog soonest. thank you

    avatar SEO Web Design says:

    A good read, thx big G!

    avatar Diseño de Paginas Web says:

    This is excellent news. I agree with Salihu, this is also why I like Google. They provide quality information to help webmasters do the right thing. Thanks SitePro, with out the info from your emails I would be totally out of touch!!!

    avatar Hammad Baig says:

    Anything from Google has got to help. Thanks for the download link!

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