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December 2, 2008

Blogging – A Global Phenomenon

If you haven’t read Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere 2008 report, you should. The Blogosphere continues to grow in size and influence and the lines between what is a blog and what is a mainstream media site is becoming less clear with each passing year. The full report can be found at:

But here are some interesting highlights:

1. Most bloggers are male ranging from 57% in the USA to 73% in Europe and Asia,

2. A high percentage of bloggers are college graduates and have household incomes greater than $75K/yr.

3.  77% of active Internet users read blogs and blogs receive more unique visitors than Facebook or MySpace.

4. Most bloggers have been at it an average of three years and are collectively creating close to one million posts every day.

17 Responses to “Blogging – A Global Phenomenon

    avatar GossipCrunch says:

    I am blogging for a little more than a month now and I find it interesting specially when you receive a quite a no. of visitors each day and most of them are unique.

    avatar Blogging - A Global Phenomenon | | Webmaster News and Tips says:

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    avatar Mstardom says:

    Wow, maybe this is why I love to blog so much, a college Grad with a year of post graduate studies. Bloggers are definitely influencing how people think. Yellow Journalism can now be accomplish by bloggers. In fact, newspaper companies are laying off workers and news paper writers are turning into bloggers. I love this trend. It is only going to make the world of Journalism a better place!

    avatar Joseph Martel says:

    From our blog, Dancing in the Pacific.
    I think blogging is a good way to communciate to those that wish to know what we are about. That is all.

    avatar Diamonds says:

    Every business needs one to spread out the word and information about their products and services…

    avatar Jessica says:

    I think blogging is great! You can find interesting information there!

    avatar JesusFreak says:

    This is great..There are a lot of bloggers in the world at the moment also in Nigeria

    I am a Nigerian blogger and a graduate.

    The reason why i see blogs as popular is because you can get fresh content there from time to time. Blogs are dynamic, and not static as websites. And if you notice also, many websites are not incorporating blogs to their sites.

    Blogging indeed is a global phenomenon..Thumbs up to web 2.0…But what next??

    avatar Tomas says:

    Blogging helps me to recognize myself in other and thus exchanges the mourning of the sickbed into the gratitude for being alive. My blogs are my meditation in color, my online art galleries. I’m so glad to welcome you to
    and to all my other locations on web too.
    The depth of the steps we are leaving in life depends on our love to other. Blogging helps as to grasp the above as to claim aloud what overfill the heart.

    yes, lately, i spend most of my days doing blogging (to include reading, learning from all the sites I visit)…& most of those in my network are still in denial of the stage we’re now in…..(at least those who still do full time work)…am finding more meaning from my blogging being a transplanted person here in NYC, facing bravely a lot of changes!

    interestingly, i’ve realized i get a better feel of how people think just by reading blogs…or snippets of it even from Craigslist’s various postings! & I’ve got no TV set here, ha ha ha![not even missing it!!] Lots of things are changing, fast!

    avatar John says:

    A lot of misconceptions and stereotypes are probably evaporating – there is no set style of what a blog has to be, it is really just becoming a catch-all term for an easy to use website CMS. Ultimately, that just means increasingly decentralized media. This puts a lot of power with people who have less capital investment than traditional media companies that rely on expensive broadcasting or printing equipment.

    I’d even go so far as to say its a media revolution as significant as the printing press or TV.

    I started blogging about three years ago, recently switching from blogspot to WordPress. Until I got into blogging I found a certain level of frustration dealing with webmasters as a middleman to get my message out. The thing I love about blogging is its immediate nature. Think of an idea, respond to a situation and BAM you can blog about it right now! That puts a lot of potent energy and inertia into the hands of the formerly disenfranchised. A quantum leap from pressing one’s nose against the glass, so to speak.

    avatar Jose says:

    I run a Blog related to artificial grass and its relation with the local enviromental issues here in Spain.

    I find blogging is a easy and simple way to express yourself.
    I am running several blogs in Spain and I am finding that people is getting involved in the blogosphere since a year ago mainly.

    Congratulations for your good articles which I try to read them as soon as they come out.

    avatar supergranny says:

    Simply amazing – it is a phenomenon that covers the entire globe. How about age? Are there any educated lively seniors out there with a word or two to add to all this youthful palaver?

    avatar paul says:

    I have been blogging for about 18 months now. It has done tremendous things for my website traffic.If I need traffic in one particular area, I can design a blog and have it in place and working within hours !

    […] Technorati speaks SiteProNews on: Blogging – A Global Phenomenon […]

    avatar бaкинeц says:

    Ну конечно, как люди говорят, занимательное рядом! 🙂

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