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December 9, 2008

Enough Google Tweaking Already!

David Berkowitz made an interesting blog post today about Google entitled “So Over Google” where he cites some of the frustrations people have with Google. Their gripes reflected some of my own and I suspect will strike a chord with many Google users, especially marketers and webmasters. As Google continues to move from search domination to search monopoly, the company is likely to experience the same sort of underlying resentment that Microsoft has endured with its monopoly of operating systems.

Ask yourself if any of the following Google gripes cited in the Berkowitz post reflect your own feelings:

1. Google’s results pages change too frequently.

2. Google’s personalized search results are restrictive rather than helpful.

3. Google’s SearchWiki is an experiment searchers can live without.

4. Ying and Yang: Google is so good that trying other engines is a waste of time or just not good enough so other engines need to be used which is a waste of time.

Post your feedback and any of your own Google gripes here or over at David’s blog.

8 Responses to “Enough Google Tweaking Already!

    avatar Robert says:

    Well… I’m not sure about this search wiki bit. Mostly as you get standard SERPs before you can start changing it. In any event I’m a fan of

    avatar Joseph Martel says:

    I am stuck with google because I use Ubuntu operating system. Also because I use Blogger. I will have to plan of getting out of it. So far I don’t have a clue.

    My little rant is that I don’t need Google to help me find Youtube and Wikipedia. Those sites have their own search functions, we all know where they are at! I’ve had to use other engines more and more often because Google seems to only care about showing the top few % of domains regardless of where the content originated or who has the more in-depth view. I’m not a big fan of the personalized results or search wiki either, but Google’s still got a great program in their paid advertising.

    Mel, thanks for sharing your feedback here and getting some great thoughts from everyone else. – David

    avatar Lionel Beck says:

    We are all using Google out of habit. Some of their stuff is pretty good,(e.g. their Chrome browser) but regarding searches I’ve often found MSN Live Search a far more reliable way of getting to the stuff I’m looking for.

    avatar Diamonds says:

    Personalized search results is ridiculous, its closing your world to new horizons… sticking to the same search results. I’m starting to use other search engines…

    avatar Jessica says:

    I use all search engines, I always start with Google. Yahoo BOSS has tremendous potentials!

    avatar Dave Bullis says:

    I recently began using Keyword advertising for my business which I started last week. In one week from start to finish I went from no business complete startup to calls and rentals. I used pay for click on Yahoo and I used pay for click on Google. I have to admit I am a Rookie but the numbers are astounding Google made the phones ring. I personally have always and still use Yahoo for my home page and my search page. Last of a dying breed I suppose. So at this time early in the game Google rocks casue she pays my bills.

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