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December 12, 2008

Article Marketing is Hot, Article Content is Not

I’ve been reviewing articles for newsletters and sites for over 10 years and about 7 years ago I launched, now one of the largest free article content directories on the Web. In that time, the volume of article content being pumped out has mushroomed, but the overall quality has seriously declined. One of the main reasons for this decline has been the growing realization by webmasters and marketers that articles are an effective and free means for acquiring back links and traffic.

Article writing has become a red flag drawing would be writers from every walk of life and every area of real or imagined expertise. Just like web sites spawned search engines and a host of secondary support services (SEO, site submission, etc.), article writing has given birth to article directories, article submission services, ghost writing, and article SEO. Article directories and article search engines are now struggling with the same problem that web search engines have grappled with for years – crap content.

Here are some of the most common article submission problems I’ve seen:

1. Blatant copyright violation and plagiarism.

2. Short advertorials trying to pass as articles.

3. Articles that have a catchy title and absolutely no worthwhile content. Generally, the publication guidelines for these articles are longer than the article.

4. Recycled article content. The topic and the content has been written about ad nauseum.

5. Software generated articles. Read like the author was on drugs.

Winnowing through the mountains of useless published content has become a full time endeavor for article directories, newsletter publishers and anyone looking for useful information. The demand for quality article content hasn’t waned but the challenges for the article content industry continue to grow.

18 Responses to “Article Marketing is Hot, Article Content is Not

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    avatar Eb Netr says:

    I think software that “rewrites” articles is the worst thing to hit the Net. Here’s an example. The first paragraph is from, an article I wrote.
    The second paragraph is from, an article I found on the Net, where someone had obviously used a software program to plagiarize and “rewrite” my article. Which one would you rather read for information on greyhound handicapping?

    Paragraph 1 (my article):”There’s an old saying, “Good handicappers have iron pants.” It’s true, you can blow all of your winnings and more just betting side bets. Then a good bet comes along, one you planned to bet, and you don’t have the money. It’s heart-breaking when that happens and you’ll beat yourself up about it all the way home.”

    Paragraph 2 (not my article):”Good handicappers hit shackle pants.” It’s true, you crapper expiration every of your profits and more meet sporting lateral bets. Then a beatific countenance comes along, digit you designed to bet, and you don’t hit the money. It’s heart-breaking when that happens and you’ll vex yourself up most it every the artefact home.”

    Worse, the second article still has my resource box at the bottom of it, so it looks like I wrote it. As usual with this kind of thing, there’s no way to contact the site owner. This kind of thing is turning the Net into a sea of gibberish.

    If we’re honest, we admit that we’re trying to sell our products with our articles. But I believe that we’ll sell more if we give people something for free first. In my case, it’s free handicapping information. For other people it could be tips on being frugal or how to knit a mitten. There’s nothing useful in the second article above, because it doesn’t even make sense.

    Eb Netr

    avatar Rommel Ramos says:

    I think one of the obvious reasons also include the rise of “over-used” private label rights articles. Some “newbie” marketers just “throw-in” PLR articles even without re-writing them.

    ~ rommel ;p

    avatar Larry says:

    I am no expert on the subject, but it would seem that the editors of the article content directories could be a lot more discriminating…at least regarding the type and quality of content submitted.

    I have several articles published in an article directory, and I would be happy to have my content scrutinized thoroughly before being accepted or rejected.

    The directories would establish increased credibility as well…when publishers and readers alike insist on higher quality content…and then receive it.


    avatar LEx says:

    Yes, many are pumping out articles just to try to gain traffic etc, not necessarily because they have anything of value to share.

    It’s a better strategy to create good content.

    “A fool talks because they have to say something. A wise one talks because they have something to say.”

    avatar raj says:

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    avatar SEOGuy says:

    I quite agree with the general analysis of this article and the comments given so far.

    If a person takes the time, it is not hard to write high quality articles in a given niche. Just this morning I’ve written 2 articles for my projects.

    These are not “spun” articles.
    These are not recycled articles.
    These are not plagerized articles.

    My benefits?

    People that read my articles will see the difference and visit my websites.

    I learn more by doing high quality writings rather than spewing forth trash.

    The benefits of doing a job well far and above exceed half hearted attempts at grabbing large market shares.


    avatar Bob Bentz says:

    When I check the hits on my articles from the article sites, there are not as many there as I’d like. Moreover, when I’ve searched for content on article sites, most definitely are crap and seem like a middle school student wrote them. I guess if somebody really writes a good article, in most cases they publish it on their own sites.

    avatar Richard says:

    I was looking for an article to fill space, there was one where the information was good but badly written, followed the link to the website and discovered it was a government site. I telephoned and asked to speak to the author and was put through to the marketing department. They informed me that the person was not real and they used a computer to generate the articles for the back links. You can’t even trust the government, well could you ever

    avatar Jessica says:

    Ohhh, this is so true… Especially, “articles that have a catchy title and absolutely no worthwhile content”.

    avatar Diamonds says:

    Funny! “Software written articles” Does these really work? I think Search Engine Crawlers are smarter than this.

    avatar Bonnie says:

    Lets just put it this way…if you cannot spend the time to write an article correctly and revert to these auto generated programs that ‘re-write’ an article for you, in 16 different ways by replacing words, then your short cut article makes your sound like an idiot. I have seen these programs, and as an seo, played with them, and I am amazed at how bad they really are. The software hype may turn you on, the process may seem easy to do, the price may seem cheap, but the outcome basically is bad. There is no such thing as a shortcut to real success. Spend some time and write your articles.

    avatar Mark Minks says:

    Eb Netr – If someone has stolen your content you may not know who they are, but you can find out who the domain is registered to and who is hosting the site. I’ve had to email the hosting company a few times when my articles have been plagiarized.

    It looks like the offending site in your case is being hosted in China:

    The email listed is so you could email them and ask them to remove your copyrighted content.

    In any case, I’ve reported the site and the URL containing your plagiarized content as spam to Google so give it about a month or so and we’ll see if the site is removed from Google’s index.

    Best regards,

    avatar Keith says:

    Article Re-writes with software seems to be working for SE and Traffic otherwise why would people create them? Though not sure…

    avatar Mark Minks says:

    Traffic from Google search represents about 65% of search traffic in the U.S., and even up to 90% or more in some foreign countries, so spammers really rely on their pages being indexed in Google to drive traffic to their sites.

    We all need to be vigilant to report all such sites to Google as spam whenever we encounter them. It just takes a couple minutes to Report a Spam Result to Google.

    Go right ahead; and “spin” those articles, plagiarize other peoples content; or simply keep writing crap articles…dig your own hole – Goggle will be happy to blacklist your domain; or maybe fine you; a quarter-million

    Then searchers will not have to run into your grade school gibberish. Go Penguin, Go Panda the cream of the crop; the good content is going to rise to the top – and stay there.

    The “rest of the trash?” About 2/3 of the Web content that has been “farmed” WILL BE DELETED.

    Ha. Ha. Ha. You folks KNOW I meant to say; “Google” will be glad to blacklist your domain, or maybe fine you a quarter of a million dollars…they CAN.

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