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January 5, 2009

The Two Things You Need To Know About Writing Articles and Monetizing Them

Article writing serves many purposes for website owners and Internet marketers. It is a powerful way to market your business, and is also a powerful way to earn income directly from the article content itself. When you want to monetize your articles, you will need to understand how to use your articles to create the greatest benefit from them.

Some of the methods in which you can monetize your articles include: – Adsense – Promoting your own products and services – Promoting affiliate products and services – Long-term revenue – Viral revenue

There are other ways to get income by promoting your products and services, but the ones listed above are some of the more common ways you can earn an income through writing articles.

The first thing you need to know is the purpose in which you are writing your articles. Are you writing them to promote a product or service, or are you writing them to brand yourself as an expert in your field? Each way will require you to write your articles differently. If you are writing your articles for adsense, then you will want to write many informative, how-to articles that contain many of the keyword phrases used by your target audience. Your articles should talk about the products and services that are found on your site. The purpose of the article is to draw the targeted adsense ads that will be served on your website.

If you are writing and marketing articles to promote affiliate products, then your article should get the reader to go to the affiliate site, and also buy something as well. If you require a multi-step process to sell the affiliate product or service, then it would be better to use the article to send the reader to a lead capture page to get the reader’s email so you can market to them through an auto responder series. This is where you can put other articles that you have written and send the reader one article per week.

The second thing that you need to know when writing articles and monetizing them is to write the articles in such a way that they receive a lot of traffic in some form or another. Your articles won’t do much good if no one can find them, so it is important that they are easily found on the Internet. Your articles can be found through article directories, individual websites, other publisher’s newsletters, eBooks among a host of other ways. The more ways you make use of, the better the chance your article will get seen by your target market. There are many sources out there today that contain a list of different places where you can publish your article. Once you have a list of places, you want to narrow it down to the top 5 to 10 places to submit your articles. Your criteria should be based upon how much traffic is going to the website where you want to publish your articles, and if your target market is willing to purchase your product or service. Once you have the answer to these questions, you will be able to write powerful articles that have a good response rate.

When you are writing articles to monetize them, it is crucial that you have a good strategy for writing, marketing and publishing them. If you don’t, you will end up going through a lot of work over nothing. The next step is to look for ways of earning a long-term income for your article writing efforts.

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60 Responses to “The Two Things You Need To Know About Writing Articles and Monetizing Them

    avatar Janet says:

    Article marketing continues to make me a lot of money, love it!

    avatar john says:

    Thanks for those tips! I still have not learned the ins and outs of good article motinization

    avatar hayj says:

    super article! it goes to show that there is a lot more to article writing than people think

    Very good points and examples on making money on your article writing.

    avatar Catarsis says:

    Yeah, very good indeed!

    avatar Rapid Profit Formula says:

    This is a really good article…I use article marketing every day and although SEO does change, article marketing seems to stay pretty much the same.

    avatar Profit Jackpot Bonus says:

    Thank you for the helpful tips on article writing. I have been trying to master this skill for a while now, and you have helped me in several ways.

    I agree with Angela. If you know how to utilise article marketing and provide quality content at the same time. You can make a lot of money online. Well, this of course requires some work as well.


    avatar Tattoo Removal says:

    I totally agree with you Angela.
    Content is the king and Google loves it. I personally want to make sure that all the article I write on my blog is at least 600 words or more and of course unique and helpful to readers. Anyways, thanks for the tips.


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