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February 16, 2009

Is Your WordPress Blog a Google Magnet?

Make your blog a Google magnet by increasing the number of comments made on your blog. Google and the other search engines put an undefinable, but considerable weight on comments you receive on the articles you write in your blog. If you want to move up in the search engine rankings, you must write quality content and get people to comment on your submissions.

Just ask yourself this question:

If you were Google, how would you determine how good an article is?

  • You would check article for originality – not scraped from someone else
  • The use of keywords – is the usage natural or are the stuffed?
  • Keyword density – is it in a reasonable range?
  • Whether there are related keywords – Latent Semantic Indexing
  • How the keywords relate to the title
  • Many other characteristics of the article – Who knows?
  • Finally, how many people comment on your articles

You should be striving to become an authority site. We want a site that has incoming links from other related high pagerank sites indicating that our site is trusted and recognized. One of the fastest ways to get quality incoming links and recognition from the search engines is to have many high quality, original articles that people have commented on.

The dream is to get a discussion going on your site. This is where people use your article as a vehicle to “argue”, “debate”, “dispute” and “discuss” the pros and cons of what you have written.

Here is a small list of things you can do to increase your number of comments:

  • Make a controversial post – Take a strong position. You will find some people will agree with you and some will not. Get them commenting by being somewhat outrageous
  • Ask people to comment – The vast majority of people won’t comment, but asking them to comment does help. Ask some questions at the end of your post that invite people to express themselves.
  • Use Web 2.0 type promoting – Post your article on Digg, Mixx, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Sphinn, Propeller and at least one to two other sites. You don’t have to be on all the sharing sites, but you will want to hit the influential ones, at least. Use an article submitting service such as SubmitYourArticle. You will find that it pays off pretty quickly. Your number of incoming, one-way links will increase over time.
  • Post comments on other people’s blogs – Experienced bloggers really appreciate it when you make an intelligent, non-spam comment on their blog. Many blog owners will make it a point to search out your blog and comment on your work. Within WordPress, the blog owner can simply click on the commenter’s blog URL. It is pretty to reciprocate.

In summary: Comments are very important in your success. Treat them with respect. Engender them and you will see your rank improve.

Do you agree with the list above? What other ideas do you have? What have you found effective in increasing the number of comments your blog gets?

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8 Responses to “Is Your WordPress Blog a Google Magnet?

    Very informative. Great stuff! Keep it coming.

    avatar Scott Blogs says:

    Here is a comment to help your post 😉 – Seriously though, I have to say that I agree with the logic. I have not seen first hand, a post jumping up in the rankings due specifically to mass comments etc, however, it is something that definitely can not hurt, and is totally a goal worth striving for. I know with my blog, I LOVE it when people leave comments.

    Saw my biggest jump in people commenting on my blog when I added the Do-Follow & CommentLuv plugins – by ‘giving back’ with a link to their latest blog post it makes it more worthwhile for them to comment. In all online promotion, best results come from giving before expecting to receive.

    avatar Andre Arnett says:

    I have really seen that by people commenting and talking about your blog it can really make a difference. You might even be surprised by who is actually reading your blog because if they like it maybe their followers might also. It could lead to a wave of links.

    avatar Joyce Loupe says:

    Thanks!!! Your information has definitely hit home. I have been doing everything I could to boost the ratings of my husband’s bass fishing website. But I never thought about utilizing our blog that way, or posting on other blogs. Again, thanks a bunch.

    avatar Dave Perris says:

    What about when the comments come from your direct competition? I’m new to blogging and would love as many comments as possible. However I am a bit wary of putting a link on my site straight to someone competing for the same business as me.
    Doug, if you have do-follow links on your site I’m sure people will be pleased to leave comments on your site (I might go and have a look myself!), but do you win or lose from this exchange?
    Just asking, I don’t know.

    avatar jackson woo says:

    You post is very helpful to me and I

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