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March 6, 2009

Climb The Alexa Ranking Ladder

Alexa is a kind of search engine that measures the popularity of websites that are visited by surfers who have an Alexa toolbar installed in their browser. Since the toolbar has been downloaded over ten million times, it is safe to suppose that a lot of surfers use it – a lot, but not the majority.

How does Alexa calculate a website’s traffic rank?

Er, difficult to say exactly. What the boffins at Alexa say they do is take all the previous three months of surfing data from the toolbar users and kind of mash it together in a saucepan. Then they throw in a few “secret ingredients” and other undisclosed “diverse traffic data sauces” and leave it to simmer until it has reduced down to a single number – your website’s Alexa traffic rank!

Some people have expressed a degree of scepticism about Alexa’s cookery.

Despite the scepticism, Alexa is still important in providing some sort of guide to overall website ranking, especially for the higher ranked sites and is used as a rough guide by a lot of website owners, who see an improvement in their Alexa rank as evidence that they are making progress.

It is important to stress that Alexa rank and traffic volume are not inextricably linked. You could have a great site that attracts a lot of targeted traffic, but still have an Alexa rank of over a million. (The lower the number, the higher the rank.)

Still, a site that ranks highly on Alexa will gain a lot of credibility and you will find plenty of highly ranked websites (i.e. anything below 100,000) that display their Alexa ranking on their homepages.

So, here are a few tips to help you get your site up the Alexa ranking ladder:

For best results use Firefox and install the Alexa toolbar using Firefox’s Search Status extension and set your website homepage as the default page.

Next, place the Alexa widget on your website. The widget will display your Alexa rank, and send feedback about your site to Alexa.

Customize the Alexa tool bar and add a link to the toolbar download page. Every time it is downloaded you will get some credit from Alexa.

A lot of Website owners tend to have the Alexa toolbar on their browsers. They also tend to visit web directories, so if you post your site on a number of popular directories you stand a good chance of having it viewed on browsers that have the Alexa toolbar installed.

Website owners also tend to hang out on Internet marketing and SEO forums. Join those forums, post a link to your website in your forum signature and you might pick up some extra Alexa juice.

Write articles about Alexa and other SEO tips and post them on your website or blog. Your aim is to attract visitors who may be interested to learn about Alexa and download the toolbar from your site.

Add a page of marketing resources to your website and place a link to the Alexa toolbar on it.

Get some friends to bookmark your Alexa articles on Stumbleupon and similar social marketing sites, use Twitter to get the word out about Alexa and so on.

These are just some of the ways that you can improve your Alexa ranking. Remember, the higher your website ranks on Alexa the more seriously it is likely to be taken by people who visit your site and by people who might want to advertise on it.

David Hurley is an Internet marketer based in Hiroshima, Japan. His website focuses on niche affiliate marketing business opportunities and marketing resources including the free Alexa toolbar.

8 Responses to “Climb The Alexa Ranking Ladder

    avatar club penguin says:

    Cool ideas, I will try to use my blog to get more Alexa fans!

    I am wondering about whether it is wise to put the toolbar showing your ranking on a website that still has a low rank. Especially if it gives credibility.Might it not work against you to display a poor ranking?

    avatar Enterprise Web Portal Development says:


    nice article.

    thanks a lot for sharing the information.

    avatar Jerokiah Darr says:

    I have been using Alexa for some time now as an overall guide for my websites because of their broad spread of statistics. Let’s not forget that you can get a general idea of your audience demographics, related sites that visitors are also looking at, and compare your rank with similar sites. I liked your article though 🙂

    avatar Fleurtations says:

    Thanks for the tips. I have downloaded the Alexa widget onto our home page and the response has been almost immediate…we are very slowly moving up. I have linked to Alexa through Twitter and bookmarked on several sites including Reddit. Unfortunately at the moment you cannot download the Alexa toolbar if you run Vista, which is a shame, still it was good to read and implement some of the points in the article. Thank you.

    I’m not quite sure I understand. It seems logical on one component, yet the secondary phase of skepticism doesn’t register with the binary phase of uploading data links. Does this matter to any other engines, or just Alexa?

    avatar Maison White says:

    An interesting read but I am hesitant to try it. Surely Alexa will become aware of this practice at some time and then penalise sites just as Google do for cheating the system!

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