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March 24, 2009

I Told You Twitter Was Testing Ads!

Remember last week I blogged about what appeared to be in-line text advertisements being tested on Twitter? Well it’s been confirmed: Twitter WAS testing ads.

Today I noticed a new text *notice* on the Twitter web platform linking to a site called ExecTweets (pictured).

Realizing this was the first such notice to link out to a 3rd party site, I recognized it as Twitter’s first official advertisement. I did some investigative journalism (well ok, I simply used Google and a WhoIs lookup) and found out that Twitter has gone into partnership with Microsoft and John Battelle’s advertising company Federated Media to create ExecTweets.

ExecTweets collects Tweets from various business executives, collates and republishes them. According to Frank Reed at Marketing Pilgrim, Twitter is reportedly receiving an undisclosed payment for giving the site its stamp of approval and for promoting the site on Twitter itself. Federated says it plans on launching similar programs on Twitter with other clients.

So in effect, Twitter’s first pay per click advertiser is Microsoft. Other sites being featured in the new text ads include Tweetie the Twitter iPhone app and Twittervision, although according to New Web 2.0 Magazine, Tweetie isn’t paying a cent for the ads.

You can read more about ExecTweets and the 3 way partnership on the Federated Media blog and the Twitter Blog.

12 Responses to “I Told You Twitter Was Testing Ads!

    avatar andymurd says:

    I hope tweetie isn’t paying for the advert, because it isn’t nofollowed.

    Haven’t seen the exectweets ad yet, if it’s on your homepage can you check if nofollow has been applied?

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    avatar MikeTek says:

    Since Twitter is a partner in the site I don’t see why they should nofollow the link. I’m not sure Google is ready to penalize Twitter.

    avatar Bob J says:

    Thanks for the article Kalena, were always looking for good marketing ideas for our wristband company.

    Thanks Bob

    avatar Sierra Night Tide says:

    Hmmm mixed feelings about the ads. I can understand why Twitter wants another ave of income. It has become a huge ROI. Shouldn’t they get something in return?

    On the other hand, I would hate to see Twitter become part of the evil empire. If they do will the executive storm trooper attire match the Twitter website? Hmm blue and white storm trooper outfits may not look so bad.

    avatar Alan Bleiweiss says:

    Exectweets ad is not no-followed as of my last check this morning.

    Shouldn’t all ads be no-followed? Just my take on paid links, even if paid means “partner”

    avatar Jake says:

    Hi Kalena,
    I noticed these ads several days ago as well, so I’m glad to see you picked up on it here.

    @andymurd – I am seeing that the ads (text links) are not no-followed.

    this is a very interesting development for twitter. seems pretty logical. i’m glad they are starting out with some text links rather than silly banners.

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    avatar Mich & Stacie Yak says:

    We were just yakking about this. Firefox and Flock show two different layouts but only some of the time. I noticed it in Chrome and the text ads on each new layout.

    Now it makes more sense. Seems we are in ‘live’ beta testing for the Twitter techs. Can’t help but wonder if this has anything to do with the recent outages and lag times.

    Very cool research you listed and a mind boggling new avenue for tweetstreams to take.

    Mich n’ Stacie D. Yak approved this Comment
    @MichDdot & @MissKit of

    avatar CkBody says:

    mixed feelings! Always you participate in a free service and before you know it you are being pushed into a paid service.

    avatar gerald | link company says:

    I may be unbelievable but it’s really true.

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