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March 25, 2009

Why Backlinks Are The Single Most Important Thing To Long Term Internet Success

First of all let me say that if you do paid advertising this article is probably not for you. However if you are looking for long term Internet success I want to talk about the importance of developing backlinks to your website.

I find it interesting that as the Internet continues to change the basic premise of the World Wide Web has not changed that much. The Web itself is composed of links all pointing to each other.

If you grasp this concept you can quickly understand why the more backlinks you have pointing to your website from a multitude of different sources the more potential traffic it you can bring to you.

Not only that but the traffic will continue to be there over a long period of time as long as the backlink remain. This means you must spend the majority of your time marketing your business in ways that create quality backlinks.

In the early days of Internet marketing reciprocal linking was very popular. Trading links with other sites was a way to create backlinks to your site.

This strategy is not as popular today because link directories are pretty much discarded by the major search engines. Not only that but you want to spend as much of your time creating one way backlinks to your site and not away from your site.

So how do you go about creating one way backlinks? Here are 3 easy ways that are working very well today and should be incorporated into your linking strategy.

1. Write and submit articles to the top article directories. In each article include a resource box that contains a link pointing back to your website.

For additional keyword relevance try hyperlinking your primary keyword phrase to your site as well. As you begin to develop backlinks to your homepage begin deep linking to sub pages within your site from your article resource boxes too.

2. Write blog articles and submit them to the top social directories. Search engines love fresh content and your blog articles will be spidered quickly if you submit them to the top social directories. We are talking about sites such as Digg, Stumbleupon, Propeller, Technorati, and more.

Each article submission creates a backlink to your blog or specific blog article. If you do not have a blog you are missing out on easy traffic and long term quality backlinks.

3. Utilize social networking to create links pointing back to any web page you have. For example when you create a new web page announce it as an update on your Twitter account.

When you Tweet your followers this way you are creating back links to any webpage or blog post you make. Again the search engines will find these, as well as your readers, giving you more potential traffic.

Other popular social networks to join and create a profile with your website address in include Facebook, My Space, eEntrepreneur, and many others.

I feel no matter how the Internet changes in the future backlinks will still be the most important thing you can do to create a long term Internet presence. These three ways right now are excellent to create backlinks to your website and blog!

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12 Responses to “Why Backlinks Are The Single Most Important Thing To Long Term Internet Success

    avatar backlinks says:

    Thanks for this wonderful post!

    Building links is the most important strategy for promoting a website.ITs very much necessary to build link which points to your website.I believe one day when google will change the algo then even he will never change the links strategy as it really a vote for a website. The most important thing is the quality of a link instead of quantity of links.


    avatar Alan Bleiweiss says:

    Why I totally disagree with you and everyone else who claims this notion:

    First, back-links, like every other single white-hat SEO method, have their place in the overall strategy. So they are important. As long as the quality of those links is carefully weighed.

    However, if you believe that regularly updated content, new content, highly optimized, is not the most important aspect if trying to come up with one aspect, then you really don’t know or understand the most important aspect of the nature of the web nor the mind-set at places like Google.

    The vast majority of my client sites have relatively few links compared to competitors, yet they consistently rank higher in the results pages. I’m not talking PageRank, that other oft misunderstood and now more than ever less relevant factor. I’m talking about showing up in the top position, or the top two positions, organically at Google.

    Here’s why:

    When I search for information, however I get to a site, I want to know that I am going to get the content that best matches what I am looking for. There are a plethora of ways I might find the site. Yet, once I get there, if it’s not well written content, or if the site is too thin on content, I will more likely leave sooner than would be needed for you to capture me and hold me.

    Yeah, landing pages that are light on content are neat for quickly converting visitors into registered names in an email database. Except that’s mostly only really best suited for paid listing click-through conversions.

    So no matter how the search engines evolve, the emphasis will most be placed on content matching the search phrase.

    It’s why Google changed their policy not long ago to do their quality score matching in real time. This ensures that they can do the best relationship of search phrase to content matching possible.

    And over the years, regardless of every other change made by Google (According to Matt Cutts, they do hundreds of minor changes to the algorithm every year) the focus has become more and more centered on content evaluation and content relationships from page to page (and yes, from site to site).

    As each year passes now too, with more and more ways to re-purpose content through RSS, and widgets and the like, the importance and freshness of your message again becomes more and more important.

    avatar Jimmy says:

    Hi E-Rock,
    Thanks for following me on Twitter.
    I just received an email letting me know….what’s ironic, I’m on your opt-in list too…

    This is a great post, for the visitors who read this post and make an added statement that attempts to nullify your R&D,
    let me say, stop and think for a moment….E-Rock is right on…

    Another point in the defence to those who have something to add,
    I’m certain E-Rock wasn’t intending to write and essay on this subject….

    Just kick back and watch him make a digital download product based on all the feedback…thanks E-Rock for initiating this topic discussion….it needs attention.

    I’ll leave a short addition on this topic, you’ve hit on an axiom that I agree with for the most part…even the latent semantic and themed content is mentioned.

    As far as content relativity, it should be clear to about anyone, content is king….if it’s optimized and linked properly, all the more power….

    However, remember, while backlinking as well as content is equally relevant in the overall linking formula …… search engine ranking organic listed is still the prime directive to secure your spot if you are considering authority longevity

    Otherwise, if it’s just a pimped mini-site for a specific niche market item, it has a shelf life generally… who cares…get the traffic anyway you can and harvest your double opt-in list.

    The algorythms for the top search engines will always be a consideration..sometimes it gets over ruled as less or not important.

    Ok…I have done it both ways and still do….the bottom line is did you build aloyal list, get a profitable conversion percentage and can you wash rinse and repeat the mechanics into any other niche market or a an emoire of niche markets…play the field.

    Chat to you later,


    avatar Alan Blewieiss says:


    Your statement:

    “As far as content relativity, it should be clear to about anyone, content is king…”

    Well no that’s patently false. Anyone who does not fully comprehend SEO and reads this article sees a title that is in direct opposition to the “content is king” approach. If, as many people who are not knowledgeable of SEO and do just a little research, and see this, then they would have no way of knowing that content is king.

    Good points made in the article regarding link building methods. Just inaccurate claims related to Link building being king as claimed by the author.

    avatar internet marketing says:

    Thanks for the post!

    There are still many ways which you need to take care to get visitors. Link building is also important with updating contents, internet marketing and all.

    avatar Rosie says:

    saw the post…really good

    avatar Buy Backlink says:

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    avatar backlinks says:

    sharing such helpful information is great it can help me at my backlinks tnx!!!!

    People overlook the importance of backlinks in SEO. I applaud you for pointing it out!

    avatar Mortgage brokers says:

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    It is a very easy way to make your links live and active. This helps alot in SEO term for link spreading.

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