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April 14, 2009

Directory Submission: The Key to site Promotion

Most website owners fail to differentiate between a directory and search engine, failure to do so has resulted in failure to harness the powers of Internet directory effectively.

Search engine uses the spiders – (an automated software program) to locate and collect data from web pages for inclusion in a search engine’s database and to follow links to find new pages on the World Wide Web. While directories depends on human editors, who in most cases examine every single new listing before they are added to their directory. Most major search engines these days use links from human edited directory to measure the quality of the site they index. That is why you should place emphasis on the type of website or directory you list to and how to do that effectively.

However, there are some significant differences between the two link sources, Directories have only one purpose in life and that is to provide links to other sites. Directories are an established source of authority in regard to various subject matters. Being listed in directories serves as a level of measure as to the site’s worth.

A Directory Submission Service, in my opinion, is a company that will submit your website to directories. Now, the client must be careful when selecting a company. Many I have seen say something along the lines of “We submit you to over 800,000 Search Engines and Directories”. This statement alone lets me know that they are not trustworthy. We can all fire up ANY free/shareware submitter and boast the same statement. What I LIKE to see, when checking my competition, is a listing of directories they will submit to. And, of course, no one can guarantee inclusion.

There are several ways you can submit your RSS newsfeed to directories. The first, obviously, is by hand. You can get a list of the directories (http://www.rss-, then go to each website and add your feed manually. Since there are many RSS directories, this can take quite a while. To save the webmaster time, two ways of automated directory submission exist.

While the article directory submission site is growing, granted yes, they may not get as much traffic as the big guys. But that means that the visitors that they do get, are more likely to see and READ your article. This means your article can find its way to ezines that want unique and fresh new content.

Search Engine Optimization is a fuzzy art in which the rules and techniques change as quickly as the Internet changes. Nonetheless, a good SEO consulting expert will always be able to help move your website towards better search engine placement, greater visibility, and consequently higher levels of targeted traffic. When it comes to choosing any professional — a dentist, doctor, travel agent or hair stylist, it may take you a couple tries to locate the right SEO professional for your business, but it’s usually better to focus on what you do best, and hire experts who spend all their time staying informed and practicing effective website promotion.

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11 Responses to “Directory Submission: The Key to site Promotion

    avatar Simone says:

    Is a nice article thank you

    avatar SiteProNews: Webmaster News & Resources » Blog Archive » Directory … | Global Bloging Review and Free Download says:

    […] here:  SiteProNews: Webmaster News & Resources » Blog Archive » Directory … admin 14 April 2009 Site Promotion directory-and, directory-effectively-, harness-the, […]

    avatar One Way Links says:

    “We submit you to over 800,000 Search Engines and Directories”

    This really is one hell of statement and if anyone falls for it then it will be the newbies to the web business.

    Those who put up a site and think by just having a website and submitting it to the 3 main search engines that traffic will follow.

    I guess you it really is true that you get what you pay for.

    avatar Harris says:

    I did not know how they work until i read this article.

    I am often told to list my sites and blogs to directories, and of course search engine.

    but so far i work much to get indexed on search engine rather than spending time on directories which mostly ask for reciprocal link, and mostly paid.

    For anyone who cant afford to do directory submission themselves, then a good Directory Submission service is the best solution. Make sure to hire experts to give you yielding results.

    avatar Zub-Online Directory says:

    Good read. It’s sad there’s alot of directories charging money for a regular link now adays though.

    avatar Scott Million says:

    Directory submission is not only an important link building step for your site, it also sends you visitors from the directories which is a bonus. You need to be familiar with directory submission process before you can submit your site properly. You also need to know which directories worth submitting to and which ones are nothing but mere waste of time. Submitting in directories boost up your search engine marketing campaign for your site to have better online visibility.

    Good article, it is always true that back link support help to get top ranking and directory submission is the best way to get one-way back link.

    avatar Health Care says:

    nice article for the community of administrators and web admins.

    avatar Depression says:

    Is directory subission still hot on the web? I was wondering if this has become obsolete alike like exchange.

    avatar deetyasoft says:

    Is directory subission still hot on the web? I was wondering if this has become obsolete alike like exchange.

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