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June 4, 2009

Why People Fail to Make Money Online: How to Achieve Internet Home Business Success

There are a number of reasons why most people fail to make money online, and why their internet home business is doomed to failure from the outset. If you can understand these reasons why 99% that start fail to be successful, and consequently avoid them, then you can be one of those 1% that make a comfortable living working online from home.

Some of the major reasons for failure are outlined below: keep them in mind and do your best to avoid them.

1. A Failure to Plan is a Plan to Fail Although this is a massively abused cliché, it is true nonetheless

To achieve success with an online business you must have a strategic plan and must set targets over various time-frames. Get a sheet of paper and a felt tip marker, and write down in bold letters exactly what your objective is: “I Want To Earn Enough This year to Buy a New Dream House”, or “I Want To Leave The Day Job By Christmas”. Stick in a prominent place where you see it every day.

Set targets for your year, each month and each week. Have a daily list of tasks to be completed to enable you to meet these targets. Review your plan and your targets, and make changes to suit progress: IF YOU FALL BEHIND, THEN WORK LONGER HOURS. Which takes us on to Number 2:

2. It’s Your Job, Not a Pastime

Just because you have no boss to report to doesn’t mean an internet home business is not a job. Many people fail to make money online because they don’t take their business seriously enough: they take time off when they feel like it, finish earlier in the day than they did in their regular job and find it difficult to concentrate on tasks.

You must not fall into this trap, and setting daily tasks and targets to meet will help you to get through the work needed to be successful in making money online. An online business is hard work to start with, although it does get easier. However, if you enter into it thinking it easy money, then you are in for a shock and you will likely fail.

3. Get Rich Quick? No Chance

This leads nicely into the get rich quick syndrome from which many people appear to suffer. Those starting an internet home business looking for quick success and to become very rich in a matter of weeks – or even days – are in for a huge fall. Such people make up a good proportion of the 99% that fail to make money online, and if this is you then change your mindset immediately.

If you knew a foolproof way to get very rich by spending only a couple of hundred dollars would you tell everybody else about it? Of course not! You have no idea how many of these ‘schemes’ involve you paying money to somebody who will tell you their system: to charge people money for a get rich quick scheme that is charging people money for a get rich quick scheme. Nobody has any online program other than telling people to do as they do – collect their money and then tell them to do as you are doing.

Keep completely clear of these because eventually there will an awful lot of losers.

4. Lack of Focus

Information Overload! How many different ways of making money online have you seen advertised? There are literally hundreds. I won’t go into any of them right now, but will just say that a very large proportion of failures is due to a lack focus on any one of them.

Many people spend an awful lot of money paying for loads of eBooks, ways to make money on the internet, ways to avoid failing to make money online, software, mentoring and everything else on offer out there. Rather than settling on one and targeting that they start on many different programs, and when they fins that they are not making anything they leave it and try something else, and so on, and so on.

Target just one and focus on that. Spend all your time and effort on it and you might be very surprised. Because the thing is that most of these programs and ideas actually do work! It’s just that people don’t give them enough time.

If you heard that jigsaw puzzles were fun to do would you buy up twenty of them and then start them all, and finally give them up because they are no good? Of course not: you would complete them one at a time and think that jigsaw puzzles were great, and eventually you would be able to work on twenty at a time. The same is true of online income streams.

5. Where Do I Start?

Lot’s of people just don’t know where to start. They are bewildered by the choices available; by the number of different ways in which the can make money online. There are so many that they don’t know what form their internet home business should take.

Sure, they know that they WANT their own business, and they know that they might even NEED a home business, but the problem is WHAT home business and HOW they find out what is available without getting burnt.

That’s when you should be looking for a site that offers regular information, teaching and product reviews, so that you can be helped by like-minded people that have been exactly where you are now and understands your problems and knows how you feel when that credit card bill comes through the door, but you haven’t the money to pay.

Internet business membership sites are ideal to help in this way, and not only do you normally have permanent information on the website that you can refer to whenever you feel the need, but also special members-only products. They are not gifts, because you pay for them with your monthly membership fee, but nice to get nevertheless.

If you want to make money online, and want to start up a successful internet home business of your own, then a good live online membership site can help you more than any individual eBook or program that is starting to get obsolete the day that you purchased it. Internet home business success is based upon sound knowledge and access to expert help when you most need it.

You now know why people fail. To make sure that you are not one of them visit Marketing Membership for details of a membership offering you detailed help with each of the above problems. If you are not yet ready, then try Online Business Ideas where you will find more reasons why people fail.

10 Responses to “Why People Fail to Make Money Online: How to Achieve Internet Home Business Success

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    When money is made on the internet, the income begins to increase gradually. The work may begin slowly at first, but as your skills increase, your work output and efficiency will increase and so will your ability to make more money. Earning money by working online has many benefits, one of which is working from the comfort of ones own home. This can also backfire on certain people when the commitment isn’t made to be responsible and have the discipline to work from home. The more one increases the effectiveness of work from their home, the more money they stand to make.For someone who is computer and internet savvy, starting an online business is considerably easier than for one who is not as familiar with the internet. The main problem most people have with starting an online business is maintaining focus.

    avatar Why People Fail to Make Money Online: How to Achieve Internet Home Business Success | Axis Web Host says:

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    avatar Dick Dona says:

    I am new to Internet Marketing. Just a few months. I have gotten “stung” once. A “get-rich-quick” scheme which cost little but netted me zero cash in 2 months of placing it on free classified ad sites as instructed! So now I’m careful. I am looking for three items to sell. I don’t think one will be enough, as each will have different interest niches and different customer generating options. Hopefully one will be making money if the others are sleeping and vice versa. I have 2 and need one more and I will put my full efforts into marketing these only. I have spent many hours reading articles, e- books, looking at different options. I don’t want to sell just anything. I want to be interested in what I market. (Perhaps this is a bad strategy, you say. I should concentrate only on selling items that make money….)

    avatar data entry from home says:

    This post gives the very basic, mindset required to succeed online. I think the focus is the most important aspect in this field.

    avatar says:

    People need to find a niche. People need to be original. I’ve seen nothing new the whole time I’ve been in the industry – people taking other people’s ideas or simply putting their own twist on them. Bottom line is, it’s been done before. All they do is create more competition and I believe that is the problem with this world. Everyone is trying to be the first instead of making the world a better place. Greed comes before peace in this world my friends! However, on the flip side, this world makes us need in order to survive. So what comes first, the chicken or the egg?

    People need to get more informed and not overwhelmed by fancy and pretty websites. Getting educated and staying away from Get rich schemes are key.

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