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June 26, 2009

How To Create Profitable Back Links For More Web Traffic

Back links are really important in the world of Search Engine Optimization. If you want your site to do well in search engine listing results you have to have a good page ranking. If you want a higher page ranking you’re going to need to create lots and lots of back links.

It takes time and talent to do this but it will be worth it. Google receives 3,000 search inquiries a second. That’s 180,000 per minute. If you want your share of this avalanche of free business, you will need to work hard and work smart.

Back links are simply a link from somewhere else to your site. It sounds easy to create them and it is easy, but you will need thousands of these links and you will need new ones every month. They may only take a minute to create but to create hundreds or thousands take lots of time and talent.

How Many Links Do You Need?

Lots and lots. You need more than the competitor that is ranked number one with Google. If you do that, you will be number one. Let’s take a look at a few areas and see how many we would need to dominate that field. – Top company in “search engine optimization” had 52,100 links – Top company in “web site design” had 54,200 links – Top Company in “custom T-shirts” had 72,000 links – Top Company in “Tiffany Lamps” had 825

As you can see, the more competitive the area, the more links it takes to be number one. Plan to add as many links as you can every month for as long as you stay in business. Remember that your competitors are adding new links every month too, so the number of links you need keeps growing.

Beware Of Short Cuts To Success

As you surf the web, you will see sites that advertise short cuts to link creation. They offer to sell you hundreds of links. As you evaluate these services, realize that the quality of your links is important to your success. The sites you link to must concern themselves with similar topics to your site or they may be disregarded by the search engines. Also, the quality of the linking site is important. If the site is known for spam or porn, you may be seriously penalized search engine rankings just for being associated with it. Buying back links is fraught with danger. You will be far more successful if you actually chose the sites you want to link to.

Using Articles To Create Links

Writing informative articles is a great way to create back links. You can use these articles on your site to sell visitors and publish them to article directories. Every site that publishes your article will create a back link to your site. Other sites may pick up your article and publish it creating “viral” publishing and more links. Someone in your organization should be responsible for creating this content every month or you can hire an outside firm to do this work for you.

Using Video To Create Links

Another great way to create links and sell as well is to create video clips that tell your story or sell your product in an interesting way. You can use these clips to sell on your site and you can publish them to video sites like,, and many others. These get great rankings in the search engines. Someone in your organization should be responsible for creating this content every month or you can hire an outside firm to do this work for you.

Using Social Networks To Create Links

Social networks like are the best ways to create qulaity links from poular sites. Myspace is one of the most visited sites on the web, so links from it make your site rank as very popular. To create links from social sites, open an account , link to others with similar interests, and make comments that include a link to your site.

Using Blogs To Create Links Blogs want comments from readers. Visit blogs on similar topics to yours and on any popular blogs, leave a comment on a posting. Your comment should have a link to your site. This should not be just self serving but should continue the dialog. For example, if your site deals with web marketing and you see a blog article on meta tags, you might make a comment like, “excellent article with good points. I also found good meta tag tools at” One great way to find good blogs is to set up a Google alert for all keywords you use and you will be notified anytime a post is made with those key words. Next, simply go to the blog and make a comment.

That Sounds Like A Lot Of Work

It is a huge amount of work but just keep remembering those 180,000 inquiries per second. If you do not have time to do this, don’t despair. You can outsource the work to companies like ours and get the job done. Outsourcing this work is very cost effective as it allows you to keep selling and managing while someone else creates the links that drive your site to the top of the inquiry list.

This article discusses how to create profitable back links for generating web traffic through content creation. It disucsses using artilces, videos, blogs and social networking to create web traffic and successfully create web traffic though mweb marketing that does not cost time. Many companies outsource this work to firms like ours. Visit or call Carl Davidson at 800-621-3984 Ext 4150. This article was produced by Sales And Management Solutions Inc.

15 Responses to “How To Create Profitable Back Links For More Web Traffic

    avatar Scott says:

    Yes, links are super important, but simply having more links than the #1 ranking website certainly does not guarantee #1 listings, there is much more to it than that. It comes down to other factors about the link such as anchor text, and the sites you are getting the links from – the overall quality, not just the quantity. More often than not, the #1 ranking site is not the top 10 listing with the most links.

    Don’t forget about on-site SEO and other major factors. Yes links are extremely important for most industries, but very seldom will links alone be enough for a #1 ranking – at least when it comes to competitive phrases.

    avatar bsboseee says:

    Really Back links are important factor that help in improving our listing in search engine results. We should take care from where we got our link. We should have links from higher PR than us..

    avatar Irfan says:

    a am agree with u that links are super important, but simply having more links than the #1 ranking website certainly does not guarantee #1 listings, there is much more to it than that it,but not the lonks everything

    avatar kittuk says:

    ofcourse links are everything..but are a important part.. i hate submitting a beginner im still struggling wid this boring banal job of submiting links to directories.but social bookmarking sites are fun 2 submit to, but i DIDNT know thousands of links r also required.. but its d ones linking from authority site that matter the most. isnt it?

    This is interesting but will not create 52,000 backlinks, let’s face it.

    Also, how did you check the number of backlinks from those sites?

    Thanks! Rob

    avatar peg says:

    I know it takes alot of work and if your not willing to put in the time and work for your site, well, then it just isn’t worth the time to even have a site.

    If your serious about creating a site and maintaining it to gain more visitors/customers then it is a job that requires commitment, hard work and alittle bit of luck.

    Just get yourself out there as much as you can; make a point of submitting your site daily and commenting on other sites that you have an interest in and can also contribute something.

    I completely agree with the dedication aspect, I’m just addressing the mathematical reality of say 70,000 back links.

    Assuming we are not Wikipedia, Amazon, CNN, Yahoo and the like, the ONLY way to get 70k back links is with some automated/paid/viral funny business. (probably black hat)

    Even if spread over 10 years, this is 7,000 links per year which is 583 links per MONTH! For 10 YEARS!

    No amount of hard work and good will will produce this.

    Of course, I could be wrong.


    avatar IBL Builder says:

    How on earth was this allowed to be published on such an authority site as Site Pro News:

    “Lots and lots. You need more than the competitor that is ranked number one with Google. If you do that, you will be number one.”

    Its utter, utter rubbish!

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    avatar colin n atkinson says:

    HI, MAY I PUT 10 CENTS WORTH INTO THIS DISCUSSION ? A couple of months ago I knew absolutely zilch about the workings of a web site, then I decided to go on line as it were. so I researched the field of SEOs ( of course on the net)
    I found that some seem genuine, lots were useless, and loads more were scammy.
    So taking bits and pieces of what I gathered to be reasonably good type advices from differing SEOs, I built my site MY WAY, and its not doing too bad in the search results either.

    The trouble with most web Masters? is:
    That they seem to try to implement every bit of advice ? that appears on somebody elses SEO site.( be this advice good or not )they also definitely seem to be eternally Looking for that goose that lays the golden egg. Well, its just not there!
    look at any advices given and pick the roses from the thorns, and use your own initatives (if you have any) But youll most probably find in the end analysis that youve incorporated too much of everybody elses crap into your site in your attempts to raise your sites profile, and this possibly only harms instead of heals your rating.
    As for links, a site can be good with thousands,or it can be good with only one!!!
    regards Colin.

    avatar Nitendra says:

    Great article.Now i know how people increase their PR. Before i thought increasing a pr is a big task,but now i don’t think so. Thanks to you.

    avatar hire staff says:

    Yes the backlink is important all those are great. Great article thanks?

    The raw number of links required these days is getting astonomical.

    Use YHOO and check backlinks on high performing (SEO wise) sites. Some of those numbers will blow you away.


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