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September 9, 2009

Blogs and Forums: Only Comment if You Have Something Meaningful to Say!

Posting and adding comments on blogs and forums really needs to be a fundamental part of your Internet marketing approach. Yet again, we can see the influence of networking at work in this field, and similar key points apply – be consistent, be interesting and always avoid the “hard sell”.

Whatever niche you’re in, there are forums galore out there. Here you can meet people who are actively and intently interested in your subject, and have taken the time to become a member of the particular forum because they value the information. Where could you find an audience with better potential? While there are numerous forums for each particular field, there are even more independent blogs, created by people who are also interested in your speciality. You may think of these individuals as rivals in many instances, but that shouldn’t mean that you can’t engage with them for general marketing reasons.

One thing to always remember when commenting on blogs or forums is that you should consider the power of the content that you post as opposed to any potential benefit that you could receive from links. This is very important. Some people undertake a commenting strategy with the sole purpose of getting back links. In some cases this can be technically flawed anyway, but you had better make sure that the content posted next to your individual or corporate name is good!

Blog and forum commenting is highly recommended as part of an overall strategy. As is the case with blog production in general, or with social media network interaction, the material that you publish will be read and its composition judged. You don’t want to be posting irrelevant comments, or comments that are designed just to get your name out there. It’s largely pointless just writing “great post”!

Blog owners will usually look at comments with great interest, and forums are almost always moderated by motivated individuals. In every case, whatever you write will have an impact. If you have something contrary to say, make sure that it’s constructive. It’s not necessarily wrong to be negative, as long as it can be seen as a positive addition to the discussion in view. Being negative just for the sake of it, or to create some kind of viral controversy isn’t really a good overall marketing technique for you.

You should note that some blogs have installed a “no follow” link policy, which means that if you have a link associated to your post, either in the signature or otherwise, the search engines are being told not to score the link. Most experts in this area recommend that you give more attention to the content of your posts and make sure that they are informative and contributory, rather than worrying about a potential back link to your site.

Start a strategy of posting on active blogs and prominent forums connected with your niche. Use your competitor’s sites in a creative way to build your credibility as well. Remember, as is the case with many Internet marketing strategies, a subtle yet consistent approach is key.

Michelle Dale is Chief Executive of Virtual Miss Friday, an adept and highly-proficient Virtual Assistant Service which works closely with enterprising people who really want to succeed in their chosen field. If you’d like to learn more about online business building success strategies that are tailored to your needs, check out the Campaign for FREE Virtual Assistance right away!

10 Responses to “Blogs and Forums: Only Comment if You Have Something Meaningful to Say!

    I’ve tried blog comments and forum posting in the past and had only a little bit of luck with it. And expansion of this article and how it helped to build your blog in to the great one it has become would be welcome to those of us who follow you daily. Your site has encouraged me to get more involved in blogging and actually expand my blog from a narrow range of interests into a broad range of interests with longer and more in interesting content.

    If you see this as something you would want to write about I’m sure there are some of us who are waiting to read it.

    avatar Blogs and Forums: Only Comment if You Have Something Meaningful to Say! | Easy Street Interactive Blog says:

    […] Post from: SiteProNews: Webmaster News & Resources%%Blogs and Forums: Only Comment if You Have Something Meaningful to Say!%% […]

    I think it kind of divides on how broad an appeal your offering has. For instance, I am developing an online letting agency for real estate. It is more difficult for me than, say, a general consultancy, to develop comments that fit and add value, whereas I have recently been getting much better results from initiating my own blogs and articles on topics such as letting, setting fair rental prices and the state of the real estate market. However, there is a route for everyone to show expertise – or perhaps, if there isn’t, you need to be reviewing if you actually have sufficient value add to have a realistic business!

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    avatar Courtland says:

    I like this article. Never tried it yet but maybe it will work for me or maybe not.

    avatar Sally Dillon says:

    On my own blog, I want to encourage interactivity so I allow visitors to include a backlink along with their comments. Allowing Gravatars to appear is also a nice way to encourage comments. My blog is new so I don’t have a lot of comments yet and when I get one, I get REALLY excited!

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    Content is most probably the biggest factor that could make or break your goal in internet marketing. Some people fail to take notice of it.

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