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October 8, 2009

You Are NOT George Clooney – So Get Your Social Networking Act In Gear!

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When George Clooney was recently asked about his take on Facebook at the Toronto Film Festival, his response was short: “I’d rather have a prostate exam than a Facebook page.”

Now, that’s probably understandable when movie studios (his potential clients) have his number on a speed dial, and pesky paparazzi (freebie seekers and unqualified prospects) chase after his every move.

But unless you already have more prospects and high quality clients than you and your business can handle, your approach to Social Networking should be drastically different.

Frankly, a little over a year ago I considered online networking a total waste of time. Fortunately, I was able to recognize how wrong I was. And I wasn’t the only one that had a change of hearts on this.

After Dell revealed they generated a cool million dollars in extra sales in 2008, (ahm, make it a cool $3 million by June’09!), many other companies large and small started paying attention to this social networking “fad”!

Just consider a few of these facts:

– Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social networks initially considered online hang-out places for kids and teenagers are now attracting a much more demographically diverse crowd. – Big brand names, like Ford, WholeFoods, Comcast, IBM, Dell, Southwest Airlines, and many, many more are establishing a strong presence on social networking hubs like Twitter and Facebook. – Facebook membership has just passed the 300 million mark (that’s nearly the population of USA!) and Twitter is marching towards 18 million users by year’s end! That’s a lot of potential customers! – Although, started with college kids in mind, over 50% of Facebook’s members now are over 25 years old, over 55% are women (the new buying power), 51% have an annual income of $75K, with 33% claiming to earn $100K or more. – Finally, Facebook has become one of most trusted companies in America, and people spend three times more time there than on Google!

Got your attention now?

Good, let me give you just five basic tips on putting this massive connection power to your advantage.

1. Get Started!
Open an account on every social media and social networking platform you come across. Even if you are not actively using all of them, (which you never will) you should reserve your own name, the name of your company, your brand, or your key products, because those are like real estate locations – once the prime spots are gone, they are gone! For example, I have the vanity url – but there are at least six other Adam Urbanskis who will never be able to grab that link! I also have, and many more like this – are you getting the point?

2. Get Involved!
Just opening the accounts won’t do anything for you. You must be actively involved. Choose the best three platforms for you – where you can find the largest population of your ideal clients and it’s the easiest to connect with them. Each platform provides search tools that enable you to find people you already know, current customers, as well as hubs where most of your ideal potential clients already hang out, so you can become visible to a lot of them very quickly. And start connecting and talking! But first…

3. Listen, Listen, Listen More!
The most important thing you must remember is that social networking is NEVER ABOUT YOU! It’s ABOUT THEM! So don’t listen twice as much as your talk (I mean “post”), listen 10 times as much! Find out what the current topics are. What people are concerned about, what information and solutions they are looking for. Then make your posts relevant to other people’s needs! Here is a hint – nearly all of social networking services and tools, at least the basic version of them, is free! So don’t go out there pitching your high-priced wares. Give, give, and give some more first! If your focus is on getting and taking, you will get a big fat NADA from your networking efforts. But if you focus on giving, you’ll be abundantly rewarded in return.

4. Get Attention!
Following all the rules is for sissies! So don’t be a social networking pansy – have an opinion (in fact, have lots of opinions on everything!) and voice it loud and often! People admire people with opinions – even if they don’t agree with you, they will stick around to watch what will happen next. Social networking experts are quick to dispense all their “must not break” rules (heck, I’m doing it right now!), but the fact is, this is such a new media that most of the effective approaches are still to be discovered. And the only way to do so is by stepping on some toes and breaking some norms. If you want a “safe” way to practice this, follow my PET formula: polarize, entertain, teach! – POLARIZE. Whether you piss people off or make them love you, they will pay attention. If they are indifferent, they will leave! – ENTERTAIN.

People will always choose fun over education. If people laugh w/ you, they like you… Plus, when they laugh – they learn! – TEACH. Gary Veynerchuk says “give good s#!%.” And he gets how PET works, because that phrase rubs some people the wrong way, it entertains, and it teaches! Peeps love good tips they can use right away – so share some! 5. Automate! The purpose of social networking is to CONNECT WITH PEOPLE on a very personal level, still there are some tools that can help you impress your fans with your “omnipotent online presence” and get more networking done in less time. RSS blog feeds,,,,,, and are just a few of a plethora of tools and services – most of them free – that will kick your online socializing into high gear! Here is my final take on it. And I really want you to get it! In April of 2008, from a stage at one of my boot camps, I called people who use Twitter “lazy idiots with no life” (yeah, how is that for polarizing, huh?) But at the same boot camp earlier this year I had my Twitter networking activities to thank for clients from Australia, Singapore, Netherlands, Spain, England, Hungary, and a few other countries. Needless to say, I changed my tune. I’ll leave it to your imagination as to what I now call professionals and entrepreneurs who refuse to recognize the client attracting power of social networking. Better yet – stop wondering, and if you aren’t involved yet – get started now!

2009 Marketing Mentors. All Rights Reserved. The author, Adam Urbanski, teaches service professionals and business owners how to develop better marketing strategies to increase sales and profits. His website offers more how-to articles and free tips to create a winning marketing action plan at

4 Responses to “You Are NOT George Clooney – So Get Your Social Networking Act In Gear!

    avatar bigmikecraft says:

    George Clooney has made a lot of money off those of us who try to use Facebook or any of the others. George, a word to the wise, I was Meyer Lansky’s last enforcer and I know where Lake Como is! Wise up, you got yours so don’t be or think you are a wise guy. Be nice! Sincerely bigmikecraft

    avatar Rebecca says:

    Nice article Adam. I did particularly think your suggestion about getting on all the social media before the names disappear is very good. Apparently I share my own name with a lady who manages a theatre on Broadway, but she isn’t into social networking.

    As for the rest of us needing the kind of publicity George Clooney or any other the other movie icons, you are absolutely right.

    Rebecca’s Resource

    avatar Bhawna Garg says:

    I agree with you Adam. I am a Digital marketing Consultant and have recently created Facebook and Twitter accounts for some of my clients. I see their traffic moving up , in the first monthly only, they have started getting 8 hits a day on an average.

    No one ever minds some extra traffic, especially when it is so focused.

    avatar Daniel Lovejoy says:

    I still equate social networking with social diseases. I don’t want to be a part of either one.
    I have a facebook and a myspace, neither used and created for me by someone else.
    But, I’m an old fuddy duddy who’s been working on computers since 1978.
    I didn’t like Disco, don’t like “Hip-Hop”, or “rap”, I don’t wear “fashion”, and I don’t watch any of the so called reality shows,(I don’t watch most of the crap they put on TV and Movies.) I know who george cloony is, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a complete show that he’s been in.

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