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October 22, 2009

How to Make a Website Successful

When doing business on the Internet, there are many ways in which you can make a website successful. Although the look of your website is important, fancy websites don’t make sales. There is much more to creating a quality website. To make a website successful, you must create a website that will be of interest to your target market and make them want to visit your website over and over again. In addition, your website should lead your visitors to take the action you desire, such as joining your mailing list, or making a purchase.

Selecting a Website’s Niche

The first step toward how to make a website successful, will be to target your website for one specific niche. For example, if you are designing a website about wine, everything within your website should relate to wine.

Selecting a Website’s Keyword Phrase

You must also select the most relevant keyword phrase for each web page. A keyword phrase is two or more words that best describe your web page. For example, if your web page is about ‘making wine,’ your best keyword phrase would be ‘wine making.’ You should use your keyword phrase a few times within your web page, as this will enable the search engines to determine what the website is about. This is a very important step to make a website successful.

Using HTML Heading Tags

When you begin writing your content, it is very important that you use the HTML H1 heading tag with your main title at the top of your web page. In addition, use th HTML H2 tags for your sub-titles. This is very important, as some search engines place relevance on the text displayed with heading tags. As the default text for the H1 heading tag is very large, you may want to use CSS style sheets to display the heading tags in the font style and size you prefer.

Using META Tags Within a Web page

Another step to help make a website successful is to include META tags between the HEAD tags of your web page. META tags help the search engines to know what keywords are relevant to the web page. They are also used to tell the search engines what the web page is about. Many search engines will display this description within the search results.

Backgrounds and Text

It is always best to display a web page with a white background and black text, as this will make the text easy to read. Distracting backgrounds will make the text hard to read. A good rule of thumb is to just use common sense and keep your website simple. This alone is a great way to help make a website successful.

Animated Graphics

If you’re using animated graphics, it is important that you use them sparingly. Graphics that continually flash are VERY annoying and may prevent your visitors from returning to your website in the future.

Navigational Links

It is very important to include good navigational links on every page. They should be displayed at the top, bottom, left or right side of your web page. In addition, your visitors should be able to get to any web page within your website within four clicks.

Web page Layout

Always be consistent with your web page design. This is a very important step to help make a website successful. The layout for your website should be the same on each page. If you make it different, your visitors will become confused. In addition, it will make your website appear to be unprofessional. Your website design should include the same layout, logo, and navigation setup on each page.

Spelling and Grammar

Always make sure you proof read and spell check your web pages for errors. It is also very important that your webpage doesn’t have any broken images or links.

Important Web pages

When you launch your website, it is very important that you include the following web pages:

About – The ‘About’ page is used to tell your visitors about you and/or your company.

Privacy – The ‘Privacy’ page is used to let your visitors know what you do with their personal information, such as their email address.

Terms and Conditions – The ‘Terms and Conditions’ page should be displayed on your website for your protection.

Site Map – A ‘Site Map’ is used to help the search engines index your website more easily.

You can learn more about all of these pages by doing a search through your favorite search engine. They are very important and will help make a website successful.

Website Interactivity

Another way to make a website successful is to make the website interactive. This can be done by including a targeted forum that compliments your website, a form in which they can subscribe to an ezine, a feedback form to enable them to give their opinion, or an informative blog in which visitors can comment.

Web Browsers and Screen Resolutions

When you begin designing your web page, it is HIGHLY recommended that you install the most popular web browsers on your computer. This will enable you to see how your website will display in different browsers. You will find that your website may look great in one browser and terrible in another. It would be wise to design your website to display properly in Firefox and then it should display properly in Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.

It is also important that you view your website through different screen resolutions. You can either open your webpage in your browser and then change your computer’s screen resolution, or there are website’s online that you can visit, such as Any Browser, to test your website.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you can begin to make a website successful in no time.

Shelley Lowery – If you want to learn how to make a website successful, visit for a wealth of free website design tutorials, video tutorials, HTML codes, JavaScript codes, CSS codes, tips, tools and resources.

38 Responses to “How to Make a Website Successful

    avatar David Jackson says:

    Great article, Shelley! I especially agree with you about having your website focus on a singular niche. The wine analogy was a good one.

    avatar collection agencies says:

    This is great information for the basics in starting a website. Following the above mentioned conditions will result in a real nice website that will bennefit many users.

    avatar Brad West says:

    Thanks Shelley,

    This is a great check list for your sites. I always seem to forget the different browser thing especially IE that takes like forever to load. Getting people interactive is another deal in its self. We just keep posting good information and people come and take it there is no stopping to post for most of them.
    That is OK though
    we have a great little index driver for our sites.
    Brad West ~ onomoney

    avatar Pro says:

    Honestly speaking… I felt this was a very novice article. No webmaster, no SEO professinal would get any benifit from this article at all. This was just, not even a common words. Such thigns can be written by anyone at antime.

    I sincerely disapprove such articles to be promoted.

    avatar Chris says:

    This is the dumbest seo article I’ve seen in years. All the very most basic stuff, all aparantly ‘very important, even the bits that aren’t important at all.

    avatar Courtland says:

    Thank for this article. Its an informative article especially for newbies trying to get their feet wet in the web design industry.

    i love your article, its really useful for people like me who know nothing about blogging and are just getting started!Keep blogging.

    avatar Mads Pedersen says:

    That was good reading, thank you

    avatar John says:

    I read a few topics. I respect your work and added blog to favorites.

    Yes! I read every word of your article carefully. Makes super sense. Thank you!

    avatar Tomer Guez says:

    > Always make sure you proof read
    > and spell check your web pages for

    A good point. Incidentally, I use a very good spell check program, Spell Check Anywhere (SpellCheckAnywhere.Com). I works in all programs, including blogs, and comes with optional grammar check. Might want to look at it.

    avatar John Grein says:

    How to Make a Website Successful was a very infomative and helpful article. It covers things for the newbie to do as well as the seasoned pro

    avatar Mitra says:

    I have to say that your article is really useful and you’ve explained everything in a way that make understanding easier. Thanks.

    avatar Denise says:

    Good article. I just got done building my own website (1st time) with the tools from Homestead. I wish I could have someone go thru and “grade” the site though. There are so many rules to go by i wonder if there isn’t a service available that can do this? Thanks for an informative article.

    it is very good.

    thank you .

    avatar Dumaran says:

    It seems that this article is emphasizing heavily on how a website should look although the author also has pointed out grammar and spelling. What he may have overlooked is the quality of the content. But, he actually did it on this article itself! This article is a good “read”! This is how a website should be and, of course, its other articles on its blogs and articles submitted to article sites!

    Yes, fancy websites don’t make money but they can attract! Speaking about first impressions last! The most important thing in making money online, in making your website make money are good-quality readable and not-spammy content! That’s what Google wants these days!

    avatar Joshua says:

    Just after reading the first few paragraphs, all I can say is that if you really want to have a successful online business, you should know your niche. If you know what your niche is and you have great interest in it, you can be able to easily sell what you’re selling to yourself. That’s right. Sell to yourself first and believe in your product. Once this is done, it won’t be hard for you to convince people to buy your products. Concentrate on your niche and make relevant and valuable articles. You’ll do just fine!

    avatar Sarah Jones says:

    I think you forgot to put in relevant articles, articles that can really make the visitors get very interested and turn them into buying customers. But, I’m sure that you just forgot them but you will agree to this, anyway!

    avatar Lucas Patel says:

    Yes it is true that too-fancy websites won’t really sell anything! Sometimes, people gets too amazed at your website and they will forget what they’re doing there. But, anyway, if you ask me, to make a website successful is to optimize it and article-writing can really help!

    avatar John Ellwood says:

    Yes, I agree to what you said like: “To make a website successful, you must create a website that will be of interest to your target market….” But, it must also be your interest, otherwise, nothing good will come out of it, agree?

    For pictures or images, make sure that you also give it the proper filename. Google will also crawl and index filenames of images. make sure that it suits the keyword of your niche.

    avatar Laura Hunter says:

    It’s really very important to write as many articles as you can that will have backlinks to your site(s) and make sure these articles are keyword-rich!

    avatar Jeremy Roy says:

    I think everything about how to make a website successful is right here from creating it, designing it, developing it and optimizing it! Thanks for this list! This will remind me on what to do on how to have a successful website!

    It is also important to know that making a website mobile-friendly can also earn extra dollars since most people these days are going from one place to another bringing along their own mobile devices.

    One of the things that really makes a website successful is to make the websites mobile-friendly. Do you know why?

    Today, you need to use lots of keywords and not just one or two. You have to include a lot of common keywords on your articles and make sure they are related to your niche.

    avatar saman says:

    thank regards. your article is very useful and you’ve explained everything in a way that make understanding easier.

    avatar ثبت اختراع says:

    Very nice. Thank you

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    interesting ! Thanks for sharing it

    interesting ! Thanks for sharing it

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