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December 10, 2009

On Page Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a fine science. Tweaking, changing, and measuring is all part of the ongoing optimization process. SEO truly is a process that requires constant monitoring and attention. In order for a website to perform well, its managers and webmasters must adapt their SEO techniques as the search engine algorithms change.

Use the following “on-page” optimization techniques to improve your website’s search engine ranking…

1. Keywords In Domain Names

Include important keywords in webpage domain names and sub-domain names, which can improve the page ranking for those specific keywords or phrases.

2. Keywords In Meta Tags

Including keywords in the Title and Description Meta Tags for the webpage will also help search engine ranking for that specific keyword or phrase.

3. Keywords In Headers On Page

Including keywords in the H1 and H2 Header tags, and using “bold” to emphasize words deemed important, will also assist search optimization.

4. Quality Of Content

Generating quality content that uses keywords “naturally” in the text will help search engines contextualize your website.

5. Quantity Of Content

The content on a webpage must be a reasonable length. It is recommended that articles contain 400-600 words, and standard text on a webpage should contain a minimum of 250 words.

6. Page Displayed Using HTML

The webpage should use HTML to display the website’s content. This will insure that the webpages are easily spidered by the search engines. Avoid using complex scripting or frames, as those features will inhibit the search engine spider’s ability to follow links and will limit your SEO benefit.

7. Themed

The content of a website, and the pages within the website, should all be related.

8. No Broken Links

Broken links tell search engines that a website is not current or well-maintained, so be sure to keep your links up-to-date and valid. Remove any links that no longer function properly.

9. Outgoing Links To Good Neighborhoods

Be sure that any outgoing links to external sources are linking only to reputable websites.

10. Domain Extension

When registering a domain name, try to stick with the standard conventions. For example, .com, .edu, .org, and .net are the most desirable. If you are targeting a specific region, regional domains can also be helpful in local searches.

11. Age Of Domain

The domain age can influence its “trustworthiness”, and older domains typically gain more favor with search engines.

12. Navigation

The website’s navigation can also impact search ranking. Create sub-directories or folders that contain related groupings of pages. This is common with directory structures, and is an architecture that search engines are familiar with and tend to favor.

13. Image ALT Tags

Use keywords in the ALT tag attribute to describe the purpose of any image or graphic located on a webpage.

All “On-Page” optimization factors are under the control of the webmaster. “Off-Page” optimization, on the other hand, is not nearly as easy to control. Read “Optimizing Optimization, Part 2: Off-Page Optimization” for additional details regarding off-page SEO techniques.

Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for RecordForAll audio recording and editing software.

10 Responses to “On Page Search Engine Optimization

    avatar Medstore says:

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    avatar Stress Management Sydney says:

    I have submitted my site to Google. How do I have to wait before Google assigns a page rank to my site?i am waiting for your positive reply thanks.

    avatar Marc says:

    Once you have the required traffic from the SEO you should employ a web analytics provider such as to optimise your conversions by seeing exactly what your customers are doing on your site.

    I’m wondering if the domain extension in foreign countries ranks higher in that countries search engine query results. Thanks

    avatar St patrick’s day party says:

    I have a client He is having an e Commerce website actually there are many product are in his Website. I want to optimize that website. Those products I can not put on the home page. Product pages are dynamically created which will not cached by Google. How can I introduce to those products in Search Engine or how can user come to know?
    Help me any idea suggestion are welcome.

    avatar prayboy2 says:

    In my website i implemented SEO Concept..I registered My Domain name in the site at low cost

    avatar m65 says:

    very nice written article. good read thanks for the share

    Those products I can not put on the home page. Product pages are dynamically created which will not cached by Google.

    SEO plays an vital role in website

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