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January 12, 2010

Reader Rescue : Does a longer domain registration period affect ranking?

Hi Kalena

I was just wondering, does a longer URL registration period have a positive effect on a site’s search engine ranking?



Hi Louisa

Google has confirmed in the past that both domain age and ownership history may impact the way a site is handled by the algorithm, albeit slightly. But what you’re asking is whether registering a domain for a longer period of time makes a difference to the site’s ranking?

I haven’t researched this for other search engines, but I recall that a couple of people have asked this question in the Google Webmaster forum in the past.

Google staff member John Mu responded that the length of a domain’s registration period does NOT impact how Google ranks the site. As he states, many registrars don’t publish expiration details and so if Google can’t adequately determine when a site expires, they can’t compare it to other sites so they don’t include that as a ranking factor. Besides which, a registration period for a domain doesn’t reveal much about a site.

The content on the domain is much more important from a search engine perspective than how many years it has been registered for.



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3 Responses to “Reader Rescue : Does a longer domain registration period affect ranking?

    avatar Mark says:

    I agree, domain age is definitely a factor but if domain ownership duration is a factor it is undoubtedly a very small one. For example, an aged domain associated with a site for major van lines is going to have more authority than a new domain, but if you were to gain ownership of an aged domain you would probably still benefit from the domain’s age.

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