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February 21, 2010

10 Tactical Online Marketing Techniques

Internet Marketing has many different aspects, and the techniques you use could influence your product sales greatly. Here are 10 Tactical Online Marketing Techniques that will definitely help you increase your web site traffic and sales.

Tactical Online Marketing Technique #1:

Tell your prospects that an event is coming up that rarely happens that often and they need to take advantage of it while it’s here because it may be awhile before it happens again. For example:

  • You could be re-releasing a limited number of products that you only released once before for a limited number of days or hours;
  • You could be launching a one on one mentoring program to a limited number of students and last year it sold out in so many hours or minutes.

Tactical Online Marketing Technique #2:

Tell your prospects all the great parts about the product you are promoting by writing a product review for it. For example:

  • Compare how your life was ‘before and after’ you owned the product like the benefits you received that you couldn’t get before or goals you finally accomplished.
  • You could tell them what you like most about the product and one minor negative thing so your review sounds more honest.

Tactical Online Marketing Technique #3:

Tell your prospects about a news related story that would persuade people to purchase your product. For example:

  • It could be about how bad the economy is and why they should be finding new income streams for themselves and their family.
  • It could be about how storms destroyed an entire neighborhood and why they should have some kind of house or life insurances in case it happens to them.

Tactical Online Marketing Technique #4:

Tell your prospects about people who criticize different strategies you use to market or promote your business and follow up with a persuasive reason for them to buy. For example:

  • I got an e-mail the other day that stated I’m trying to con you into opting in to my e-zine with a ton of no cost, high valued gifts.
  • I received a comment on my blog that I use urgency scared tactics to persuade people to buy and it’s true – only 30 copies out of 100 are left. I’m being totally honest and have proof.

Tactical Online Marketing Technique #5:

Tell your prospects that they are only so much time or so many obstacles away from benefiting from your product. For example:

  • It will only take you 3 minutes or less to order and then you can begin to finally reach your goals.
  • You are only a click away from pulling out your credit and ending your weight problem forever.

Tactical Online Marketing Technique #6:

Tell your prospects that you are going to give them something free that your competition charges for. For example:

  • My competition charges for this report but I’m going to give it to you for no cost because I’m hoping my generosity will persuade you to buy the OTO.
  • I don’t feel it’s right to charge my customers to submit their classified ad to my web site like others do, because repeat traffic is what builds a business.

Tactical Online Marketing Technique #7:

Tell your prospects what your business or product has in common with another popular, branded businesses. For example:

  • Just like ABCXYZ Company we have 24hour, 7 days a week customer service and tech support so you will never be without help.
  • The quality of our product is just like ABCXYZ’s furniture, it’s very stable, uses oak wood and has a lasting finish.

Tactical Online Marketing Technique #8:

Tell your prospects that you are creatively picking a certain number of people to buy and use your product before it gets promoted to the general public. For example:

  • I’m going to be selecting just 30 apprentices who are willing to learn how to use my product to lose weight fast.
  • My partners and I have decided to pick 20 beta testers to test and experiment with our product so we can get case studies before the big launch.

Tactical Online Marketing Technique #9:

Tell your prospects tips, strategies or secrets inside your ad copy that will persuade them to buy your product so they can actually use the tip. For example:

  • Tip #1: When you are cutting your hedges with our new trimmer turn the setting to 5 so it will give your plants a clean cut look.
  • Strategy # 4: While you are at the seminar, at the bar and at dinner is one of the best places to meet and find new joint venture partners.
  • Secret #2: When designing your banner ad you can click on ‘animate’ to make any object move in your banner.
  • Technique # 3: While you are chatting with new potential dating partners, ask them plenty of questions to show you are interested in them.

Tactical Online Marketing Technique #10:

Tell your prospects something that they may be doing wrong or that’s delaying them from gaining their desired benefit that they might not even realize. For example:

  • Most people don’t realize they are gaining weight from these so called low calorie, low fat foods.
  • Many people don’t know that they could be making their shyness worse by staying away from certain social scenes.

Happy marketing!

D. Adams is the owner of Purple Rose Cashware ( ) – a website offering Internet Marketing products and resources to help you make money online. Check out our FREE Resources today!

8 Responses to “10 Tactical Online Marketing Techniques

    avatar David Davis says:

    I have put a link on my blog to this article thank you very much.

    avatar Jackson Thomas says:

    The internet marketing techniques given are very useful. Nowadays people prefer buying products through online rather than offline.

    avatar Mstardom says:

    Thanks a lot for this one Adam. Being successful on the internet takes diligent research and study, and your article definitely helps a lot in that regard.

    avatar aremu says:

    thanks for the detail info

    avatar Gift Basket Jewels says:

    I will definitely put some of these techniques to work for me. I particularly like the way #7 is worded.

    Thanks for the useful info!

    What I liked most about this post is that the research behind the writing seems to have been thoroughly executed with rewards for both professionals and amateurs alike. A deeper dive into this topic would be greatly appreciated by many I’m sure. online marketing company

    avatar D. Adams says:

    Thank you all for the great comments!

    For those of you who would like more tips, we have a free ebook of “50 Tactical Marketing Techniques”,
    and a paid version of “150 Tactical Marketing Techniques” with Master Resell Rights.

    Planning is the most important part of any marketing strategy. Online Marketing may be Successful with Careful Planning, So we must pay attention to plant before start.

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