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April 19, 2010

Online Marketing: Can You Achieve SEO with a WordPress Site?

Experts in online marketing consulting emphasize a primary goal: getting your site indexed and ranked with the search engines.

Not long ago, they would have said a blog might help you do that. They likely wouldn’t have recommended that a blog serve as your main site.

Thanks to advances in content management software, however, that’s no longer the case. The line between conventional websites and blogs has all but disappeared.

“Blogging” programs have evolved into some of the most powerful and flexible content management systems available. One of the leading packages, WordPress, is completely free.

WordPress For Content Management

Sites built with WordPress can easily include static pages and sections. Technically, you will have a “blog,” but it can be made to appear virtually indistinguishable from any other site on the Web.

For new website owners who want to manage their own sites without learning code, content management systems like WordPress are particularly attractive.

Rather than compromising on your available SEO options by running your site with blog software, you are actually gaining some unique and affordable SEO advantages and opportunities.

Effortless Structure

Content management systems allow material to be easily categorized. Search engines love structure. Categorization options will allow you to keep a more orderly site that will naturally perform better with the search engine spiders.

By establishing and sticking to categories, you can effectively group relevant material and keep up with keywords and anchor text you’re optimizing. This includes:

  • URLs with anchor text. Blog software makes it easier to create “crawlable” URLs that include your keyword phrases and anchor text.
  • Relevant internal links. By grouping material in categories, you can make sure your internal links are relevant and doing the best job of dispersing PageRank across your site.

(All reliable online marketing consulting professionals stress the importance of relevant internal linking.)

Creating Fresh Content

Software like WordPress was specifically designed to handle the frequent creation of content. By regularly updating a portion of your site, either as a “news” section or as conventional blog commentary, you will:

– get crawled more often by the search engines,
– cultivate a regular readership to generate “word of mouth” traffic,
– more readily attract inbound links,
– and develop site “authority” faster.

The “blogosphere” is a social environment. Studies show that blogs trade links much more often than conventional websites.

By including a “blogroll” or list of links to relevant sites in your sidebar, you will find that other bloggers organically return the favor. Inbound links bring PageRank to your site and create a greater perception of site authority.

Traffic And Links Via Comments

Commenting plays a large role in link sharing on blog sites. Comments and trackback features further encourage interaction among sites and increase overall visibility.

Be warned, however, that for comments to best serve your site, you will need to engage you readers by answering their comments and by visiting their sites and leaving comments of your own.

(Note that comments can be turned on and off throughout your site with the WordPress system.)

Links In “Unconventional” Locations

Syndicating a site managed with blog software via RSS is a largely automatic process. By actively managing your RSS feed, however, you can include links and generate traffic that does not come directly from the search engines.

Further, your site will be eligible for inclusion in blog directories and will be crawled by blog-specific search engines where your competition may have no presence whatsoever.

Content management software like WordPress will:

  • impose structure and order on your site,
  • strengthen the use of anchor text in your urls,
  • encourage the addition of fresh content,
  • lead to organic links in the blogosphere,
  • increase the frequency with which the search engines crawl your site,
  • gain visibility for the site in areas your competition may ignore,
  • and generate a greater sense of authority for you and your site.

So, how can using the software to manage your site be a bad idea in terms of SEO?

Wrapping It Up

Content management systems, when used with the basic principles stressed by online marketing consulting professionals, are simply another tool in an affordable SEO arsenal.

Such systems do not change the core purpose for establishing your site, they simply provide a different means of maintenance and improvement.

While you may spend money initially to have your site’s WordPress installation customized, overall, you will save on dollars that would otherwise go to a webmaster. Over time, that money can be spent on other SEO strategies.

With the ability to more easily and quickly manage your own site, you are not at the mercy of another person’s schedule. At the same time, the native controls built into the software will give you greater control over your efforts to gain search engine ranking.

That’s a win / win in anyone’s book.

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10 Responses to “Online Marketing: Can You Achieve SEO with a WordPress Site?

    avatar Wasim says:

    open source platforms are great, and great way for a beginner to get started.

    avatar SiteProNews: Webmaster News & Resources » Blog Archive » Online … | Search Engine blog says:

    […] the rest here: SiteProNews: Webmaster News & Resources » Blog Archive » Online … Tags: basic-principles, idea-terms, management-systems, marketing-consulting, save-dollars, […]

    So how do you pick an online marketing consulting professional?

    If you are a business with a small marketing budget, this article is meant for you.

    I worked many years for the two largest ad agencies in the world, J. Walter Thompson Company and Campbell-Ewald Advertising (Managing Director) and also owned a small AAAA agency for 12 years. After managing both the clients and employees at the same time, I came to realize that one-on-one efforts with my clients were the most productive and successful for them and the most enjoyable for me. I also found that any company looking for marketing help and thinking of hiring any agency, basically should consider carefully their other choice, a one-man shop totally dedicated to them. So I opened one and have been successfully representing clients all over the country as a consultant for 11 years from Olive Branch, MS, a suburb of Memphis.

    I tell you this in hopes that you may conclude that I know what I am talking about.

    Ok, so what is the advice?

    Finding a good marketing consultant will have a profound effect on the future of your business. This is particularly true if your marketing budget is small. Too often, choosing one is a matter of chance, such as their proximity to you. In this age of the Internet, Instant messaging, Cell Phones and Video conferencing, the value of proximity is over-rated.

    On the surface, most agencies look alike. But scratch the surface and you will find some dramatic differences in philosophy, ability and in the experience of the account executive assigned to you, especially if you have a small marketing budget.

    Why is your account manager so important? He (or she) is the pipeline through which all information flows in both directions, into the agency from you and him, to his support team and back to you. His experience, ability, dedication, availability and internal clout within the agency determine the success of your marketing investment and the ultimate cost to you.

    For those of you who have not found out already the hard way what it is like to be a small account at a large agency or work with a small agency with a very limited number of experienced account executives, if they have one to assign to your account, I want you to know how dealing with an agency really works. Whether you hire a large agency with hundreds or even thousands of employees, or a medium or small sized agency, everything still goes through the account executive they assign to your account, supported by an account supervisor who (on and off) hopefully rides shotgun over him. It is the job of the account executive (also called an account manager) and occasionally his supervisor to…

    1. Learn your business, your competition, your goals and budgets.
    2. Communicate your needs or opportunity to a team the agency assigns you. You do not pick them, the agency does. You would not know who to pick anyway. And a small account does not get their big hitters.
    3. Oversee the team progress, get them back in line when they stray off target, and stray they will.
    4. Review the time sheets with your name on it. And be sure, the straying also gets logged on your time sheet.
    5. Approve or edit their work on your behalf, when they miss the target, again on your nickel.
    6. Present to you the agencies work product and sell hard, mostly in the interest of the sale.
    7. Integrate your feedback into revisions and hopefully disagree when you are wrong –something that is inherently difficult for an agency account man to do; it is much easier to sell you what you want.
    8. See to it that the approved plans are implemented quickly and correctly.
    9. Monitor the programs and their effect on your goals.
    10. Recommend ongoing changes.
    11. Evaluate the results against the expenditure and goals.

    What do I mean by Account Manager Clout?

    As I have said, no matter how big or small the agency is, all of your input goes into the agency through one man, your assigned account executive, especially in a small agency. All of the direction to the agency personnel to work on your account comes from him, all of the agency work product is approved or disapproved by him or his supervisor and all of the work is funneled to you through him and initially started by him, supervising the support team implementation at the agency.

    This is the important point to grasp. No matter how big or successful an agency is, you are only going to get out of them, what this account executive is capable of understanding, explaining, appreciating, fighting for and can get approved by the creative director, media buyer and his managing. Junior account execs have no clout; they are salesmen and hand-holders and deliver to you what they are told to sell. They have to start earning their wings some place. Unfortunately it is at your expense.

    And, as far as the creative product goes, I believe that advertising is supposed to produce sales, not just win awards, a simple fact that sometimes eludes the creative types at agencies.

    This only becomes a problem for you, the client, when the creative director gets dazzled by his own creative team enthusiasm for their work product, forgets about the goal and sells it to your account manager. Unfortunately, this happens too often. Sales go down, the agency gets fired, the creative team gets fired, they pull their awards off the wall, go across the street, re-hang them and it starts all over again.

    Makes you think you should be interviewing account men and not agencies, does it not? It should.

    If you choose to go the full service agency route, you basically have four choices:

    1. Hire A Big Agency: You get the prestige of being a client of one of the biggies, if they are interested in your annual expenditure ($1 Million being the lower limit). What you really get is the heavy weights from the agency for the initial presentation, annual contract renewal presentations and multi-client social events. The rest of the time, if you are lucky, you will get a part-time account executive, whose talents and experience will be a direct reflection of the size of your account, the money you spend with them.

    2. Hire A Regional Agency: One or two steps down in all ways from the big boys.

    3. Hire A Small Local Agency: They will not have a heavy-weight account exec with the talent or experience to deal with the challenges facing you or programs you want to implement, especially PR designed to get you exposure.
    Small companies or large ones with small marketing budgets, looking for marketing help, can find it very difficult and it can be very expensive. This is particularly difficult when looking for an agency that will assign a heavily experienced account exec to your business, if they have one and if he is available.

    There is a fourth choice that is decidedly different and better.

    4. Hire a heavily experienced account exec, as a marketing consultant, with all the resources needed to get the job done.


    avatar Glassman96 says:

    I like using Word Press, it may take time to get used to, but once you do you can get a site going fast. You can change templates in the blink of an eye. If you are going to build a WP site, find about 3-4 templates that are similar in structure. That way if one temp. should go bad, you can change it with one click. Nice article, thank you

    avatar Derek says:

    I was wondering a little bit more about the RSS feeds and how to utilize that in order to spread the message from our blog out to the world? I know that we have an RSS button on the blog that people can subscribe too, but other than that is there any other way to utilize this tool in WP?

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