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June 10, 2010

Submitting Websites to Search Engines

While there are many ways to get your website noticed arguably submitting your website to a search engine is the best. What is the best way to get your website to the attention of the Search Engines? The first thing to beware of are companies that promise automatic submission to hundreds of search engines. For the most part these promises are false. Maybe there are companies that can achieve this but to be honest I have yet to find one. Frankly the best way is to submit your website to search engines is to do it yourself or alternatively hire an expert to manually contact search engine companies and/or directories on your behalf. Whatever you do you should refrain from submitting an incomplete website. However, before you start this process you must ensure that your website is finished to a professional standard.

The right keywords, good graphics and certainly relevant content are all important. Take time to get it right and ensure that all the pertinent information is included especially your name and contact information!

However submitting your website to a search engine company will not guarantee that it will be listed immediately or that the ranking (position on site) will be high. There are thousands of new websites completed every day so it could take time for your site to be reviewed.

Please remember to include a site map of your website. This will make crawling by the web robots easier. In fact some search engine companies like Google may not even consider submissions without sitemaps.

So what is a sitemap?

A sitemap is normally one page (although sometimes a group of pages) which lists all or at least most of the pages on your website. Basically you can think of a sitemap as being similar to the index showing the chapters of a book. The reason it is important is that the crawlers can search out the website easier using the site map (index) i.e. they look at the titles of each “chapter” of your site to get the general “feel”. This enables them to categorise your site correctly. Please see the separate report on this subject.

I mentioned above that it is not advisable to use companies that promote automatic submission of your website to search engines. However that doesn’t mean that you should ignore the many online companies that do provide search engine submission services. There are software packages available that enable you to do your own submissions or if you want professional help then this is available on line too. Just avoid the” automatic” promotions.

There are thousands of search engine and directory companies to which you can submit your website including some of the best known like Google and Yahoo. Just do a search on the web.

So my advice is to make sure that your website is submitted to as many search engines as possible. Bear in mind though that a poor website can do damage to your image/brand so ensure that you do due diligence before submitting. Take your time, learn as much as you can first then send your professional site for all to see and begin your journey to success.

You CAN do it To YOUR Success

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47 Responses to “Submitting Websites to Search Engines

    avatar Submitting Websites to Search Engines | SEO News says:

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    Wow ! Nice article ! It’s really helpful to a web page. Thanks for sharing it.

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    avatar George says:

    Hi, Thanks for the nice article. I am also of the opinion that rather submitting sites to search engines, try to make your website search engine friendly so that your site gets crawled by the search engine spiders automatically. Making a site search engine friendly include activities like including sitemaps (regular and XML), clean site architecture etc.
    Also try to submit xml stiemaps to the webmaster tool of major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing..

    So helpful resource. Thanks for sharing.

    avatar Atik Rahman says:

    @ John & George, Thanks for sharing!

    avatar judo says:

    Hi, Thanks for the nice article.Thanks for sharing

    Nice article. This article really helps me to understand about submitting websites to search engine. Thanks for helping me to create a sitemap for my website. Very useful article. Thanks for share :)

    avatar Mitos Suson says:

    Our goal is to help you reduce your energy cost as much as possible and turn your building into a Zero energy building using renewable technologies such as solar energy. Just imagine if every building in the world had a means of generating it’s own energy needs. We can reach this vision one building at a time.

    Thanks Mr. John Beaumont for your helpful article. I think it will be very helpful for my job

    avatar BobP says:

    Actually a great website is never finished, the point is to make sure it is finished enough to submit and not empty of content or saying, Under Construction. Even if you are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for hand submits, they will be automatic or outsourced to people who aren’t much better then a quality automatic submit. You can greatly improve your automatic submit results by doing your home work as to the best directory categories for your website. So many submits go to a wrong category only to be automatically rejected. Optimal strategy, hand submit your website to the 300-400 PR1-6 free directories on a list like Directory Critic, have a small budget to pay for some quick reviews where the pending list is too large, leave the PR0 submits to the automatic submitters to your prefered category suggestions and using a different description then you used for the hand submits.

    avatar alex says:

    i submit my website to some catalogs..and what more i can do ?

    avatar Ana says:

    Very nice article. Really is a good news to have a person that speak about this theme.

    Thank you very much


    avatar curt carroll says:

    Good article. A great free and easy way to create your own site map is at XML-site maps .com and add them to Google webmaster tools yourself.It is all free and very easy.

    avatar Selim Ahmed says:

    Thank you, John Beaumont for your great article.
    I think Its very helpful to all type blogger or site owner.

    avatar Nitai Roy says:

    Yes, This information is really helpful for the people who are starting to learn SEO as well as their own business.

    Senang bisa diberi kesempatan untuk mengisi buku tamu ini. Semoga Webportal ini menjadi yang terdepan dalam berkarya. Menciptakan perubahan khususnya bagi masyarakat dan Bangsa Indonesia.

    salam Hangat dari Kami Mainan Edukatif Anak

    I think one should also focus on getting his website approved in Dmoz directory. Once your site gets approved in Dmoz it helps to rank your website in many search engines.

    This is a great and very helpful article thanks for shearing.

    Does Submitting our website to low page rank websites harm us?

    avatar Health Tips says:

    Submitting sites to search engines like Google, yahoo, bing will help in indexing your site’s pages faster. If you have a new site and definitely it will take a long time to get indexed by the search engine, even if you build contents. So it is our duty to submit our site to search engines for crawling. It is also recommended to submit the sitemap under Google webmaster tools for regular indexing.

    avatar SEO Brisbane says:

    Coverage is great, however, with 90% of the world using Google, the only 10% that are not are obviously not tech savvy so it depends what your selling and who your audience is?!?

    Really a great tutorial! Need more posts like this.

    avatar Jaslynn says:

    Very informative article… Thank you sharing this post.


    I’m agree with you. I have submitted my site search engine myself and i will be trying submitting more search engine myself or will hire an expert to do this work.thank you for shearing your nice post.

    avatar Moniruzzaman says:

    Really helpful resource it is! Thanks for sharing.

    avatar Moniruzzaman says:

    It is useful post. Thanks for sharing it. keep it up.

    Totally right,
    This reminds me of when I first launched my site. It was incomplete and I didn’t even submit it to the search engines, yet it was still indexed.
    Still submitting a site to Google and Bing is a good Idea, and yes it needs to be complete with sitemap.

    I only know of Google and Bing search engines for site submission. Are there any other search engines available that I could submit to. Please share them.

    Very informative article! Thanks for sharing it. I have a question regarding current SEO techniques. Do you think Google or Bing still consider meta tags? Thanks in advance.

    I agree with you ‘john beaumont’.This post is very important and informative.Thanks for sharing it.I need more post like this.

    So I want my site to be indexed. Can you provide me a list of search engines as well as their submission links?

    The resource is very help for SEO. I think every seo experts seen this article. Thanks for brilliant tutorial.

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    avatar Sarah says:

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    Nice article. Really piqued my interest. Will be keep my eye on this blog to learn more interesting in near future. Thank you.

    avatar Dhaval Patel says:

    Such a wonderful information about submitting a website in search engine.

    I think that is one of the best subject for website. thanks for sharing this.

    avatar Ashraf says:

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