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July 6, 2010

SEO Tips to Double Rankings, Traffic and Conversion

The only thing better than one search result in the top 3 positions in Google is two search results from a double ranking. This SEO tip works by pushing a competitor off the first page, broadening your websites keyword funnel and thereby doubling traffic and conversions.

Two Results are Better than One

I read somewhere that 87% of search engine traffic for a given keyword is allocated from occupying the Number 1 position in the search engine results page. If you understand SEO, then this post will share a quick method to double your SERP positions and to improve the likelihood of keyword conversions – once you have reached the Mecca for a specific search term.

SEO is predicated on one simple premise, rankings; in order for SEO to be effective, it must produce ranking on the first page in search engines.

Not only is this the crowning achievement of search engine optimization, but once you achieve a top 10 position, then you can pull other keywords into the spotlight as a result of strategic linking. We often refer to this as the buddy system for lateral linking.

Search engine algorithms pay particular attention to individual pages capable of offsetting all of the other inconsistencies of a competitor’s web pages and deem one page worthy above all others for any given search term.

Obviously the metrics are unique for each market, keyword or niche, but the reality is the same, once a top 3 or more importantly Number 1 or Number 1, 2 and 3 positions are present in Google. I have mentioned before, the fastest way to get a top 10 position in Google is to get a link from a website already ranking in the top 10 for that keyword.

It does not matter if that link is provided from your own website or another website, rankings are by the page and there is a daisy-chain effect of linking pages together that fuses the pages through a dynamic give and take relationship (based on citation). This citation can provide the algorithmic equivalents of trust needed for the newly linked page to jump in line past others duking it out for that keyword.

Depending on the competitiveness of the keyword or key phrase and the thresholds inherent to the barrier to entry; the time required to initiate a campaign, create all of the necessary content, inbound links and citation from other web 2.0 properties, RSS feeds and social bookmarking sites divided by the amount of time you invest managing or outsourcing the various components involved determine your profitability and return on investment.

With this in mind, from a tactical perspective, it’s better to leverage the SERP positioning you already have than to look outside of your own website for off page ranking factors. If you understand the power of a Number 1 position, then you can replicate this next simple SEO tip.

Identify all current Number 1 positions in Google for keywords.

Validate they still exist.

Use Keyword Research to find “related keywords” based on the Number 1 ranking Link from the page that ranks to a new page (using similar anchor text or overlapping keywords to promote the new page).

Let the new page get indexed, then check the SERPs.

Identify: My favorite tool for this is SEMRush, but if you don’t want to use this, there are other programs out there, or even Google webmaster tools can show you your website’s top ranking SERP positions when you log in.

Either way, this is your base, so, identify the keywords which could represent hub status for your SEO campaign and pass along the power of ranking to other pages in your website.

Validate: Check to see if you still hold the Number 1 position, even a top 3 will do, but this tactic works better if you are at the helm of a particular search phrase.

Keyword Research
: You should be able to gauge whether or not the keyword is profitable for you based on the frequency of hits and the type of traffic you garner as a result. You can always look through Google Analytics or whichever analytics package you have to assess the keywords that represent the highest percentage of traffic to your website.

Once you know what those keywords are, then use keyword research to find stemmed semantic variations that also fall under the same category or keyword cluster. Those related keywords will become the new focal point for step 4 – linking.

Linking: The closer the shingles (groups of keywords) the more effective this technique is. You can call this padding the search results (if you use similar exact match titles, tags or content), or you can pass this ranking factor along to help synonymous terms.

Simply go back and edit the page ranking in the Number 1 position and add a link to the new target page (with the keyword you intend the target page to rank for as the anchor text). Then, the authority from the page in the Number 1 position will group the new page under its umbrella and pull that page into the spotlight.

When the new page gets crawled and the old page reveals the connectivity between the two, typically a double SERP position occurs or a double position accompanied by jump links, breadcrumbs or the [+] with additional search results for that keyword appear in Google to showcase the degree of relevance your website has for the said term.

You can then build additional deep links from other sites or addition internal links to the newly dubbed page. As a result, you should see buoyancy for other pages for multiple keyword variations related to the parent keyword cluster.

With this simple tip you can double your conversions by increasing your website’s semantic array of keywords. Obviously you will know which keywords and traffic is most lucrative for your business model, but this technique is priceless for creating controlled keyword stemming if you understand the implications underlying its premise.

Jeffrey L. Smith is the Founder and CIO of ‘SEO Design Solutions, Inc.” a Chicago Based SEO company providing comprehensive SEO Services and solutions to businesses of all sizes.

19 Responses to “SEO Tips to Double Rankings, Traffic and Conversion

    avatar Digahole says:

    That was a very long winded and over intellectualised way of explaining a pretty simple concept… really.

    avatar Blog Directory says:

    I really like this topic and it helped me a lot and the double ranking points are very helpful . this will help me in my work.

    avatar Aaron says:

    Hi, this article is a big help for me… lol.. All the tips are very effective, really! But as you said if you SEO really Thanks by the way.. Good Work!

    It was a really well written post. A webmaster can learn a lot from this post. By following these steps one can really make their website rankings quite high in search engines and that too not only for one or two pages but for the whole website. A proper link building will always get higher website ranking.

    Now I start to understand why for some search terms my page comes up two and three times together above my competitors. This only happens when I am the first on the first page. It always left me wondering.

    avatar Craig says:

    A really great post. People need to realise that you can not just double their rankings overnight, it can take time.

    avatar Jonecir says:

    Nice article, but I would say it’s basic staff. Maybe we should see some more advanced SEO tips and tricks, specially those related to social media.

    avatar remonatrix says:

    Some keyword niches are easy to corner some are hard and some seem just plain impossible … it’s a hard game to get number one listing for a particular keyword … Sometimes your website comes up number 1 for a keyword you did not think was going to grab.

    avatar SiteProNews: Webmaster News & Resources » Blog Archive » SEO Tips … : SEO Tips says:

    […] News excerpt from: SiteProNews: Webmaster News & Resources » Blog Archive » SEO Tips … […]

    How do you “broaden your Landing page ” This would help those who have developed there first landing page but do not know how to improve it.

    Hi Jeffrey! Real cool. What would be your strategy & tactics for local SEO for developing third world nations?

    this article helped me a lot and it solved my problem and give a better platform to work and easy and fast work environment , how can i thank you, bye

    avatar cheap SEO says:

    A really great post. People need to realise that you can not just double their rankings overnight, it can take time.

    avatar SEO agency says:

    I enjoyed reading your info you got some good tips I can use

    found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

    avatar physician assistant says:

    Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

    Great article, found this a really interesting read. Thanks!

    avatar Mobmani Groups says:

    The post was really nice and helped me in solving my problem

    Would definitely agree on SEM rush a great tool!

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