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July 22, 2010

How to Choose an Article Writer

Whether you require an article writing service for SEO purposes or to create content for your website or publication, choosing the right article writer is essential in ensuring that your readers both trust you and make repeat visits to your website. Here’s what you need to look for in an article writer.

Native Tongue

If you require your articles to be written in English, it is obviously best practice to hire a writer who speaks English as their first language. It’s always very tempting to consider the budget article writers from India and other developing countries, but the reality is this – if they don’t speak English as their home language, they’re going to write sub‐par quality articles. The cost saving simply isn’t worth it, as your readers will see through this immediately.

Sample Work

Every article writer worth their salt should be able to offer you at least two or three sample articles. Good writers will offer articles on different topics (so as to display their dynamic capacity) and write in varying tones. If possible, ask them for their EzineArticles author name and you can have a look at all their work submitted to EzineArticles.

Ezine Rating

Any article writer who writes on a professional basis should have EzineArticles (the most popular article directory) Platinum Status. You can check this out by looking up their author name on EzineArticles’ website. If they don’t have this, you should seriously consider looking at an alternative writer as they are either new to the scene, or have something to hide.

Article Submission

Whilst hiring an article writer will save you a lot of time, doing the submissions to the article directory yourself will most likely cancel out any saving in time. Check if your article writer can submit the articles (with your resource links of course) on your behalf. This will go a long way in ensuring that you are as efficient as possible. If they do offer the

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7 Responses to “How to Choose an Article Writer

    avatar GIl says:

    I use an article writer for a variety of work. I am currently using one on my website,, and it is paying off, not only with time, but with money as well! Thanks for the article!

    avatar Service Desk says:

    About the native tongue req’t, I think they don’t necessarily have English as their first language. I think just as long as the person is fluent in english and can really deliver, why not give them an opportunity right?

    avatar Doc Campbell says:

    I write a lot of articles for hire, as well as webcopy, and I have yet to submit an article to ezines. (I don’t have time to write extra articles!) I think that discounting writers for not having submitted to one particular directory is limiting your prospects. If I felt that it would get me more business, and I had more time available to service that business, then I might submit.

    Yikes! That’s pretty bad advice, sending people to sites such as EzineArticles in search of a professional writer. I have been a freelance writer since 1993 and am a member of various professional writers associations. Very few of our members submit their work to those sites as they don’t pay for content & we need to make a living from our work.

    If you want well-written copy, go to the website of a professional writers association. They often have online directories of their members that allow you to search by geographic region, areas of expertise, etc.

    A good example is, the online directory of members of the Professional Writers Assn of Canada.

    avatar SEO Basics says:

    @Doreen – SEO writing is completely different from professional writing in many ways. The purpose of SEO writing is two fold. 1 – To create links (hence the submission to EZA and other directories. 2- To generate basic interest in a topic, which will lead to click-through. Professional writing is a different ball game all together. In this article, we are talking about SEO writing, hence the advice… Hope that makes more sense…

    avatar Gil says:

    I have to agree, professional writing and SEO writing are two different styles with two different objectives. Both are required, however, for successful and effective communications with potential and existing customers.

    @Doreen: I currently use an article writer for my website, but will check out your link for a professional writer. Thanks for the tip!

    avatar Michael Mota says:

    I too am in the process of hiring a writer for my blog and find this process/search to be overwhelming. I really appreciate your article and advice, its really helpful.

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