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July 23, 2010

E-Commerce Storeowners: Use Coupons to Gain Customers & Create Conversions

With the current state of the world’s economy, people are routinely looking to do whatever they can in order to save money. People will go to lengths that they previously would not go to so they can save a buck. You can easily make yourself stand out from the competition by offering valuable coupons for your products and services.

Many owners and operators of companies large and small have a tendency to either forget about or overlook the use of coupons as a promotional and marketing tool. Coupons are often thought of as thing of the past, with memories of parents and grandparents huddled over a stack of newspapers, scissors in hand, searching for the next big bargain.

With the Internet becoming the modern marketplace and the slow death of the traditional newspaper, coupons have evolved beyond the print media. The online coupon has become a formidable method of promoting a business while simultaneously saving the cash-strapped general public some money and encouraging competition between businesses.

Coupons are a powerful way of branding and gaining publicity for a business. By highlighting sales and current promotions, you can drive quality traffic to your online store. Traffic originating from a coupon is the kind of traffic that leads to conversions and this is the type of traffic that an online storeowner needs to generate, especially in this current economy.

There are currently a number of coupon sites online and they are becoming increasingly popular. They make their money from selling ads on their sites because of the staggering amount of visitors that check out these sites in search of money-saving purchases. Since the websites are making their money by selling ad space, there are generally no charges or fees for businesses placing coupons on these sites. Not to mention, all of the stores that have coupons on these popular websites are receiving high quality backlinks to their site. This is a surefire way of building links, page rank and climbing up the SERPs (search engine results pages).

A smart coupon strategy is to create a coupon that directs visitors to your Clearance or Sale page where discounted goods are already listed. You do not even have to go out of your way to fabricate a special sale.

The use of coupons can be a highly successful method of promoting your online business. Coupons do not need to be thought of strictly in the traditional sense. There is a whole new market for modern coupons.

Forrest Yingling is the Marketing Director for WebNet Hosting, Premier Partner Miva Host since 2004.  WebNet Hosting provides fully PCI Compliant Miva Hosting with 100% uptime as well as e-commerce solutions and basic web hosting.

8 Responses to “E-Commerce Storeowners: Use Coupons to Gain Customers & Create Conversions

    avatar says:

    Very interesting article, and you’re right, they can be used in marketing your business.

    “Coupons are a powerful way of branding and gaining publicity for a business” reading your blog made me want to have a try. I design a landing page this days, but the result was not so good, but coupon is a good point by motivated. Thanks for sharing good idea.

    avatar gauthron says:

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    coupons are good for sales,and i think promotional gifts is another technique to market your prospect and customers.

    coupons combine free gift will make customers more loyal.

    avatar gift watches says:

    coupon strategy is to create a silicone watch coupon that directs visitors to your clearance or Sale page where discounted gift goods are already listed.

    Very interesting article, and you’re right

    avatar Jenna says:

    That’s something interesting. But still looking forward for the ways to make coupons !

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