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August 14, 2010

Article Marketing Tip: Write For Your Readers Or Search Engines?

Should you write for your readers or for the search engines? That is a really good question to consider.

Search engines are still the best sources of warm and targeted traffic. They aim to provide online users with quality content.

That is why they put much weight on articles that are informative and content-rich. If you can offer these kinds of articles, you can be assured that the search engines will help you better connect with your potential clients so you can boost your sales and revenue.

Here’s how you can improve your article marketing by writing for your readers and letting the search engines benefit from it.

1. Write for your readers. You need to know how to impress online users so you can maximize the benefits that you can get from your articles.

Start by giving them content that they will find useful and relevant to their lives. Offer answers to their most frequent questions. Empower them to do things on their own by offering them step-by-step guides.

Offer solutions to their pressing issues, and share information that can help them better understand their problems and their areas of interest.

Then, ensure that your articles are easy to understand, easy to skim through, and concise. Remember, you do not want to waste the time of your readers as they have short attention span.

2. Talk about your products and services. Article marketing is one of the best ways to promote your offerings without burning your pockets.

You can highlight the benefits and features that your products can offer and communicate how they can help your potential clients improve the quality of their lives.

You just have to make sure that you don’t fill your articles with marketing hype and sales pitches. You need to do the selling in a subtle way so your copies will not be rejected by the publishers. And the search engines will love you more as well.

3. Create a killer resource box. You would want your readers to click on your resource box as this is the only way to get them to visit your website or your squeeze page.

You can get them to act on your favor by making sure that your resource box is benefit-driven. Tell your readers what they can expect to get from your website or offer them with exciting freebies like vouchers and free e-books.

When people know that they will benefit from something, they will surely do it in a heartbeat. This can lead to enormous conversion rate that can help in growing your e-business exponentially.

Follow these article marketing tips and write for your readers. The search engines will find you too.

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4 Responses to “Article Marketing Tip: Write For Your Readers Or Search Engines?

    avatar Jennifer Johnson says:

    I started writing more for the search engines when I started article marketing (I hate to admit), but now I write for my readers and I get far more enjoyment doing so.

    avatar Luigi says:

    I also write articles. Now with this blog I am more happy to write more articles to all my readers. Thanks!

    avatar Free Backlinks says:

    Search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN simply love articles coming from these Web 2.0 sites. Free Backlinks

    Great article. Also, you should spend time on your title. Like headlines in a paper, great titles help to induce readers and click throughs. If possible, strive to solve a problem in your title. You can present a concern and then the solution. Example: Is Your (blank) Affecting Your (blank)? 3 Steps to Improving Your (blank).

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