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September 22, 2010

Blog Commenting Marketing Strategy/ 5 Reasons You Should Be Commenting

You become known within your niche

When you are out in the community interacting and commenting on people’s blogs it is going to quickly build a reputation for yourself and who you are. It is a good thing to have a reputation online because then people will start to think that they know you and are comfortable with you. Participating in discussions on blogs also makes you better known throughout the online community. When people see that you are in the community on a consistent basis, it will show them that you are serious about your business and what you are doing.

When you are out commenting and building your reputation, it is important to be yourself and also be positive. If you have a negative attitude towards others, then it will push people away from you. Another thing to remember as well, is to always be yourself because people can sense if you are being fake.

It is great for networking

Interacting on people’s blogs within your industry is a great way to network and build relationships. If you are commenting on someone’s blog, they are going to get to know you if you comment on a consistent basis. People who blog will love your comments because it will encourage them to keep putting out good content. Commenting also lets bloggers know that someone is actually reading the content they are putting out, and liking it.

Just like anything else that you want to excel at, it is important that you are consistent. If you go out an comment on someone’s blog one time, chances are they will not remember you or get to know you. If you comment on their blog consistently for a month, then they will usually recognize that and look to find out who you are.

It is good Karma

Commenting on blogs is also very good for you karma. Meaning, if you comment on other people’s blogs you will most likely get people commenting on yours. When you leave positive comments on blogs throughout your industry you will begin to notice that people will return the favor. When someone does something nice for us, it is in our nature to want to return the favor.

You will get exactly what you put out, so remember to stay positive and encourage other bloggers if you want the same treatment.

It gives you backlinks to your site

Not only is it good karma to comment on blogs in your niche, but it is also an awesome way to build backlinks to your own website. Every time that you leave a comment on someone’s blog it is going to give you a link back to your site. This is huge if you are trying to rank your content in the search engines, because backlinks are key to a getting your content ranked.

When you are commenting to get quality backlinks there are a few things to look for. Look at how Google ranked the blog. Any blog or website with a Google Page Rank of 3 or better is going to give you a high quality backlink. If you comment on blogs with a high PR then your backlink will be of higher quality.

Another thing to look for is if they have a Top Commentators widget on the side of their blog. You want to check this out because if they do then you could potentially get 2 quality backlinks every time you comment, if you are a top commentator.

It builds your knowledge

On top of all of these other benefits, commenting also gives you an opportunity to be educated about what is going on in your niche. When you comment you are going to have to actually read the content that the blogger puts out, so you will be gaining knowledge at the same time you are getting backlinks. Plus when you are out in the community it will give you a better idea of where you stand in the marketplace. You will see all different skill levels of bloggers out there and it will help you to become a better blogger as well.


I hope that I have convinced you that it is definitely worth your time to be out there commenting and adding value to your community. Remember to stay positive and create win win situations for everyone involved.

Ryan Martin is an online network marketer who teaches other people how to grow their businesses online. If you like to learn how to expand your business using the internet then go here.

12 Responses to “Blog Commenting Marketing Strategy/ 5 Reasons You Should Be Commenting

    avatar KSEO says:

    This is article is perfectly right, posting comments to other blogs can really give you a great and lots of benefits, especially linkbacks, and you are right when you say that always stay positive and to create a win win situations. Thanks for this! it is really a helpful article. ūüėÄ

    Great article. All of the tools out there to promote blogs, commenting is the most simple and effective way to build a rep, keep a track on and be active within a given community.

    Nice recap of reasons to blog. Just too bad sitepronews is no-follow:-) so this comment – if approved – will not be counted by google.

    avatar How To Attract New Customers says:


    the karma aspect.

    We all acme on earth to give of our talents. If you decide to waste those talents-or worse yet…never take the time found out what they are–you could spend the last five minutes of your life asking “did I do it all wrong?”.

    So get on with it…and start typing from your heart.
    I want to hear what you have to say.

    avatar Chris Foster says:

    Thanks for the reminder! this is a very nice post.

    I just want to say thanks for the information. This is something that I haven’t done yet, but have heard of it. Your post helped me, thanks again!

    Great ideas. We just need to devote the time EVERY week to finding relevant blogs to read that we make a real contribution and move the conversation forward.

    avatar Shadab says:

    I do follow the rule mention above, but i think i am not concentrating on “Any blog or website with a Google Page Rank of 3 or better is going to give you a high quality backlink. If you comment on blogs with a high PR then your backlink will be of higher quality.”

    Thanks for providing this point as well, I will do the research again and apply.

    This is a great website blog post,I am new in internet marketing and in seo. I am doing directory submission, article submission plus blog commenting but i don’t know why i only see few backlinks to my site. Actually i want all my back links to show up in google. How can i make that happen is there any tool or trick.Thanks for sharing the useful information.

    I think this is very attractive website blog post,I have to come up with a business plan for an ice cream shop for my intro to business class. It’s a group project and my part is to do a profit analysis and marketing strategy. Don’t really know how to do that though…so any help would be appreciated.Thanks for sharing the useful information.

    avatar Supreet says:

    Interesting article. I have only recently started understanding that www is actually a world wide web in the real sense. With so many people linking to each other the web grows bigger and denser every day. Wonder if we are getting to a day when instead of regular Marketing pros we will only need SEO professionals?

    After reading this blog, now I can explain easily to anayone what are the advantages of doing blog comments. I am new to SEO and these tips really helped me to clear my basics.

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