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October 29, 2010

Adwords Marketing To Get Web Traffic

Marketers seem to automatically assume that Adwords marketing involve high expenditure without realizing that using some simple tricks and techniques, it can be incredibly cost-effective.

Adwords is an incredibly easy way to drive traffic to a website. While it is by no means low, it can be very competitive when compared to others forms of website promotion. Using Adwords as part of the marketing mix will help you to increase website traffic quickly.

Adwords Marketing

If you are trying to advertise with Adwords you are putting your faith in Google. Google has a selection algorithm to determine what type of advertisement that goes on the most appropriate pages based on criteria such as keywords. This implies that your advertisements are going to go on pages that cater to visitors who are similar to your target market visitors. They will be drawn into your website, as they are already interested in the services, products, or information that you have to offer.

It is important for you to understand that your advertisements will not get lost in the world of Adwords. Websites are looking to push Adwords advertisements as much as possible because of the revenue that they receive every time a visitor clicks on one of the advertisements they have placed on their website. They are likely to place the advertisements in prominent spot, as they want to get revenue as much as you want to get website traffic.

Adwords marketing has become a simple and somewhat cost effective way for websites to advertise. They cost less than they would be for large and prominent advertisements, as they are grouped and are small on graphics and flash. They are simple word advertisements that help to bring individuals to the information they are looking for.

Adwords On Your Own Website

If you are trying to get website traffic through Adwords you may also want to consider putting advertisements on your own page. Initial visitors to your website may find a link that they are interested in through the Adwords advertisements on your page. They will be more likely to visit your website again because they found more information and more sources through your website. Any website that can help someone to find something else on the Internet is generally seen in a positive light, leading to possible trackbacks.

Adwords is not a perfect fit for each and every website. While some websites would benefit from paying for those small ads, others would benefit more from link redirection or from backlink purchases. You simply need to understand your website and understand the various benefits that come from all of the different marketing tools that are available to you. Use Adwords if you have the money to spend and want to reach out to various viewers who may be interested in your website. If you do use Adwords, you should use analytical tools to make sure that you are deriving the net benefits.

Tom Koh has a Bachelor’s degree in Computational Science. He has developed new niches in the Internet sphere including web seminars and project exchange portals. Tom is currently an SEO, providing web optimizing services. See

2 Responses to “Adwords Marketing To Get Web Traffic

    This was a great post I was however expecting more information such as techniques and keyword bidding strategies.

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    avatar Andrew says:

    Hi Tom,

    Great article on using adwords to get web traffic. I especially like your point that adwords is not a perfect fit for each website. Part of the reason for this is that many new users of pay-per-click marketing don’t understand how to set up their campaigns properly in a manner that Google would like.

    What does Google want? The best possible user experience for its users!

    This means taking into account things like:

    1) Linking your campaign to a highly theme & keyword relevant webpage

    2) Ensuring your website is “transparent” by displaying links to contact pages, privacy policy pages and terms and conditions pages (to name a few).

    3) Ensuring that some organic Search Engine Optimization is completed on those webpages you plan on sending traffic to.

    Focus on these things and these can decrease your PPC costs and increase your traffic.



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