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November 3, 2010

4 WordPress Widgets Must Haves To Give Your Blog Maximum Flexibility

WordPress is a blogging/CMS (content management system) platform that allows you to not only create a blog on your website, but create the entire website using this flexible blogging platform. In order to get WordPress to look more like a static site, you will want to have the most flexibility you can when it comes to setting up the blog/CMS platform. This article gives you an overview of what widgets you should use on your blog that will give you the needed flexibility.

1. Widget Logic

Widget logic is a useful widget that allows you to control which pages your widgets appear on. It’s power resides in the fact that it can be implemented on a widget by widget basis. This gives you full reign over what kinds of content appears on what pages and you an further target your content to a much tighter topic. Widget logic can be found at and is a free plugin. You will have to understand some simple WordPress conditional tag syntax, but it is very easy to pick up and once you have it, you are on your way to creating a truly unique website.

2. WordPress Sign-up Forms

WordPress sign-up forms are widgets that interface directly with your autoresponder, or mailing list software. The more popular emails list services each have their own WordPress widget, so the specific one that you would use will depend upon the service you have. Using these widgets makes it easy to add a sign-up box to all of the pages on your web site, which will help your mailing list grow more quickly.

WordPress sign-up form widgets include the following:



Constant Contact


3. RSS Feed

The RSS feed comes with the standard WordPress install and it allows you to bring in other feeds to place on your website. Using RSS feeds allows you to have content on your blog that is constantly changing. This feature will bring the search engines back to your site on a more regular basis, which will improve the speed in which your pages are indexed. When used in conjunction with Widget Logic, you can incorporate several different RSS feeds into your site based on the topic, thus making each page on your blog more tightly focused to the topic, which will help it rank better in the search engines.

4. Text Widget

This widget is gives you extreme flexibility because it allows you to place additional HTML code on your website. You can use this widget to place ads on your web site and used in conjunction with Widget Logic, you can highly target these ads as well. A cousin of this widget allows you to add PHP code instead of HTML code. For more highly advanced programmers, this will allow you to add an almost unlimited kind of functionality to your WordPress blog.

Using specific widgets will allow you to create a web site that will be just as effective and complete as many custom hand developed web sites, yet at a fraction of the cost. Using the different widgets discussed will give you the flexibility you need to build a website that is unique, functional and easy to customize.

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5 Responses to “4 WordPress Widgets Must Haves To Give Your Blog Maximum Flexibility

    avatar Rob McCance says:

    I’ve used all of these, these are solid recommendations.

    After testing out widget logic, I decided not to do page specific widgets, but it’s nice to know this flexibility exists.

    avatar Tosoross says:

    I have used all of these ,too. They are great! WordPress has a lot of widgets and plugins which are very good for my website…very good for SEO ,too 🙂

    This blog post would be greatly improved if there were links to both the specific RSS feed and text widget plugins described.

    I’m currently working on a project on a virtual server and would love to test out the plugins, but searching for the terms “RSS feed” or “Text Widget” in the WordPress plugin directory brings up multiple options and I’m not sure which ones the author is recommending.

    avatar will says:

    Nice list thanks alot

    Thanks B Hopkins, I received an email regarding these plugins but didn’t ever take the time to check it out. I appreciate this info, it will help me much in my endeavors. Thanks again!

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