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November 22, 2010

Why Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy Must Include YouTube!

Anyone with knowledge of Internet marketing will be aware the vital part driving (targeted) traffic to your website plays. In the traditional sense, if you have a shop selling the finest goods on the market, but it’s hidden away in some back street, the likelihood is that potential customers will not stumble upon it. The same goes online.

If your website is sitting there, but no one knows about it, your chances of sales are pretty slim. There are ways to drive free traffic to your site. Article marketing may be the best known, but another major part of any search engine marketing strategy simply must include YouTube.

Now, we all know YouTube for the variety of entertainment clips and short films available. But there are numerous instructional videos also, that can teach you anything from how to take a great photograph, to how to potty train your hamster! The shrewd Internet marketer can quite easily use YouTube’s services to promote their own products or, if working as an Affiliate, those of a vendor. Here’s how to use YouTube as an important tool in your search engine marketing strategy.

* Create a short informational or promotional video, related to your product. The ideal length is around 60 seconds, but this can vary, depending on the content you want to include. Making a video sounds difficult to a newcomer, but is actually very easy. Most modern PC’s include the application Windows Movie Maker, or equivalent.

It is quick and simple to use, and you just drag and drop your images into the timeline space at the bottom

* You can add narration, just by connecting a microphone (or use your PC’s in built microphone). It pays to write a script to read to, unless you are just following text you have put into the video

* Alternatively, you can just use text, where appropriate. As you drag your images into the timeline, you can choose the text option to insert this before, after, or on the selected image clip

* If you are not narrating, it’s best to add a simple accompanying audio track. Don’t make this too distracting, but a pleasant experience for the listener. Some soft jazz or classical music normally does the trick. Be careful – you can’t just copy music straight from your mp3, because of copyright laws, YouTube will just reject it. You can, however, obtain short royalty-free music on line, from companies such as Sound Dogs, for just a few dollars

* Once you’re happy with the video, you “publish” it onto your computer, ready for upload to YouTube.

You will need to set up an account with YouTube (it’s free) before you can upload your video. If possible, your account name should include a keyword associated with your niche.

For example, using the Hamster example above, your account name might be “HamsterPottyTraining” or similar. An email address will also be needed. Yahoo works well for this, and again try to use your keyword as your account id.

One YouTube video won’t have a major impact, but repeat the process over and over again, with new videos, including links to your website, or related promotional articles, and you should soon see an upsurge in traffic. Utilizing YouTube in your search engine marketing strategy works very well indeed.

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3 Responses to “Why Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy Must Include YouTube!

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you so much for this article. I didn’t know about Windows Movie Maker and am excited to try it. I’ve realized that You Tube marketing is important but I thought I needed a webcam to do this!

    Thanks again for the info!

    Have a good day!

    avatar Randall says:

    I very much agree that using video in your marketing efforts is one of the most effective ways to build traffic. However, I must take issue with a couple of points made.

    First, making a quality video is NOT “very easy”. Just because video-making tools have been greatly simplified doesn’t mean that using them will generate quality results. This is akin to saying that because using a paintbrush is easy, anyone can paint like Rembrandt. Creating a quality video, like a quality anything else, is the result of the skill of the creator.

    Secondly, the generally unrecognized shortcoming of public sharing sites like YouTube is that they are designed to drive traffic to THEIR site, not yours. After you upload to YouTube and then embed the video in your site, when your visitors share the video (which is what you want), traffic leaves your site to view the video back on YouTube’s site (not what you want).

    Public sharing sites have their place, if you can ensure your videos contain contact info within the video itself, but they must be used with their limitations in mind.

    Thanks for pointing out the merits of video marketing though, Paul!


    avatar Sheila @ Avaguide says:

    YouTube is a sensation and if the video is interesting enough and goes viral it will really help a business become more successful.

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