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December 16, 2010

Death of Leaves Bitter Aftertaste for Yahoo! fans worldwide are in shock today with the news that Yahoo has decided to terminate the site, along with Altavista, MyBlogLog, AllTheWeb, Yahoo! Bookmarks and Yahoo! Picks and Yahoo! Buzz.

News broke on TechCrunch this morning after a leaked slide from an internal Yahoo! product team meeting fell into the hands of Eric Marcoullier, who co-founded blog social network MyBlogLog. It has since been removed from YFrog, but the slide depicts three columns titled Sunset / Merge / Make Feature with, Altavista, MyBlogLog, Yahoo! Bookmarks, AllTheWeb, Yahoo! Picks and Yahoo! Buzz listed under the not so subtle *Sunset* column.

Marcoullier tweeted the slide from his account and then all hell broke loose, with Yahoo Product Manager Blake Irving even threatening to fire whomever leaked the slide. fans in particular have been very vocal about the news, voicing their opposition to Yahoo’s decision using Twitter hashtags such as #savedelicious and #delicious and even creating an online petition which can be *signed* by retweeting it.

The product terminations come the same week Yahoo! announced layoffs for 4 percent of its global staff.
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3 Responses to “Death of Leaves Bitter Aftertaste for Yahoo!

    avatar Terry Dunn says:

    I think this is sad news. Delicious and MyBlogLog are both very popular sites. For Yahoo to be closing them must mean they have money troubles. Is Yahoo on the decline?


    There is a lot of reshuffling going on at Yahoo, that’s for sure. Hopefully their partnership with Microsoft will start bearing fruit soon

    avatar Consultancy says:

    The idea behind delicious was brilliant, true altruism, but as time has gone by, and people have abused it, is it as useful as we once wished it would be?

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