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February 2, 2011

10 Website Traffic Ideas

If there is one thing that every Internet marketer wants it is more visitors to their website. This topic has been covered in various ways in the past. As a refresher here are 10 of the most popular ways to get more website traffic.

1. Pay per click advertising.
Google Adwords continues to dominate this advertising strategy. However Yahoo Marketing, 7Search, Bidvertiser, and many other paid search engines offer affordable alternatives.

2. Blogging. A well-written blog article can bring search engine traffic. It can also increase the number of subscribers to your RSS feed which can lead to repeat visitors and more traffic.

3. Social bookmarking. To bookmark your blog URL into some of the top social directories use a bookmarking sites such as Social Marker. This helps the search engines to find you and can lead to more website visitors.

4. Article marketing. This is still a great long term strategy for promoting a website. So the reader can easily find you include a link to your website in your resource box.

5. Article videos.
There are services such as Article Video Robot that will convert articles into videos. You then submit it to the top shared video sites such as You Tube and Yahoo.

6. Video marketing. Google owns You Tube which gets 85% of all video traffic. Doing video marketing is a good way to show up in the search engines and create website visitors.

7. Email marketing. Anytime you send a mailing out your list you can include a link back to your website. This should include blog updates and announcing new products.

8. Publish a newsletter.
These are known as Ezines and have been around now for almost 15 years online. This is a good way to provide useful information to people as well as promote products in your online newsletter.

9. Viral marketing. It is a good thing anytime you can get somebody to tell somebody else about your Internet business. Ways to create viral marketing include reports, articles, ebooks, and so on. This could also include posting the video on You Tube that goes viral all over the Internet.

10. Go offline. You can still drive traffic to your website the old fashion way including flyers, business cards, newspaper advertising, and radio. Many times this is dependent upon what your actual budget is as off-line marketing can be expensive.

These are 10 ways to get more website traffic. Rather than concentrating on one specific way if you spread your advertising tactics around your traffic will increase

Suzanne Morrison is the owner of the Higher Search Engine Ranking website – a site that teaches you how to optimize your website content so that you receive high search engine ranking in the search

9 Responses to “10 Website Traffic Ideas

    avatar treb072410 says:

    Wow, this in very interesting… I never thought that there are a lot of ways to gather traffic in the web, I will practice some of this and let see what this can do to my business… Thanks for sharing…

    avatar Emily from Video Avatar says:

    If we have the budget for an going offline for driving traffic, it will help. Just like the ads shown in the Superbowl, they went viral even if they used TV ads too. Maybe a mix of online and offline traffic will show that we can be reachable also outside the internet.

    avatar Jerrick says:

    It will be too much if handle by one people. Unleast you got two or three of you. If not, then you only can pick few way among the 10 ways which is the most effective one. Quality traffic is important then quantity traffic. So you need to focus.

    […] any of these traffic ideas will start the traffic moving in your direction. I suggest you concentrate on 3 of the 10 traffic […]

    thanks for all details, it will be very useful.

    Nice info. Some of the tips though are time consuming for business owners.

    avatar Poojary says:

    nice article, very useful SEO tips thanks

    avatar JAMES-LEROY- says:


    Very Useful article..Facebook paid marketing and Guest posting are also a good way to increase traffic.

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