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February 13, 2011

Top 14 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

There’s a lot of fuss surrounding social media these days. If you still haven’t jumped on the bandwagon and aren’t sure why so many people are making such a big deal about it, here are 14 benefits of social media for your business and you from Success magazine.

For Business:

Establish a Brand and Raise Awareness

Since the majority of the population is already visiting social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, getting your brand name all over those networks can help let people know that you’re around. If you have yet to create a company image online, social networks are the place to do it.

Create a fun YouTube video that entertains and informs. Funny videos tend to make their way around the Internet a lot faster than any other kind, so when making a video, keep in mind that you want it to be interesting enough for your target audience to want to share. Using Facebook and Twitter to create a fun online community that your customers will want to visit will boost brand loyalty and drive traffic to your Website, allowing you the chance to make more online sales.

Spy on the Competition

Follow your competitors on Twitter and Facebook and you’ll be able to see what they have up their sleeve. Just make sure to provide a better deal than whatever they have going on.

Pitch Products in a More Human, Interactive Way

Since people visit social media sites to get personal rather than be bombarded with ads, discuss your business in a fun way and engage your customers with questions. Ask their opinions and entice them to respond back. This way you’re making a valuable connection that will help grow your number of return customers.

Bring Attention to Your Products

Featuring a product on a social media site is one of the fastest ways to bring attention to it. Offer a promotion along with it for your online community members and watch your sales skyrocket.

Increase Customer Loyalty And Trust

Speaking to your customers in a personal way will make them feel like they are talking to a friend, not a company. This will help build their trust in you, which will make them do business with you rather than your competition. It will also improve the chances of customer recommendations.

Listen to Your Customer’s Opinion

Social media sites are an awesome way to see what your target audience is saying about your company or your products. Take their constructive criticism and use it to enhance your product to better meet their needs.

Conduct Market Research

Listen to what your customers say about your products and track what links they click on and you’ll begin to see what your customers like and respond to. People love to express their opinions on social media sites, which will allow you to hear the truth. Then you can use your new-found information to tweak your product or service to please them as well as continue to post more information and links that they will enjoy.

Strengthen Customer Service

Social media networks allow your company to answer your customers’ questions and concerns directly in a timely manner. This will improve customer satisfaction and also save you money on long distance customer service phone calls.

For You:

Build Your Personal Reputation

Social networks allow you to get your name out to the world and talk about things that matter to you. This will help you build a good online reputation, which is critical nowadays if you’re looking for a job or even a new business contact.

Display Your Resume

LinkedIn allows you to display your full resume online for any future employers or recruiters to see. This will help bring you new opportunities that never would have existed otherwise.

Find a Job

Jobs are posted every minute on social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter along with the links or information you need to apply for them.

Showcase Your Talents And Establish Yourself as an Expert

If you’re passionate about a certain subject, whether it’s work-related or a hobby, the Internet is a great place to show off your knowledge. Soon people will be coming to you for the breaking information on that topic, and talking about you to friends.

Enhance Your Business Contacts and Enhance Personal Relationships

Through professional sites like LinkedIn, you can build your number of business contacts and enhance your reputation as an expert in your industry. You can also connect with those long-lost high school and college classmates, old colleagues, and out-of-town family members.

Share Information with Like-Minded People

Connect with other professionals in your field to share information. Where else would you be able to connect with industry professionals across the globe to swap stories and advice?

Wendy Suto, President and CEO of Search Circus, specializes in search engine optimization and search engine marketing including social media marketing for over 10 years. Certified in SEO, Wendy Suto only follows natural and organic search engine optimization guidelines with proven results.

27 Responses to “Top 14 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

    Outstanding and informative article for businesses that do not have the knowledge or realize the importance of Social Media Marketing. Thanks for sharing this great information for everyone to benefit from.

    Thank you for your article… it gives a lot of usefool info

    I found the article very informative and it is obvious that tying the loose ends together and presenting a whole combined package that makes the difference.

    avatar Free Stuff says:

    I completely agree with this. If people are involved with you on an emotional level, they will be much more likely to refer friends and family to your business, as well as talk positively about your brand.

    Nice article on Social Media.
    It is a changing space and you make some valid points.
    We are trying to use it more and more on our sites.

    avatar Avenir says:

    Social Media allows end users to engage in multi-directional conversations in or around the content on the website.

    avatar Vizz Media says:

    Social Media is a great way to promote one’s business online. Though Social Media is a lot beneficial, it has some disadvantages also. A wrong online brand strategy could put you at a viral social disadvantage due to a negative word of mouth. Dissatisfied audience tend to share their experience more than the satisfied ones. Again, Social Media Marketing is more time consuming than companies expect. It’s really hard to gather a targeted fan following. But Social Media efforts,if monitored carefully with a little bit of patience, it can deliver handsome results.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely piece of content Wendy.

    Social Media Marketing is the one of the most trending topics in online marketing today. Companies can use social media channels as a way for increasing its goodwills and trustworthiness which may ultimately result in better branding.

    avatar Emily Carter says:

    This is a great post that brings to light the positives of social media marketing! Social media is so useful to communicate with your customer base. Providing valuable content and interacting with your clients in a social way will not only establish the company as a subject matter expert, but will create customer loyalty as well!

    avatar Wayne Calcote says:

    Thanks Wendy. As the VP of Sales at a very small software company, I’m always looking for information on ways to increase sales. Lately I’ve been doing research on how to use social media. There’s alot of information on the subject and it can get pretty confusing. Your article was very helpful….thanks.

    I also found a free ebook on lead generation and it has a great chapter on using social media to generate leads. If you want to pass it on to your readers you can find it at –

    It’s free and I found it very helpful.


    avatar guru ramamoorthy says:

    Good artcile – very useful for people who still are hesitant to get into the SMM

    avatar Ken says:

    Great article. I found this very easy to understand how the power of social media and marketing techniques.

    Absolutely you are correct, It can increase traffic to your site, including incoming link and search engine traffic. Thanks for good sharing.

    Nice article. The potential of social media marketing has attracted many business to use social media marketing as one of their marketing technique. Everyone wishes to get immediate profit it, soon after they start their marketing. But it is not possible in case of social media marketing. You have nourish your customers before you reap the benefits from them.

    avatar Kaavay says:

    I agree that Social media marketing is a very powerful way to communicate with your customers about your products and services.
    Check out my blog on Social Media Marketing – Facebook more addictive than beer in Goa?

    avatar Pravin G says:

    Thank you for share knowledge on board … Like It.

    avatar yolo guy says:

    it and needs serious help

    avatar Ovais Mirza says:

    Hi Wendy,

    Great ideas about social media marketing. I believe that today even SEO depends on Social media marketing efforts. If the content of a blog has a great number of shares then it automatically ranks higher in Google. I recommend inserting pictures with your posts. Pictures say a lot and in social media marketing play a vital role as well. By the way, Thanks a lot for sharing such great ideas.

    Ovais Mirza

    avatar sscsworld says:

    This is a great post. Every day millions of people access social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Blogging and Flickr. Social media websites allow users to post articles, website links, photos, videos, reviews etc. to share with the world and interact with each other, in turn building an online community that is powerful because it is driven by the people and built on trust and common interest.

    avatar Shoaib Akram says:


    I think, SMO Social media optimization is most powerful way to promote products services and eCommerce. Without search engines we can getting targeted traffic.

    -Shoaib Akram

    amazing article well said about each and every benefits shareit for pc

    avatar techno freaked says:

    I think, SMO Social media optimization is most powerful way to promote products services and eCommerce. Without search engines we can getting targeted traffic.

    Social media is driving everything now. You must fortify through social media and explore every option in the field. If you’re not on board the train will leave without you. This article is still relevant today.

    avatar Peter Muller says:

    I think, SMO Social media optimization is most powerful way to promote products services and eCommerce. Without search engines we can getting targeted traffic.

    avatar netaliajames says:

    good information on social media marketing. it is more informative and given clear path to the new bloggers to promote their sites on social media platforms……

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