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February 16, 2011

Three Great Ways To Get Your Website Banned From Search Engines

A large amount of Internet users come to their computer looking for specific information, and most of the time they will use a search engine to find it. It stands to reason, therefore, that if you have a website related to their topic of interest, you can benefit by having your own web pages show up at the top for what they are searching for.

However, if you commit any one of these following three search engine optimization sins, you run the risk of having your website deleted from the search engine listings and you minimize the amount of Internet users that your website will be visible to.

Since search engines first acquired their widespread popularity, people have been trying to figure out the ways to outsmart them, and today there is a reliable list of the strategies that will most definitely get your website banned from the search listings. Some of these techniques might have experienced limited success in the earlier days of the Internet, but today using any of the following three techniques can do much more harm than good, and they should be avoided like the plague.

The first way that you can get banned from the search engines is to create something called a doorway page. This is when you build a web page filled with keywords about one topic in order to garner a good listing in the search engines about that topic, but then automatically redirect the visitor to a different website with a totally unrelated topic. This is a practice that makes a person’s Internet viewing experience unpleasant, and it is easy to understand why such behavior can get you banned from the search listings.

The second way to prevent your website from being listed in the search engines is to use invisible text on your web pages, where you set the font color the same as the background color and fill it with keywords that are only visible to search engines but not to people. This trick is easy to spot, and it will not be of any real benefit to your website if you try and use it.

The third way to get your website banned is something called keyword stuffing, where you create a web page filled with keywords for the search engines but no real content for your visitors. You can tell that such a behavior is ethically questionable, and while it might work for a short time, the long-term losses it can cause means that it is not worth doing.

It is important to view your search engine ranking with a long-term perspective, instead of looking for a quick search engine optimization shortcut that can end up doing damage. Since having a high ranking for a competitive and popular keyword can deliver a large amount of visitors to your website, make sure you take the time to do it right so that you can reap the rewards.

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6 Responses to “Three Great Ways To Get Your Website Banned From Search Engines

    avatar Stephen Monday says:

    This is good, solid advice. The only way to rank near the top of the SERP’s
    is to provide valuable content that is well written, informative, and helpful.


    avatar Haryanto says:

    Thanks for the post, really good info for people like me, who just start to enter this seo “battlefield” 🙂
    @stephen: are you saying that i don’t have to worry about keyword selection on my new website? since i start a new online store, and i guess i can’t easily put any trending topics as a keyword in my content.

    avatar Stephen Monday says:

    No, Your keywords are very important to attaining high page rank when it comes to SEO.
    They must be researched, chosen, then woven into the copy, having a 2-3% ratio at best. (anymore than that – the engines see it as “stuffing.”
    If you want professional help with your new Web site – email me at and we may discuss it.

    Very good information. Our website is benefiting from these advices you gave. Cheers from 🙂

    yeah it’s require to know from where our website has been banned, this is very important post for the SEO service provider and they can get benefits from this post.

    avatar Rajkumar says:

    Woow. It’s great news. Good information for the all SEO people.

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