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March 22, 2011

Tips and Tools on How to Grow Your Twitter Following

Growing a large following is something many new Twitter users struggle with. They see all these big accounts with 20, 50 or even 100K followers and wonder how did they ever get there?

Today we will give you some tips and tools on how to grow your following steadily and we’ll also make sure that you stay within the Twitter guidelines to avoid account suspension. There are certain practices that are not allowed and the last thing you want is to get your account suspended after you worked hard to get a decent following.

Quality or Quantity?

This is the first thing you have to ask yourself. Do you want a small group of followers where you can easily keep track of the timeline and interact with everybody or do you want to grow as big as possible and utilize Twitter lists to keep up with the tweets you care about?

If you have a Twitter account for personal use, the first option will probably work best for you. If you have any commercial aspirations and would like to promote your brand or business to the world market, your goal will be to reach as many potential clients as possible. Growing your Twitter following is an easy and low cost method to promote your business or brand worldwide.

Tools of the Trade

These are a few tools we use to manage our account. There are many more tools out there but today we will stick to the tools that work for us.


Simply enter your user name and it will show you who isn’t following back, who is a fan and mutual followings. If you connect with Twitter, it will also give you the option to follow or unfollow users.


Similar to FriendorFollow but more advanced and it can filter your account for a variety of stats such as users without a profile image or users that are quiet or tweet a lot. There is a pro upgrade available but the basic mode has all the features an average user will need.


When your account starts to grow exponentially it becomes hard to keep track of all your new followers. If you want to set up a welcome message for all your new followers, this is the tool to use. You can set up an auto DM and welcome new followers. DO NOT add a link to that message because that’s what everybody is doing and will only tick people off. Come up with something creative and original within the 140 character limit.

There are also features that will allow you to auto tweet status updates but that is NOT done as you should keep it real on Twitter, more about this at the end of this blog post.


Fun and addictive would be the best way to describe this tool! You can actually use this to grow your stats on Twitter, Facebook, Website and YouTube. You can earn credits for connecting with other Twiends users and use those credits to let others connect with you. Sort of like a marketplace. You can even tweak your setting to get higher quality followers and there is an option to buy credits if you don’t have the time to earn credits manually.


If you want to find followers in a specific geographical area or category, this is the tool for you. It lets you search for users per city or from a directory of categories. This is great if you have a local business and you want to connect with all the Twitter users in your city for example. You can also follow and unfollow within this tool.

Now How Do I Get Followers?

All the above will help you to manage the new followers as your account starts to grow. Obtaining new followers can be done in many ways.

* Follow users from follow back lists. Many users have created lists consisting of people that returned the follow so there is a good chance those users will follow you as well if you start to follow them.
Just Google: “follow back list twitter”.

* Use the Twellow tool to find users in your niche or city and connect with them.

* Add Twitter links to your website, blog and email signature if you use one.

* Use the Twiends tool to get new followers.

As your new followers start to roll in it’s time to use the account management tools such as FriendorFollow and ManageFlitter. Find out who followed you back and who didn’t. You can also unfollow people that didn’t return the follow if you wish but DO NOT mass unfollow people or unfollow those who did return the follow. These are bad practices that could get your account suspended. We’re not celebrities that have 500K followers and only follow 10 users back. Your account should have a healthy follower ratio.

Remember that you can only follow 10% more than your follower count when you pass the 2000 follower mark. Example: 3000 followers will allow you to follow 3300 users.

Keeping It Real

This is what it’s all about. It’s alright to try and get a large following but don’t do any of the following:

* Don’t spam your product link over and over again.

* Don’t use auto tweet tools except for a meaningful auto DM perhaps.

* Don’t mass follow and unfollow since this could get your account suspended.

* Don’t unfollow those who return the follow just to make yourself look more popular.

If you stick to these guidelines and use the above tools you can easily grow your following to any size you want.

Want to stay in touch? Follow us@WildPeekDesign. This article is provided by Vince Peek founder of Wild Peek Design. Providing service everywhere from the middle of nowhere.

13 Responses to “Tips and Tools on How to Grow Your Twitter Following

    Loved your article!! I will strongly advise my friends to read your website

    avatar Scott Haley says:

    I was just at a BNI meeting and asked the attendees how many had a Twitter account and how many thought they were using it well. The first question most raised their hands and the second almost none. I will be forwarding this link to them.

    Easy to read and understand for the Twitter newbie. I have to admit it took me almost a year to reach 1000 followers. The ideas here would have made that so easy to attain in weeks instead of months.

    avatar Vince Peek says:

    Thank you for forwarding the link! Getting the first 1000 can be a challenge if you don’t have the right tools. Once you reach a certain level your following will also start to grow by itself because of your expanded network.

    avatar @donjeffre says:

    Well written and informative. I am new to TW and will try these ideas to get my numbers up.

    avatar SEO Bedford says:

    Thanks for sharing these Twitter tools I didn’t know some of them and they will come in hand to manage my account. Also didn’t know the 10% follower ration. I’ve got over 2K followers and must pay attention to that.

    avatar Kate Lennon says:

    Okay, maybe I’m just a bit thick, but I didn’t understand a word of that article. The author assumes that the reader understands all the terminology of Twitter – and yet the article is clearly intended for newbies.
    The tool which shows you who’s following you back might be useful IF you had 10,000 followers. But if you had 10,000 followers why would you be reading an article called “Tips on How to Grow Your Twitter Following”?
    “If you want to find followers in a specific geographical area or category, this (Twellow) is the tool for you”. So I created an account – only to discover that the Twellow neighborhood doesn’t include Europe (where I and 1,000,000,000 other people live).
    “Follow users from follow back lists”. Huh? What is a backlist? What is he talking about? “Just Google: ‘follow back list twitter’ “. Yes, I did that, and I found loads of “backlist” websites, which I visited, but I still have no idea what they do, or how I0m supposed to use them.
    “DO NOT add a link to that (welcome) message….” Uh, I’ve just watched about twenty videos on YouTube giving advice on using Twitter, and they ALL emphasize the importance of including a link to your website in your welcome message.
    So as far as using Twitter is concerned, I’m still as confused as ever after reading this article – if not moreso.

    avatar Derek Jones says:

    I’ve been looking for tools to increase my Twitter followers so thank you for such an excellent and informative article.

    avatar Vince Peek says:

    Hi Kate,
    I’m sorry the article confused you so much.

    – The tool that shows you who’s following you or not is useful for anyone who is growing their twitter account. It allows you to unfollow people that stopped following you just for the sake of making their own account look more popular.

    – Twellow is always expanding its TwellowHood so besides Great Britain and Ireland more European countries will follow. I’m a Dutch Canadian myself so I can’t wait for the European expansion.

    – The follow back lists are lists with Twitter users that are most likely to return the follow. I would be happy to send you some links and instructions on this.

    – The link in the welcome message is considered annoying and will just be ignored by most users. We have done some tests with this and found that a clever or somewhat humoristic message gets a more positive response then just another welcome message + link. We obtain many new followers per day and 90% has the same non creative message with a link. You have to find a way to stand out from the crowd. If you have diverse and quality tweets + a branded account they will visit your site eventually. (branded account means having an original profile and background image)

    I hope this will shed some light on the topics in the article. I have also send you an email. Feel free to contact us for some free advise on Twitter.

    Have a nice day!

    Vince Peek
    Wild Peek Design

    avatar Ben Kevin says:

    You missed TweetTwain, a free all-in-one tool for managing multiple accounts. It has got auto-follow/keyword based follow/bio search and follow/un-follow/blacklist/whitelist/add to list/unfollow all features.

    Tweet Twain

    avatar Serkan Yilmaz says:

    I use for Searching Users- Tweet RT and Favorite listing and deletion – Unfollower finding an deletion. Even though the site is new, it works well!

    Site also allows you to see any twitter user’s (included yours) unfollowers, followers and followings without login.

    Of course it’s free and unlimited!

    Well written and informative. I am new to TW and will try these ideas to get my numbers up.

    avatar satu jam says:

    thanks for sharing. twitter today as dead. as are many social media that can beat one of them is facebook twitter. Can you give a reason about it

    Awesome Post. Thank you for sharing the tools for Growing Twitter Followers. Previously I was using FriendorFollow but now I am going to test the other tools also.

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