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March 28, 2011

Top Ten Tips On How To Use Payroll Software

If you are still doing any part of payroll by hand, chances are that you are not taking full advantage of the advances in payroll software. Here below are the top ten ways that you can increase efficiency and accuracy by simply letting the payroll software do the heavy lifting.

1. Calculate taxes automatically.

Federal, state, local, Social Security, Medicare, and net pay taxes are all calculated by payroll software. As perhaps the most time consuming and tedious of calculations (as well as the ones with the most need for pinpoint accuracy), the correct payroll software with the right company who stands behind its calculations (make sure there is a guarantee of some sort when it comes to taxes) is a way to drastically reduce payroll workflow.

2. Deductions are able to be customized to your business specifically.

Your business is unique, and so are the things you must do to run it. Therefore, your deductions are not going to look like anyone else’s. Payroll software will allow you to create custom categories for deductions and automatically calculate them based on the most up to date tax tables.

3. Let payroll software handle your federal forms.

Stop doing your W2s by hand. While you are at it, stop doing your 944s, 941s, and 940s by hand, too. Printed federal forms cut down on mistakes anyway, which saves you time and money, potentially a lot of money from potential audit.

4. Payroll software does business reports.

Electronic payroll reports that can be quickly exported to PDF, Excel, or Quickbooks format can potentially be a lifesaver, and at the very least, can save you the hassle of saving and finding paper files, as well as auto organizing your reports for future use. Use these for your deposit requirements, payroll taxes, tax liability, journal summary, employee earning total, journal details, pay periods, and payroll details.

5. Use payroll software to print checks.

Payroll software can give you pre-printed checks or allow you to print your own checks. Many software packages offer both options.

6. Use payroll software to take care of your direct deposits.

You will get a better class of employees if you show that you are up to date in your payment methods, which includes direct deposit.

7. Payroll software gives a sense of security.

Use payroll software to protect your files from hackers.

8. Technical Support.

Good payroll software packages give you the backing of the company as well as the software itself, which basically means that you have an outsourced technical support accounts team for free on call, which is about the best price that you can get.

9. Simplicity.

Once you make the initial setups to your payroll software, most of the processes become automatic, a much better process than having to train new employees over and over and look over their shoulder for mistakes.

10. Cost.

Payroll software streamlines your accounts workflow at a minimum of cost. Many packages are so good today that they can completely replace a human accounting employee.

If you follow these simple tips, you should be able to effectively use payroll software to benefit your business.

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14 Responses to “Top Ten Tips On How To Use Payroll Software

    avatar David Young says:

    I find that having a time clock that can import data directly to payroll software helps with accuracy and also helps cut down on the clutter and waste that paper slips record. Plus, electronic numbers are less error prone than paper to screen.

    I am joining in payroll software .So i have more benefits in payroll software.

    Thank you Jamie Simpson,for your information.Third tip was very useful for me.

    avatar roopa.h.r says:

    i do’t knw how operate with payroll software…. is there any videos related to it….. if so pls provide the linkage address to my email id…… i’m a CA article assistant… pls do the needfull….

    avatar Zain says:

    Hi, I am an accountant. We manage payroll related problems on peachtree or any other software. But I can do this work even on excel:)

    avatar Mike hudson says:


    I’m a Chartered Accountant and I do use some of payroll softwares to calculate tax, monthly salary etc. But when i read your article about “tips on how to use payroll software” it gives me good idea to work better with these payroll softwares. Dividing the article into headings like:Calculate taxes automatically, Deductions are able to be customized to your business specifically,technical support, cost, Now I’m much secure about using these softwares. Thanks !

    avatar Tauseef Alam says:

    I use a payroll software in my organization and it is very useful.
    I would recommend to use to everyone who are running a small business.

    An accountant does very responsible job in any organization so this accounting software will help to perform his job easily. I will recommend you to see an accountant job description to get a perfect idea about this job & accounting software.

    Before then read on this article, I never know about payroll software, But After using I can Say that this is really very good software. I am working as an Accountant in a Holi Status Company. Thanks for share this article and if you can share then share any tutorial of how to use payroll as a payroll expert.

    I know one site which provides free payroll software to all. if you are going to use that site then these all given tips will be very useful for you. Must say you covered almost everything in this post. Thanks to share awesome tips with us.

    avatar Bhavesh K says:

    Payroll software is the most popular option for today small and medium-sized organizations, large organizations regularly require full-time accountants or accounting departments.. Payroll software gives you a chance to do the following using either a web-based interface or desktop computer software.

    avatar Dinesh says:

    I found one platform. TopTenInsider listed on top ten payroll software for small and large enterprise.

    avatar sahil jangid says:

    First to thank Jamie for this helpful and interesting post.

    Payroll software, I think it’s not a new for anyone. Payroll is a unique business software who helps you several types in your business. Tips that mentioned in this post are too unique and helpful and hope it helps me lot. Point like: Use payroll software to print checks and Payroll software gives a sense of security are too new and unique for me.

    thank you again ……….It’s great post and expects same for your future posts.

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