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April 4, 2011

Affiliate Marketing – How Do I Generate An Income?

There are several different ways to generate a viable and sustainable income in Affiliate Marketing, The very first thing you need to determine is what product or service you want to promote or sell. Out of the millions of products and services out there, how are you going to choose something that is desirable to the public, yet has a low threshold of competition? My first recommendation would be to think of a product you are passionate about. Doing research and promoting a product or service you love will be fun and exciting for you. Don’t get too general and pick a huge market idea but grill down to a niche within that large market so you can concentrate on a specific area that is of great interest to you.

After you have made this determination, you need to find someone who has this product and needs other people (affiliates) to help sell their goods or services. That’s one thing that’s so great about Affiliate Marketing; people are out there doing the work and are looking for people to help promote and sell what they have. There are several affiliate services available to you such as ClickBank or OfferVault where you can find the product(s) you have an interest in. You sign up in the program that interests you most, and you have the first step done. The next obvious step will be to figure out how to get traffic to your product so prospects will purchase it. These is where a great percentage of people get frustrated or give up, because they lack the skills to promote or market what they want to sell. It can be a very daunting task, but there are many venues at your disposal which will alleviate the frustration and make your plans and ideas come to fruition.

Let’s go over some ways you could market your product or services so you can monetize your efforts.

1) A Website – A website always becomes an issue because most people don’t know how to go about putting one up on the Internet properly. They either don’t have the skills, knowledge, or the determination to create a website. The first question would be: can you generate an income without a website? The answer is a resounding…YES. The facts are, however, your chances of generating a viable income rise exponentially with a website at your disposal. If you research enough, you will find all the information you need to create a good, professionally looking website on your own. There are also sites out there that charge very little to teach you how to do it. They won’t build it for you (site builders can be quite expensive), but you will learn the fundamentals of putting together an income producing website.

You will also have to choose a domain name (very reasonable cost) and find a hosting company. There are hosting companies that do exist that are free of charge and do a good job. Once you have your website up and running, you can link to a blog, post links to the product or service you want to promote, and create several pages to inform people about the different advantages and benefits of your products you would like to sell. The main thing is to find a reputable site that will help you accomplish this without spending more money than you are willing to expend.

You usually won’t create and market your particular niche for absolutely no expense involved on your part, but it can be very minimal. It is a good idea to find some site(s) that can help you with your foundation so as to avoid the frustration involved with finding everything on your own.

The website you create can be your most important ingredient for guaranteeing your success with Affiliate Marketing.

2) Article Writing – this is another simple way to get started in Affiliate Marketing. If you are going to write articles, you are going to have to post them somewhere so people and prospects can read them. There are an abundance of free article sites upon which you can post your article(s). I would have to say that one of the most popular sites is ezinearticles, but you can find several out there that are also free. You can also find article submission sites that charge you a monthly fee. If you feel you can get more bang for your buck using a fee based site, then you have to weigh that decision out for yourself. One important aspect in reference to your title in any article you write and post is that you need to use the right keywords so you can expect to draw some traffic. Google Keywords is still the place where you can research the best keywords available for your niche product.

If you don’t ever get anybody to read your article, you will never get any traffic. You also have to do that research we talked about because if you do not project a level of professionalism and knowledge on your subject, you will lose them to another site. You do have to be aware that when you submit an article; you cannot refer anyone to a particular affiliate link. You are allowed to put your referenced blog or website in their resource box, but you do have to follow the protocol of the article administration. You also will have to get used to publishing about 6-8 articles per month if you ever want traffic. One article won’t do it, but you will get the hang of it, as this is a great system which will allow you to gain the traffic you need to sustain an income.

3) Blogging – a relatively easy way to get started is to create your own blog. You can go to Blogspot or any free blog site, and you can get set up with a free blog page. It is not my favorite method to promote a niche product with Affiliate Marketing, but it does have its advantages. What I like least about blogging is the aspects of promoting it, and how you have to continually keep it fresh. If you have the same information on your blog all the time, prospects will quit coming, because you offer nothing new to help them make a buying decision. So, how do I actually get prospects to my blog? There are two very acceptable methods that work, and I will share them with you.

First, you can go to Google Keywords and find the right keywords that will draw traffic to your blog site. If you’re passionate about being physically in shape, you can’t just use the keyword “HEALTH”, as it is way too broad. You have to look at keywords that go deeper into your niche that promotes abs, thighs, buttocks, biceps, or jogging, and then you have to determine if you are going after the male or female traffic (or both). It is necessary to narrow your competition down by using more of the long tailed keywords that will apply to your niche product, and Google keywords will do that for you. An example of a long tail keyword might be: rock hard abs, or how to run a marathon, or enviable buttocks in six weeks. We could go on, but you have to find the right combination for the product you have chosen. If you go the blog route, I feel it’s important to use a keyword in the Title of your blog, as well. This technique helps draw traffic to your blog site and should convert to sales. Once you have decided upon your niche product, done your research, and picked your keywords, you can now create that blog. I would recommend that you start out with a review of the product, how or why you used it, and how it helped you. Then you will need to add the appropriate link to your product.

Second, you could use your social networking to attract people to your blog. Whether you tweet and follow people, have a following, or you do the same on Facebook, you can get people to your blog simply by strategizing a method that would make people want to visit your blog. You need to inform your prospects something about what is in it for them to visit, they, in turn, need to see what’s in it for them, and you need to make that call to action for them to at least visit your blog. These will be your prospects, and you then need to make them your customers.

Regardless of how you go about getting yourself involved in Affiliate Marketing, you need to do your research, not only for the product you want to promote, but the method(s) you choose to employ to promote it. Once you have a solid foundation, it will not only get easier, but you will continually get better at it and generate that income you deserve.

4 Responses to “Affiliate Marketing – How Do I Generate An Income?

    avatar William Rose says:

    A good read, thank you. I am just into affilliate promoting and was entirely confused as to where to start. I look forward to more posts.

    Twitter: @vorbixseo

    avatar Carlton Seek says:

    The idea of the so-called Internet guru has become very popular as of late. If you just follow the Internet Guru, he will lead you to riches…true or untrue? Well, it’s true. But make no mistake…most gurus want to make money from you, not help you achieve online success. The other thing to consider is, are you the type of person who is going to be able to follow somebody? Or, are you the kind of person who can use what you have and form your own way of making money online. I realized pretty early on that, while I wanted to learn things from people, the reality was, I was going to have to find my own way of making money online…a collage of all the ideas I had come to.

    It’s not everybody that can do this…but that’s how my mind worked. Never ever get it into your head that you have to “follow the rules” in order to make money on the web. It simply isn’t true. You can do things your own way and have lots of success. It’s just a matter of wanting it and making it a part of your life in order to find your own way through the Internet marketing maze.

    It is a fact that affiliate marketing is among the simplest and most efficient ways to generate income online. However, you will have to make an effort right until you can generate income from your affiliate business. You must work hard if you want to achieve success and you will also have to apply certain tools in order to earn money.

    1. Commitment: The very first thing you have to do is to commit to yourself that you are serious with your choice, you’re serious with building your own business, serious about taking 100% responsibility with whatever you do. You might think that this sounds ridiculous, but it’ll guide you rightly on your journey. Once you can think, and are responsible like a real business owner, you’ll stand out from people.

    2. Education: The next important part that can make or break your business is your education, or your knowledge about this online business. Most people failed because they did not know exactly what Internet Affiliate Marketing is, how it works, and how they can do things correctly. If you want to see results in the long run, you must arm yourself with enough knowledge. Don’t let something that you don’t know holds you back.

    3. Focus: The laser beam can break through even the thickest plate of metal because it focuses its energy. You can break even everything if you stay focus too. Fact is, people have no advantages over you, everyone starts at the same level, the reason why some have success, some don’t lies in the word “focus”. Focus on what you can do best, on what you know the most, and go with them, you’ll join the 5% group soon.

    4. Taking actions: Isn’t it true that only taking actions can bring you closer to your goals? You can’t achieve results just by sitting there, making a wish! It’s time to put what you’ve learned so far to real actions. I know this is the hardest part, but believe me that when you can do the very first action toward your goals, the next steps will come naturally. Whatever you do, make sure that it guides you to your goals!

    5. Don’t quit: Quitters are losers! In fact, if you’re serious with your online business, having enough knowledge about what you’re doing, and are taking actions persistently, chances are you’ll never quit! Congratulations! Because most people came in fast, but they quit soon as well. If you just stay focus, taking actions, and don’t quit, you’ll be successful. Guaranteed!

    The best way to truly find your fortune is yes, learn from those who have been there. But also learn how to tap into your own inner power, and be your own person. Find your own will and your own direction. Test things out for yourself and see if they work.
    You can also discover the top secrets and methods made by one of the top successful affiliate marketers (George Brown), and learn how to generate big revenues using nothing but free traffic.
    And you can also contact me on I’ll be more than happy out there to help

    Carlton Seek

    avatar Carlton Lucas says:

    We’ve all heard stories of people making easy money online with auction sites like Clickbank, or by writing a blog, or by using Google AdSense, and quite a few other methods. Is it truly that easy? If you’re a newbie, then the answer is “no”. When you discover a proven system however, then it truly is feasible to make easy money online. My favourite approach for accomplishing this is with affiliate marketing.

    It is a fact that affiliate marketing is among the simplest and most efficient ways to generate income online. However, you will have to make an effort right until you can generate income from your affiliate business. You must work hard if you want to achieve success and you will also have to apply certain tools in order to earn money.

    1. Make a list of topics that you find intriguing.

    2. Sign up with some affiliate networks and browse their product offerings.

    3. Find affiliate products that are being successfully promoted by others. This can be done by searching the affiliate stats.

    4. Find out if there’s a demand for the item you are thinking about promoting. This can be done with the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. It can show you how many times a specific keyword phrase is being searched for each month.

    5. When you discover an item that meets all of these criteria then sign up as an affiliate. You’ll get a unique Id number that’s located in your link to the merchant’s web site. This identification number is what makes it possible for you to get paid.

    6. Publish a Newsletter (Optional)

    It amazes me how many people don’t capture email addresses on their site. Email marketing can be one of the most effective ways of creating loyalty and trust with your visitors.

    Newsletter can keep your visitors informed with what’s new at your site, and it also provides you with the opportunity to market additional product and services to them.

    What’s great about a newsletter subscriber is that they’ve already told you they like what you have to offer. They wouldn’t have given you their email address if they didn’t right? So it’s important you keep their interest so they don’t unsubscribe.

    Don’t go for sales every time
    Many people make the mistake of throwing to throw in too many sales pitches in their newsletter. If you appear as though you’re just trying to get your visitors to buy something every time you send out an email, they’ll catch on quickly and unsubscribe.

    Now, there is the exception. If you own a shopping website then this rule doesn’t apply as much. Your visitors expect you to send information on new products in your store.

    For example, when you sign up with’s newsletter, you expect them to send you deals and information on products on you can purchase on . What else would you do at but shop?

    However, if you have an information website on how to play tennis, and in your newsletter you’re constantly trying to get people to buy from different sports stores you’re affiliated with, that’s a di9fferent story.

    Eventually your subscribers will start to feel like they’re being pitched to over and over again. Pretty soon they’ll get the idea that you’re just trying to earn a commission and sell products.
    Mix relevant information with product recommendations
    It’s important that you find a nice mix providing quality information and soft selling. In other words, every email you send out should not be promoting something. Something you should just send out helpful information that your audience can use.

    Then once and a while you can throw in a recommendation for a product you believe your subscribers will be interested in. This is where you plug the company you’re affiliated with.

    Let’s say you send a newsletter on how to perfect your tennis swing. You can go through the techniques in your email and at the end you can recommend your favourite tennis video from This is where you send them to buy the video and’s affiliate program pays you.

    So even though you are promoting a product, ou still began the email by offering them valuable information about the topic of tennis. What’s great is if you do this effectively, it doesn’t come off as “selling “. It just appears that you’re making a recommendation for a product you love.

    I use Aweber
    I tried running a newsletter script on my own server, but it was not very robust. Unless you are really into programming, i’d recommend using a third party site to manage our newsletter.

    With Aweber, you can collect demographic information from your website visitors then they subscribe, and you can send targeted massages based upon the information you collect.

    So for example, let’s say when people subscribe to your newsletter you ask them for their age and their sex. With aweber, you can send a targeted email out to females under the age of thirty if you wish.

    Aweber also tracks click-thru rates for links inside your emails and they provide excellent reporting.

    7. Learn from the top successful affiliate marketers that have succeeded as being affiliate marketers and copy the same exact methods and techniques that they’ve done.

    Lastly, you’re going to need to develop a marketing plan. This doesn’t include things such as creating internet websites, writing articles, producing videos, advertising, or a combination of any or all of these techniques. You might wish to invest in a good affiliate marketing course to teach you about the numerous strategies available.
    You can also discover the top secrets and methods made by one of the top successful affiliate marketers (Steve Iser), that will take you on a step by step guide and discover how to generate big revenues using nothing but free traffic.
    And you can also contact me on I’ll be more than happy out there to help

    Carlton Lucas

    avatar Wade Balsdon says:

    Informative article, thanks for sharing.

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