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April 13, 2011

A Facebook Landing Page Engages New Visitors

If you have set up a Facebook page for your business and stopped there, you’re missing out on a big opportunity. You can – and should – create a landing page for first-time visitors to your company’s Facebook page. That landing page is a chance to welcome new people with an introduction to your business, and possibly even display a special offer that will turn them into fans.

Without a landing page, first-time visitors to your company’s page will likely see your wall first, with your latest status updates and fans’ comments. That’s not the easiest place for someone who doesn’t know your company to figure out who you are and what you do. Remember, engaging people on Facebook isn’t just about accumulating followers – it’s about becoming more visible on the Web and making more people aware of your brand.

Below you’ll find some examples of great Facebook landing pages. When you’re ready to make a landing page for your company’s first-time visitors, get step-by-step instructions from our companion article, How To Create a Facebook Landing Page.

Turn First-Time Visitors into Fans

Some companies use their Facebook landing page to entice new visitors into “liking” the company’s page. (Clicking “like” on a page has replaced becoming a “fan” of a page.) Once someone has “liked” a page, they’ll get notifications in their news feed whenever the company updates its status, enticing them to keep coming back.

It only gets better. Friends of someone who has “liked” a company’s page will see the “like,” and at least a few of them will be curious enough to check the page out.

The screenshots here show Red Bull’s Facebook landing page and its wall. Notice the custom design on the landing page, and how effectively it creates an alluring invitation for new visitors.

You can start brainstorming a good landing page for your business by checking out these examples of fantastic landing pages:

1. Heinz Ketchup communicates a great deal of information on its landing page, titled “Ketchup Love.” The page introduces visitors to the company’s latest packaging innovation, invites them to sign up for an e-mail newsletter, and displays customer comments.

First-time visitors get a great introduction to the Heinz Ketchup brand, along with several invitations to engage more deeply by clicking for more information or to sign up. Notice the abundant images on the page that draw the eye to different types of information.

2. Starbucks uses its Facebook landing page to promote its gift cards by showing Facebook members how easily they can give their friends the gift of Starbucks credit through Facebook itself. First-time visitors to the Starbucks page are invited to purchase a gift card or manage a card they already own.

This landing page is a great example of how to promote a specific offer on a Facebook landing page. It’s also a great example of how to sell on Facebook. By promoting the idea of prepaid cards as gifts, Starbucks is pulling people into making impulse purchases while they’re catching up with their friends on Facebook.

3. Toyota’s Facebook landing page is all about brand image. Toyota launched its “Auto-Biography” campaign on Facebook in July 2010. The campaign seems designed to counter the blow to Toyota’s reputation after the carmaker recalled more 8 million vehicles in 2009 and 2010.

This Facebook landing page highlights personal stories contributed by loyal Toyota owners, and encourages more people to share their own stories of how their Toyota vehicles fit into their lives. The Auto-Biography campaign is clearly intended to create a warm sense of community among loyal Toyota owner, and re-create positive associations with the Toyota brand.

Now that you’ve seen a few great examples of Facebook landing pages, you’ve probably got a good idea of what you could do for your own company’s page. Our step-by-step guide, How To Create a Facebook Landing Page, will help you set up a page that will entice more visitors to “like” and follow your company on Facebook, and drive more visitors to your website.

Note: This only works for people who don’t like your page already and see this for a non-html solution.

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This article, originally published at, was contributed by Emily Widle of (visit).

Emily is the e-commerce marketing specialist at PegasusLighting (visit), where she focuses on search engine optimization and writes for the company’s lighting blog. Emily set up the landing page for Pegasus Lighting’s Facebook page.

3 Responses to “A Facebook Landing Page Engages New Visitors

    I never thought of that this way .. good writing.

    avatar charles says:

    facebook it is a powerful tool of communication for the voiceless amazing.

    avatar business review says:

    October 4th 2008 ……………Most affiliates know that you need to have some text on your landing page in order to help yourself achieve a better quality score especially with Google and that this text must be related to your ads and keywords that you are using to send visitors to your page from the search engines..Affiliates should include several articles in fact on their landing sites in order to make sure they are getting the best quality score they can from content. Google loves to see plenty of content on sites and not just plenty but also fresh content. So most affiliates not only have a decent amount of articles on their sites when they launch a niche they also are adding new articles weekly..If youre an affiliate that isnt you could be shoot yourself in the foot however this article isnt about that so moving on my question for the day is this.Is the article on your actual landing page the same type as the ones youre using throughout the rest of your site for content? If so why?.I think affiliates have gotten so worried about their quality score that they have forgotten that their article not only needs to provide great content but also sell your visitors on your product or service that youre offering!.Your Landing Page Article is Your Opportunity to Sell!.The article on your actual landing page shouldnt even be referred to as an article in my opinion. It needs to be referred to as a sales letter! Of course Im not talking about those long sales pages you see for a lot of e-books unless thats what you are promoting. Im talking about just understanding again that while some wont read your article there will be plenty of visitors that do and based on what your article says you could keep and convert those visitors into cash or they could simply hit their back button and move on in the search results looking for something that will help them.Even if you have the best product or service out there unless you tell your visitors they arent going to know! You must tell them what your product or service has to offer. Not only should you explain what your product or service is and what it has to offer but your sales letter should also include these things..What Your Sales Letter Should Include . .Understanding and knowing that your landing page article is not only an article that should supply content but also an article that should sell your visitor will help you increase conversions and with a little practice you wont lose a bit of quality score by doing so!.So in closing I would just like to repeat on thing!.Your landing page article should not look or read like the rest of the articles on your site!!!.

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