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April 24, 2011

Question and Answer Websites

Question and answer websites have popped up all over the Internet. These interactive sites are designed to connect individuals and help them get answers to questions. We have compiled a list of some of the more popular Question & Answers websites below:

1. Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers is probably the largest and most respected Question & Answer site on the web. You can ask questions on any topic, or you can answer questions on any topic. There are no fees to participate. The person asking the question can indicate his choice for the best answer, and the community can rate responses as well. Points and levels are given for answering questions and receiving top ratings. Questions are categorized, making it easy to find questions and answers in your area of expertise. The Q&A database is also searchable, and you can filter the search results so that only open or resolved questions are displayed.

2. Amazon AskVille

Askville, powered by Amazon, is a community of people who ask and answer questions. Unlike other Question & Answer websites, Askville has a rich media component that allows respondents to include videos or an Amazon suggestion with their responses. Questions are categorized and searchable, making them easy to locate in the Askville database.

3. AnswerBag

AnswerBag is a traditional Question & Answer website. The AnswerBag site is free to use so you can ask and answer questions of interest.

4. Yedda/AOL Answers

Yedda/AOL Answers is a free Question & Answer community, but on a smaller scale than some others. Unlike other Q&A communities, which often restrict the length of time you can respond to questions, Yedda lets you answer questions for an unlimited period of time. Yedda also displays related questions and answers in addition to the question being replied to. New topics and associations between topics are created dynamically by the Yedda community.

5. Mahalo Answers

Mahalo Answers is a Question & Answer website with a twist — Mahalo uses Mahalo dollars. Those asking questions can define how much they will give for a good answer. Top answerers receive Mahalo dollars.

6. BlurtIt

BlurtIt is a standard Question & Answer website. You can ask questions, find answers, and share your knowledge with users from around the world.

7. SimplyExplained

Are you an expert in a given field? Simply Explained gives you the opportunity to share the knowledge and expertise you might have in any subject, from Asbestos through to Zinfandel, by answering questions relevant to your field posed by other Simply Explained users from around the globe. You can choose which questions to answer, and you will be ranked by other users according to how helpful, accurate, and simple-to-understand your answers are.

8. IMAnswers

IMAnswers is a Question & Answer site with an internet marketing focus. Posters can ask and respond to marketing related questions.

9. AskMeHelpDesk

AskMeHelpDesk is free-to-join site and contains a wide variety of questions and answers.

10. Fixya

Fixya is a community resource capable of providing relevant and up-to-date troubleshooting data. FixYa is designed for the do-it-yourself market, for individuals who want to repair and improve upon their already-purchased possessions. Individuals on Fixya can share real-world experience and connect with others to provide practical advice on a wide-range of topics from fixing cars, to cameras, to iPhones, to printers, etc. FixYa participants (FixYans) are part of a DIY revolution that helps empower techies, tinkerers, and hobbyists around the world.

11. FunAdvice

FunAdvice started with five categories and a simple goal: – to be the place where people could get or give advice on personal relationships. Years later, the focus has expanded to include more than twenty categories, and FunAdvice has become a place where you can ask questions, get answers, and make friends.

12. Fluther

Fluther is a free Q&A collective that specializes in getting fast answers from community members. Members can ask and answer questions.

13. Uclue

Uclue is a fee-based Question & Answer service. The team of Uclue researchers will look over questions, and one of them will likely ‘lock’ it and get to work on an answer. If a researcher needs more information, or if the fee isn’t quite adequate for the amount of work involved, the researcher will post a Clarification Request, and the poster will be notified by email that their input is being sought.

14. Answerology

Answerology is a Question & Answer site that is designed to help people improve relationships, whether it be romantic partners, family, friends, or colleagues. It’s all about sharing experience and advice.

15. Unasked

The only stupid questions are the ones left unasked. Unasked is a learning community with questions and answers on a variety of topics.

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22 Responses to “Question and Answer Websites

    I was surprised that you left off experts-exchange ( It is a pay site (about $100. per year), but that tends to keep the askers and experts professional.

    avatar shemul49rmc says:

    its complicated ! ! !! !!!!!!!! !

    avatar John says:

    Great list however i have had a look at all of them and some of them are rather out of date as it is showing questions which are 2 years old!

    avatar Zippy Cart says:

    Question and answer sites respond to the more conversational way in which users are interacting with the internet. This is also carrying over into the ecommerce world, where customers are bringing their product questions to websites where past shoppers and product experts are standing by to give them insight and help them make good purchases.

    avatar bebo says:

    this is also good queton and answer site..!

    avatar Phani says:

    There one new website

    they pay for questions and answers

    avatar Limag says:

    Don’t forget – it’s $10, but you get to find out if there are results you want before you pay.

    avatar Hubrid says:

    Junglr, is the newest question answer site just launched in beta July 2011 focused on a fast interface and easy organization of questions.

    avatar Prabhu says:

    OnestopQ&A, is the newest question answer site ..this is also good queton and answer site ,check it out….!

    avatar Luke says:

    I like because it is really easy to answer questions and they people there really answer your question thoughtfully.

    avatar grand near says:

    you forgot old answer website sense 2007

    avatar Peter says:

    How about Its been around for about 2 years. Answers are moderated before publishing for accuracy!

    avatar hamdia loran says:

    How about Its been around for about 5 years. Answers are moderated and rejected if not correct and every answer get paid.

    avatar Parker says: is for ranking answers.

    Your answers can either be short text listings or photos – other users rank the best ones. You can add your own answers (to be organized) or let the public provide the answers (and also rank). Privacy settings are extensive – share your questions with everyone, or some people, or just a private audience.

    avatar Larry Hegg says:

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    I am following your blog regularly and got great information. I really like the tips you have given.

    Questions answers are really very great source to get solutions of problems. Even we can use question answer sites to get traffic.

    avatar Tom says:

    I have noticed a new website hope this will be helpful for your readers

    avatar Ankita Nayak says:

    Thanks for sharing this awesome list of Questions and Answering sites.But one more site I want to recommend for any kind of queries is AskOpinion is a very unique concept and platform that offers instant and relevant responses to your thoughts and queries.

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