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May 22, 2011

How to Use Social Media for SEO – A SPN Exclusive Article

There are numerous benefits to engaging in social media marketing. Some are tangible (number of Likes, Fans and followers) and some are not (enhanced customer service, brand recognition and developing lasting relationships). You may not fully “get” social media, but you can’t deny that it is important and should be included in your overall marketing campaign. Social media is here to stay, and it is up to you to make sure your company uses it to their best advantage.

SEO is another field of online marketing that has earned itself a permanent spot in the marketing campaigns of many companies. With millions of searches being conducted every day, a company that can’t be found in the search engines is practically invisible. SEO isn’t just about ranking well; it’s about building your online brand. There are many factors that affect how a site ranks in the search engines and SEO is about optimizing your site as best as possible to help it succeed.

However, SEO and social media marketing shouldn’t exist in separate silos. In truth, there should be an element of SEO in all of your online activities, as well as finding a way to leverage your offline marketing methods online. As social media marketing matures, it is becoming clearer and clearer that it has an impact on a site’s SEO.

Here are a few ways you can use your social media marketing activities to aid your SEO:

Create Social Networking Profiles

Aside from the big three of social media (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) there are literally hundreds of smaller social networking sites for every kind of audience. Each of these profiles has the potential to rank in the search engines, increasing your brand presence online. Keep in mind that you should only create profiles on sites that you actually intend to be involved with. While creating a profile to just get the link is okay, an active profile is going to be worth much more in the long run. Social networking sites are a great place to establish relationships with consumers and build a strong community.

Incorporate Keywords into Tweets and Posts

Twitter only gives you 140 characters, so space is limited. It is a great way to share a link to your blog, an article, video or any other form of content. Incorporating keywords into the Tweet (perhaps as a hash tag, stylized as #keyword) helps that Tweet get pulled into a results page by the search engines. On Facebook, you have more room to target keywords in your posts. The title of your post is a great place to incorporate keywords. You can also write a short description about the content of each post, another good spot to target keywords.

Drive Traffic to Your Main Site

If you are going to post blog posts on your Facebook or LinkedIn page, don’t throw up the whole post. Include a snippet and call-to-action that drives visitors from your social networking profile over to your company blog. Having someone read the whole post on your social profile doesn’t give you the chance to lead them further into your site.

On your site, you can include links to your social media profiles, but they shouldn’t be prominently featured. Why would you want to send traffic away from your site? What good is getting someone to Like you on Facebook if you want them to buy your product? They are already on your site, don’t send them away. Otherwise, what is the point all of your SEO? Your social media profiles should serve as gateways to your main site, not the other way around.

Reach Out to Influential Social Media Personalities

Every industry has a leader that your target audience looks to for advice. These influential personalities can help better position your brand in front of that audience. Connecting with them on social networking sites is the first step in building a relationship with them. Social media marketing is a give and take. You can’t expect others to share your content if you don’t share theirs. Google has also admitted they take author authority into account when looking at social media to influence the search results. A link or story shared by an active user has more weight and worth than that same link when shared by a spam account. Quantity is great, but sometimes quality is worth more overall.

Publish Content Within Reasonable Time Frame

Did you know that content posted on a social networking site has a shelf life? A recent study found that Facebook posts get 50% of their likes in the first 80 minutes. However, it takes 22 hours for that same post to get 95% of its Likes. Publishing too frequently means that you’ll push your own content out. Publishing too infrequently means you’ll lose the engagement of your community. Content marketing is a critical component of SEO, but it is a fine line between too much and too little content.

Many sites allow for “social sign-in,” meaning you can leave a comment using your Facebook login information. Your activity on these sites is then linked to your Facebook account and gets published on your wall. Depending on how much blog commenting you are doing as a part of your link building campaign, you could be flooding Facebook with your actions. Some of your network might feel like you are spamming them and un-Like your page.

You also have to look at your target audience to best determine when you should be posting content. Another study found that “companies that post content on their Facebook pages outside normal business hours see engagement rates that are 20% higher than average.”

Nick Stamoulis is the President and Founder of Brick Marketing, a Boston SEO services company. With over 12 years of industry experience, Nick Stamoulis shares his knowledge by posting daily SEO tips to his blog, the Search Engine Optimization Journal, and publishing the Brick Marketing SEO newsletter, read by over 130,000 opt-in subscribers. Contact Nick Stamoulis at 781-350-4365 or

21 Responses to “How to Use Social Media for SEO – A SPN Exclusive Article

    avatar John Smith says:

    This is my second visit to this blog. We are starting a new initiative in the same category as this blog. Your blog provided us with important information to work on. You have done a marvellous job.

    avatar Mike Smith says:

    In my opinion adding keywords in profile names will be the new era of social spamming..

    avatar Kevin says:

    It really doesn’t matter what you do on the internet, SEO seems like it is part of it. However, isn’t the whole part of social networking based on connecting or communicating with other people? I can see the opportunity for SEO with a Social sites blog, profile page, pictures, etc., but not with everything on the site. Once it comes to that people, especially online marketers will be doing nothing but stuffing keywords everywhere on their social pages. And as Mike said, stuffing profile names with keywords is just the beginning.

    avatar Sandra says:

    Great post, I agree and give the same advice to clients but great to know others in the business agree 🙂

    avatar John Cho says:

    I like to draw a map displaying all the links between my social media accounts and websites. It really helps you organize your online personality.

    Great post. You are right. Social Media is not a platform to deliver sales pitch. It’s not about talking about yourself. Creating a profile with a keyword will always work out.

    avatar debt relief says:

    Do not just open up social media accounts, update them for a month and then forget all about them. This will have more of a negative than if you had never opened them up in the first place.If you are out to attract prospective customers and develop your online presence and exposure, you owe it to yourself and the financial future of your business to learn everything you can about social media.

    avatar Katherine Archer says:

    It is so iIt is so important in your social media strategy to keep on top of every aspect. A user friendly dashboard like the one offered by SWIX to see what is going to work for you.

    Thanks Nick,
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    David Newman

    Thanks Nick,

    Great Article.,

    I’ve found some good results with social media sites, especially when automating simultaneous spun articles to hundreds of sites in one hit…

    Helps with ranking for keywords such as Vauxhall Dealers In Essex and Used Vauxhall Astra and sometimes I even get results from Used Cars In Essex

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    David Newman

    avatar SEO Bedford says:

    Very useful tips to engage social into an SEO campaign. Over the years a noted that social media links, a great variety of them, had great influence in the indexing and rankings of articles I published on numerous blogs.

    A follow-up post on using aggretor sites would be nice. It’s my impressions there’s a lot to gain from getting ones sociale media content syndicated.

    I am fairly new to anything relating to the web. I recently decided to get into affiliate marketing and am now looking at ways I can use sites like twitter and face book to help promote my web site. I have now experience with social media sites and am a little confused about where and how I can add links to posts that point to my website.

    avatar Citroen dealer Essex says:

    Hi Nick.

    Superb article.

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    Once again thanks Nick

    David Newman

    avatar David Newman says:

    Hi Nick,

    love the article.

    Times move quickly.

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    avatar Johy Bates says:

    SEO is just a common sense to make a successful strategy of a website through Keywords density, and unique content + internal link placement.


    Johny Bates

    In 2014 the only way to use Social media for SEO is only share unique ans sharable content which people and mostly says like your friends and then like by friends of friends. this is the way you make it viral and get lots of traffic from social media.

    Great Article filled with lots of info.. there is a lot of weightage in your comment that there should be seo in all your online activities and without a good seo for your website it is practically in the dark. Big businesses will be out of the reach of world audience if they do not have good web presence.

    avatar john ritcher says:

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    avatar Sofia says:

    Great post.
    Thank you for sharing good information on SEO and SEO techniques are like hiding n seek style.
    Content is king and this is why I use professional copy writing services to create unique SEO rich content.

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