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November 28, 2011

Recognizing the Power of Video Marketing

Video Marketing

The use of online video as a marketing tool is a relatively new innovation but is one that is proving to be very popular with businesses. Video has been used for some time by the corporate sector, but online video has a shorter lifespan although that is changing.

Businesses have recognized the power of this medium which enables their products or services to be demonstrated to audiences all around the world. This is what we mean by ‘global reach’.

Visual Engagement

Video is a highly visual medium for connecting with your customers. People enjoy watching video and in some cases would prefer to watch a video than read a book as they prefer the immediacy of this medium. Then there is the fact that attention spans are shorter than previously which means that people are less likely to spend time reading about a subject, e.g. product specifications. Product information can be condensed into a short video which appeals to an audience which may be cash rich but time poor. When you stop to consider the popularity of YouTube and other similar platforms then you realize the benefits of using video as part of your marketing strategy. But use this to complement existing sales channels rather than as a replacement.

Visual Demonstration

Video is used as a means of demonstrating how a product works or to show the benefits of a particular service to your customers. Customers can then post and share comments with others which helps to promote your brand, establish credibility and boost your reputation. Visitors will spend more time on your site if you have a professionally produced video which is aimed at them and their needs. It can reduce your site’s bounce rate.

Video SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is another reason why video has been eagerly adopted by businesses. Video tends to rank well and, if deployed correctly, will help to drive more visitors to your site. This increase in traffic means an increase in conversions and sales. Plus video can also be used to improve your position in the search rankings, hopefully driving you to the top of page 1 in Google. For this to occur, videos need to have well thought out titles and accompanying descriptions, all of which contain relevant keywords. And don’t forget to use links as and where necessary because these will also improve your ranking.

Benefits of Video Marketing

These include:

* Visual Appeal – a medium that people respond to
* Growth Opportunities – the medium is still evolving and has potential for future development
* Brand identity promotion
* Interactivity and accessibility
* Niche audience targeting
* Targeted traffic

Other benefits include low cost, emotional impact, increased exposure and credibility building – all of which are vital for any business that is looking to expand in the current climate.

Think about how you can include video in your marketing strategy, but ensure that it is pre-planned and measured over a set period of time. Measure your return on investment (ROI) in the same way you would with any marketing tool.

Article by Roddy Smith, Adaptive Consultancy is a London-based digital agency specializing in website design, eCommerce, and internet marketing, including SEO, PPC and SMO. For more on ecommerce solutions visit:

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    avatar Communicate with Email Subscribers at all Levels-Clickmail-Reach out to where your market isBlog | Clickmail says:

    […] Videos attract viewers. People are 90% more likely to stay on a webpage if it has a video than if it has other forms of content. If your company has a video channel or contains important videos on your website it is important to let email subscribers aware of them. Placing top videos in an email with a link to other videos so that people can see them is a good way to let people see your content in another format. […]

    […] can’t afford to ignore online video any longer.  There’s no doubt about it – video marketing has power. Are you going to use […]

    […] can’t afford to ignore online video any longer.  There’s no doubt about it – video marketing has power. Are you going to use […]

    Great article! Btw, Atlas Television has the best professional Video Camera’s and professional Camera crew in UAE.

    Video has many amazing benefits especially in capturing the attention of people in todays online world.

    I read this post that shows the value of video marketing to expand the business using video streaming and social media website. It is the nature of the human being that it takes more interest on video instead of reading the lengthy articles, the best part of the video is that the audience can visualize the purpose of the video.

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