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January 19, 2012

SEO For Bing: 6 Killer Bing Optimization Tips For Your Website

You thought you were done when you optimized your site for Google, MSN, and Yahoo, right? Nope – the Microsoft Network, MSN, has partnered with Yahoo in a 10-year, $275 million dollar agreement and recently launched Bing. Having gone live in June 2009, it’s instantly very popular. There’s even talk that it may eventually replace Google as the most popular search engine because it is intuitive and offers users a number of search options.

Early reports also show that Bing users are more likely to click on advertisements than Google users. Time will tell and Google will most certainly have an answer to Bing’s growing popularity. While we can’t predict the future, all signs point to making the effort now to learn SEO for Bing.

Here are the top 6 ways to do that today…

1) Manage Length of Your Content

Make your content longer than 300 words. According to SEO experts, Bing algorithms seem to place a higher value on content that is over 300 words. That means longer blog posts, more content on web pages and longer articles.

2) On-Page Tips for Bing

Optimize your title tags for your keywords and use unique tags on each page. You may be doing this already for Google and Yahoo. Keep it up. Bing really likes title tags and pays attention to them when indexing and ranking your page. If you haven’t been paying too much attention to them up until now, it’s time to start.

3) Bing Linking

Linking is always important in SEO. However, unlike Google, when doing SEO for Bing, pay more attention to building backlinks from highly relevant websites. Also, Bing really likes outbound links and gives a bit more weight than the other search engines do.

4) Keyword Targeting

Bing’s own FAQ page suggests that you target no more than two keywords per page. We suggest you follow this rule. Usually you will want to target one main keyword you are trying to get ranked for and a more long-tail keyword which contains your main keyword in it.

5) Meta Tags

You may have let your meta tags slide over the years because rumor has it Google doesn’t really pay much attention to them. However, Bing recommends you use unique description tags on each page.

6) Continue All Other Good SEO Practices

Good SEO for Bing does have some differences than Google, but good SEO practices still need to be followed too. For example:

* Use H1 tags
* Use text navigation links
* Use keywords in your URL

There’s a bit of disagreement between experts. There are some reports that indicate Bing places value on longevity. The older your website, the more respect Bing seems to want to give you. However, other sources cite that younger, newer sites, have the advantage. Regardless, whether you’re a brand new site or a website that’s been around for years, put the above practices in place and be patient.

As an internet business owner it’s always good to pay attention to what the big three are doing, the big three being MSN, Yahoo, and Google. And when two of them team up then that most certainly deserves a change in strategy. As the months pass and Bing continues to grow, there will likely be some additions or changes to how SEO for Bing will work. They may change things up and decide one day to index and rank websites differently. Stay tuned for further developments.

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33 Responses to “SEO For Bing: 6 Killer Bing Optimization Tips For Your Website

    The one thing that I have noticed about Bing is that directories doesn’t seem to have that much effect as it does with Google.
    It definitely depends on the links coming from other high authority web pages or website.

    avatar Los Angeles MMA says:

    Thanks for the tips. I just saw an article on how Bing was squeezing in on Google. I used Bing to find this article.

    Thanks for the tips! Very usefull, let’s implement it and test it.

    very informative post to do SEO for Bing search engine,Meta Tag implementation and getting links are very important in Bing

    The question is ; is it worth it? Does any real traffic come from bing? Do you end up giving up some Google rank to get this done ?

    avatar funny jokes says:

    For improving pics visibility one of the solutions that i think that works is using flickr and yahoo indexed alot of my works. Can you mention some that bing likes to crawl frequently which can improve ranking in bing just like flickr did?

    avatar Advertising says:

    I think you forgot the most important element in Bing’s seo, and that is domain age.

    Domain age is the single most important element that Bing looks for in it’s algorithm. This is so important because they know it can’t be manipulated and is considered to be more authentic.

    avatar Mark Weber says:

    I wonder which outbound links get more weight. Do references to Wikpedia or does it just have to be a high authority website in your field?

    avatar PeterGlenn says:

    I have pinged the bing for sitemap, but there is no crawling of pages even after so many tries

    avatar benfikista says:

    Bing begins to gain importance,

    When we optimize our website to Google, we are also optimizing for other search engines

    avatar adgopal says:

    That’s wonderful information. My website gets most of its traffic from Google. It would be good to get some incremental traffic from Bing. And I guess, Bing or no Bing, your tips are important to make any website look good to every search engine.

    avatar Jimmy says:

    Great post. Thanks for the share.

    Was unaware point #4 i.e. not targeting more than 2 keyword per page.

    Then how we can target other keywords if only we have to target one or two keyword in the page for the same page.


    avatar Dwarika says:

    very useful article and at least these tips would give push to my software Testing based blog.

    avatar Autoreviewblog says:

    It is a must that one should study how to use the tools in SEO in order to do things .SEO is used in ranking the website page rankings and site placement in rankings while searching through search engines.The main aim of SEO is to build traffic to our site.

    avatar Lee says:

    Optimizing for all search engines is simple. All I can say is that make sure you have your first three keywords in your title. and don’t forget to take full advantage of bing webmaster tools..

    An interesting point about domain age.. I have a few very old domains and these get plenty of hits! Someone once told me, never ever submit to google? Just submit to msn and yahoo first, then google will follow!

    So get your behind along to and sign in

    Good Luck to you all..


    […] SEO For Bing: 6 Killer Bing Optimization Tips For Your Website […]

    avatar Rahul says:

    Please tell me how can I index my all internal pages(posts) in BING. Only my homepage is indexed in it. Please help me.

    avatar PTCL EVO says:

    I had my website on first page of bing, while nowhere on google.

    Then I started doing SEO and building backlinks. Now my website is on 1st page of google for many terms, but nowhere to be seen in Bing.

    Optimizing for Bing is a must for lesser developed countries, where most of people use the default browser in windows (I.E) with Bing being the default search provider

    avatar final liga champions says:

    very good information. only if there is a special on page seo bing?


    avatar wargame says:

    very good article. could you tell me how to select on-page keywords.thank you

    avatar Fozo says:

    These tips have helped me a lot. I really did not know that there was a considerable difference between Google SEO and other search engines seo. Thank you!

    avatar Kevin says:

    Thanks for sharing this information.
    Domain age is really very.My blog just a month old is found google search but not in bing even after typing my domain name.

    avatar Anh em says:

    thank you very useful article, this content me being need

    I will try your tips for seo of my blog to be fast in the index and in love google seo tutorial thank you for your love and hopefully the same god health in order to make an amazing article article again
    I wait for the next article

    avatar orangemantra says:

    Thanks for sharing this information.

    Nice Article
    Thanks for sharing this useful information with us.

    Nice Article.. Thanks for the tips..Waiting for your next article!!

    avatar Aster says:

    hello , ur article was great but do u hav any high traffics from Bing ?,pls update new seo tips for bing .

    avatar Sundeep Dhawan says:

    Thank You Adam. Very useful article.

    avatar SirG Media Meetup says:


    avatar Patcher an easy to use Lucky says:

    very good and informative article but I prefer google over Bing as Bing contains a lot of traffic.Your post was good as it got nice contents.

    avatar Joeze says:

    Thanks for this information. It’s very good and timely. But you can try to explain more on how to successfully submit our website to Bing. Thanks

    My site is not on bing at all.

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