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February 16, 2012

5 SEO Benefits of Guest Blogging – A SPN Exclusive Article

Guest blogging as part of a content marketing strategy should be a part of every website’s SEO campaign. Not only does guest blogging help with your website’s link building, it also increases your overall online brand presence and industry
authority, as well as helps your company connect with potential customers at multiple points during their buying cycle.

Here are 5 SEO benefits of guest blogging:

Link Building

This seems like the most obvious SEO benefit of guest blogging, and is probably the main reason companies are always on the lookout for new guest blogging opportunities. Most blogs will allow their guest bloggers a few links in the author bio section, so be sure you take advantage of that! Try to get a full http link to your website as well as two hyperlinked anchor texts if the blogger will allow it. Vary your author bio on different blogs to target different keywords and keep your link building, looking natural to the search engines. If you have a good enough relationship with the blog owner, you might be allowed to drop a link or two in the actual post itself back to your website, company blog, or other posts you have written for that blog to help with internal linking.

Increase Online Touch Points

While your website is your most valuable piece of online property, it shouldn’t be the only presence, your company has online. A successful SEO campaign depends on creating multiple touch points where customers can interact with your brand and be pulled into your website. Guest blog posts are one such touch point. Having a blog post on another industry site not only helps establish your credibility as an industry thought leader, it also gives potential customers that have never heard of your company the opportunity to learn from you. Great content marketing should focus on educating the consumer and hitting them at every step of the buying process. The more guest posts you have on industry blogs the more likely you are to interact with a potential customer, every step of the way.

Build Relationships With Industry Bloggers

In my opinion, it is much better to become a regular contributor to an industry blog then just try for a one-time deal. Even if you can submit one article every other month, go for it! The more times you publish content on an industry blog the stronger your relationship with that blog owner is going to be. Somewhere down the line you might be able to leverage that relationship and ask them to write a post reviewing/promoting one of your products. It’s much easier to ask for such a post after you have
been publishing content on their blog for six months.

The more comfortable a blog owner is with you the better. You might be able to jump from one post every other month to one post a month or even one a week. Maybe they let you add a few more links to your post or list you as featured author. But building that kind of relationship takes time and lot of writing.

Drive New Visitors to Your Site

Having links in the author bio and the post itself is not just good for link building; it can also help drive new, targeted traffic to your website. Someone that clicks on a link in your guest blog post is interested in learning more about your company and your industry. They might be at the beginning of their buying cycle and are just trying to get a feel for the companies out there, or they might be looking for more information about a certain topic and feel you are a reliable source or maybe they are looking to buy and want to get in touch with your company. For whatever reason, that visitor clicks through to your site, giving you the chance to convince them to convert. At the end of the day that is what SEO is about – increasing the volume of targeted traffic being directed to your website.

More Content to Fuel Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media, much like SEO, thrives on content. The more content you can share, Like, tweet, update and post, the more reasons you are giving your target audience to interact and engage with your brand. Remember, social media should not be treated like another advertising platform. Consumers are driving the conversations on social media sites and expect brands to talk with, not at, them. Every time a piece of content is shared on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+, a social signal is created that tells the search engines that this piece of content is valuable. The more times your content is shared, the more links it gets, the more valuable it becomes and the better it ranks in the SERPS! Every published guest post can be added to your social networks to help keep them up-to-date with great content.

Just remember that before you start worrying about guest blogging, your own business blog is supplied with a steady stream of great content! A 100 guest blog posts are no substitute for your own blog. Once your company blog is well underway, it’s time to start looking for guest blogging opportunities that will help your SEO campaign succeed.

Nick Stamoulis is the President of Brick Marketing, a Boston SEO and social SEO solutions firm. With nearly 13 years of Internet marketing experience, Nick Stamoulis shares his SEO knowledge by contributing to the Brick Marketing Blog and publishing the Brick Marketing SEO Newsletter, read by over 150,000 opt-in subscribers. Contact Nick Stamoulis at 781-999-1222 or

16 Responses to “5 SEO Benefits of Guest Blogging – A SPN Exclusive Article

    avatar David head says:

    Thanks for this info. This is most of what I do is blogging to food sites.Not sure what is working on them.Will keep doing them ,I notice some come through and some not.
    Kind Regards
    David head

    avatar Andy says:

    Good informative Article. Thanks Nick. At our ‘Write2Profit’ Writer’s Site, we continually write reviews and comments on other Blogs that are related to writing and marketing in general. It’s sometimes very time-consuming, but it gets results, hopefully offers some help and benefits for readers, and (I think) is all part of ‘The Writer’s Life’! Very useful info. Thanks again. Andy gage.

    avatar Former Marine says:

    Hey Nick; good article, but one comment caused me to really laugh!

    Who is it?

    David head – He really needs to check out the link in his signature … LMAO!

    Thanks everyone for reading and your comments!

    avatar Jeriea Smith says:

    Nick, Awesome post 🙂

    I am sure that you are post is going to help a lot of new and upcoming bloggers out there.

    I also thank you for including various specific techniques like thanking them via Twitter. I used to do that, but stopped it since I realized that it would take too much time (and maybe annoy some people – because I do get a lot of consistent commentators in lot of my guest posts). What do you think?

    avatar Felipe Bazon says:

    Guest Blogging benefits are countless IMO. Get it right and will see your website loose its dependence in search engine traffic.

    Nick Stamoulis,

    Thanks for this 5 SEO Benefits of Guest Blogging Thanks Agian

    I never tried guest blogging before but after reading this article, I am seriously thinking to give it a try.

    avatar Alvin says:

    Yeah! I have read on many blogs and heard many times that guest blogging part of a content marketing strategy that should be a part of every website’s SEO campaign. It’s an effective way to improve website status and rank. You have added a useful article on it. Keep it up.

    avatar waseem says:

    Thanks for the article here are some more SEO tips

    Fantastic article, this is so well explained that even my kids could follow it, thanks and keep up the great work

    avatar CORE I3 says:

    i love this content

    as share good stuff with good ideas and concepts, lots of great information and inspiration, both of which I need, thanks to offer such a helpful

    very interesting article about your campaign, thanks a lot!

    avatar Hamid says:

    Nice post Nick, Guest blogging is riding high right now and the whole Internet Marketing sphere is buzzing with talk about it. Some people consider guest blogging to be one of the more powerful of available tactics, while others disparage this viewpoint, saying that guest blogging is highly misunderstood and that people are misusing it.

    Yes, guest blogging is best SEO technique.

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