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April 20, 2012

12 Easy Tips for a More Successful FAQ Page

Your FAQ or “Frequently Asked Questions” page can be a very important part of your business website. Your FAQ page is important for several reasons.

* Your FAQ page could raise your Google rankings

* Your FAQ page will help end any confusion your visitors might have

* Your FAQ page will give a quick overview of your website content

* Your FAQ page could increase your sales

Adding a well written and designed FAQ page to your website should be a priority and the tips below will help you ensure your FAQ page will do a great job.

1. Easy Access – Your FAQ page will not be able to work for you if people cannot find it. Be sure to add links in your main navigation panel. You can also add links to your FAQ at the end of your pages.

2. Order of Importance – Place your questions in order of importance so more pertinent info is easier to find.

3. Ask for Feedback – Have some associates or friends look over your website and see what questions they have. Add these questions to your FAQ.

4. Appropriate Questions
– Be sure to add only questions that are appropriate and pertain to your business and/or website content.

5. Format
– Write the page in question and answer format and be sure the questions and answers are easily distinguishable.

6. Categories – If you have a long FAQ, it is better to organize the questions into categories so your visitors don’t have to waste time reading over info they don’t need. Make a list of the categories at the top of the page and hyperlink them so your potential customers can click the category and not have to scroll down to find it.

7. Quick and Concise
– Answer all questions to the point and in just a few sentences, if possible. If the question requires a very long detailed answer, put it in a separate page and link to the full answer.

8. Search Box – if you can, add a search box for the questions so people can find what they need quickly and easily.

9. Call to Action – Add a call to action at the end of the page. Have a Contact Sales Rep link or Get More Details Here link. Guide the person closer to ordering.

10. Contact Form – Always add a contact form or email so if the person does not find the answer they are looking for, they can easily contact you.

11. Review and Update Regularly – At regular intervals, go over your FAQ page to see if all the questions still apply or if you need to add new questions. Keep the content fresh so all the information is useful.

12. Keywords – Be sure to use relevant keywords strategically throughout the page. Search engines like FAQ pages and using proper keywords can help improve your ranking.

Many online business owners may not think a FAQ page is necessary because all the info is available on their site. But keep this in mind, the easier and faster you make it for your visitors to find the info they need, the more likely they will be to stay on your site and order from you. Your FAQ page is like a quick, streamlined version of your entire site!

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