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April 23, 2012

Mobile Applications as a Marketing Tool – A SPN Exclusive Article

By now, everyone has heard about the massive success associated with Instagram’s Android release. Not only did the photo app’s installation base grow by tens of millions of users, Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion. Even if mobile developers don’t end up getting that much money for their efforts, a fraction of that payday is more than enough to turn a profit. But what makes Instagram such a desirable purchase for a company like Facebook?

Mobile Marketing

The mobile market grows each and every year, with many different advertising models employed by developers and companies alike. One of the most effective advertisement methods involves getting your brand’s message and image across through the application itself. Instead of separating your advertising efforts and your app, the two play together nicely. Companies are continuing mobile app development in order to satisfy their individual customer base. This advertising setup works well with mobile applications that run their own self-contained social networks, such as Instagram. The advertising and branding works in with the overall user experience, so you don’t have to push any overt advertisements. It simply flows with the rest of the service.

Instant Sharing

One powerful benefit that mobile platforms offer over desktop computing is the ability to instantly share things across social networks, with friends, or in other capacities. The fewer steps required for the user to share their content to all of their social networks, the better. This move towards socially connected applications provides many opportunities for the mobile application developer. The mobile market continues to grow, and making effective use of advertising ensures that your company has the best bet of growing right along with it.

Many developers look at software and are beginning to focus on mobile applications first and foremost, instead of adapting software to a mobile platform. When the applications are already built from the ground up to work with mobile platforms, it ends up being much easier to use them as marketing tools. You already have a mobile friendly UI and features, such as uploading and sharing.

Mobile applications have come a long way in the past few years, and they’re poised to do even better as time goes on. Mobile marketers are getting a grasp of exactly what kind of advertisements mesh well with their mobile apps, whether it’s something simple that adds to the overall experience, or a new way to work in your advertisements. Smart phones and other mobile technology continues to grow and change as well, making it essential for a mobile developer to stay on their toes when it comes to applications. The next big concept or innovative advertising method may be just around the bend, and you won’t know to expect it unless you’re always looking out for something new. It’s a great time to be a mobile developer, especially if you have the ability to experiment with ways to work your marketing into your overall application. There won’t be a better time to explore your options than in the here and now.

Joseph Baker is a freelance writer living in the Midwest. He enjoys working on his novel and drinking large amounts of Earl Grey tea. He writes this article behalf of American InterContinental University.